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Outsiders vs. Insiders: No way Democrats deny Kavanaugh his rightful seat on the high Court

The tense nature of soon-to-be-Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings this week reminded this observer of the tumultuous 2016 Republican presidential primary campaign. Democrat senators grilled Kavanaugh relentlessly after having themselves pontificated with lengthy opening statements that few listened to or heeded.

The Democrats’ droning on was the epitome of substance-free hot air, accomplishing nothing other than Cruz and Kavanaughbreathing in oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. That’s it…food for plants. At least CSPAN and liberal cable news outlets got their crapola quota to pore over for the next few weeks. Good for them.

The Democrats’ endless soliloquies were reminiscent of players in a Shakespearean tragedy – they knew they were going down (on the vote) yet their collective fatal flaws wouldn’t permit them to cease wounding themselves before the audience.

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player; That struts and frets his hour upon the stage;
And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury Signifying nothing
.” – Macbeth (Act 5, Scene 5, lines 17-28).

Regular followers of politics realize most of what goes on in Washington is just a “show,” a stage play propagated by “idiots” full of sound and fury signifying nothing. If it weren’t true a lot more would get done and the federal government wouldn’t be such a dominant force in everyone’s lives -- and Congress wouldn’t need to meet twelve months a year.

Occasionally the “show” does have consequences, however. Take the Texas U.S. senate contest where stalwart conservative Senator Ted Cruz is in a tight race against a no-name liberal Democrat (Rep. Beto O’Rourke) who isn’t fit to lick Cruz’s boots in the intellectual sense. Polls indicate Ted could be in trouble, however, and some of his difficulties are directly traced to his contentious 2016 Republican primary battle against Donald Trump.

Leftists plan on using Trump’s 2016 tweets against the Texas Republican this year too. Rick Moran reported at PJ Media, “During the 2016 race for the GOP presidential nomination, Donald Trump let loose a series of devastating tweets against his main rival, Senator Ted Cruz... Democrats are ready to take advantage of this, fundraising to drive a mobile billboard all over Texas with Trump's insults from 2016...

“Yes, Trump's insults were vicious and weird, threatening to ‘spill the beans’ on Cruz's wife and saying that the senator's father was involved in the JFK assassination. But as a club the opposition wants to use against Cruz, it's pathetic.

“A ‘mobile billboard’? Who's going to see it? The stories about creating the billboard will be seen by more people than the billboard itself. Besides, as political media, billboards are close to the bottom in effectiveness -- perhaps above match covers and coffee mugs.”

Moran passes off the Democrats’ use of Trump’s old tweets as standard partisan games smart people quickly recognize and figure go along with the dirty business of politics. Trump is apparently intending to campaign in Texas on Cruz’s behalf before Election Day and no doubt these “Lyin’ Ted” quotes will follow them – literally – from place to place.

From a distance Trump and Cruz have buried their 2016 hatchets but it won’t be forgotten how much vitriol was stirred up by then-candidate Trump’s tweets, nicknames and wild accusations. It may be water under the bridge now but conservatives have long memories and some Cruz fans (who subsequently became #NeverTrumpers) have never forgiven Trump for diving headfirst into the trash-talk pit and for taking the old saying “all’s fair in love and politics” too plainly.

Cruz got in digs of his own, of course, and some ardent Trump backers still distrust the senator. They remember Ted’s unwillingness to take one for the party and endorse Trump during his Republican convention speech. They also recall Cruz’s ridiculous news conference the day after where the senator, obviously taken aback by the furious negative reaction to his words, tried to justify withholding from the party nominee what he wanted and deserved – Cruz’s full support. It was seen then (and now) as incredibly selfish.

Moran thinks Cruz will recover from his current tenuous poll position (showing he has a slight lead in what would normally be considered a sure-thing Republican win) and will ultimately prevail by a comfortable margin (five points). I agree. As soon as Texas Republicans realize what’s at stake – potentially the fate of the entire Trump Make America Great Again agenda – they’ll put aside whatever reservations they harbor about the Trump/Cruz relationship and return Ted to Washington for a second term.

The fact we’re even talking about Ted Cruz possibly losing should serve as a wakeup call to Republicans everywhere that it’s time to put aside petty grievances and get to work electing conservatives who will make a real difference in the country. Judging by the somewhat tepid Republican response to the Democrats’ sideshow inquisition of Brett Kavanaugh, however, something drastic needs to be done to rouse the party establishment.

Conservative bomb-thrower Ann Coulter certainly says as much. Nicholas Ballasy reported at PJ Media, “Author and conservative commentator Ann Coulter told PJ Media that Republican congressional and gubernatorial candidates ‘would be idiots’ to distance themselves from President Trump’s agenda heading into the midterm elections...

“Citing the 2016 election results as an example, Coulter said GOP candidates should align themselves with Trump. ‘It worked in the 2016 election and we had the entire media throwing everything they had at Trump,’ she said.

“Coulter said she is ‘very happy to see’ Trump is scheduled to speak at more campaign rallies throughout September and October but she recognizes the Democrats might still win the majority in the House despite Trump’s efforts. Coulter predicted that Trump would win in a ‘landslide’ in 2020 if Democrats take back the House.”

Coulter’s last point is particularly salient, but her main argument is simple – Republicans must do simple “popular” things like fund Trump’s border wall. The firebrand suggested Trump could construct the barrier on his own (as an executive function) but members of Congress should get the gumption to do what the people like without any prodding.

Makes sense to me. Coulter also said Republicans should quit listening to the donors and follow Trump’s lead in setting the legislative agenda. She additionally indicated women and minority voters will respond positively to the GOP’s following through on promises they’ve made for years but then chickened out when the time arrived to enact them because of lack of fortitude.

The Republican House’s controlled the nation’s purse strings since January 2011 and passed on chance after chance to defund the Democrats’ big government agenda, most notably the disastrous Obamacare fiasco. Contemporary Republican congresses wouldn’t have struggled to repeal the law if only John Boehner and crew had grown a spine when they had the opportunity prior to the 2012 election.

The ruling elites’ lack of adventurism costs the GOP votes and money every day. If the so-called professional consultant class won’t recognize it maybe the party higher-ups would do well to confer with Coulter and read her books. And needless to say, Jim Jordan as the new House Republican leader would be an instant improvement over Paul Ryan.

Coulter’s point about the 2020 election – that Trump would win in a landslide if the Dems retake the House this year – is right on. American politics’ ever-fluctuating pendulum wouldn’t swing in the Democrats’ favor for long, especially since the party has no workable governing proposals. The last thing Americans want is to endure more endless investigations, bickering over minutiae no one cares about and then a witch-hunt impeachment of Trump for alleged sins committed over a decade ago.

Once again, the “show” Democrat senators put on this week during the Kavanaugh hearings has already been more than enough for people to stomach. If Americans haven’t already tuned out they soon will. Pomposity and grandstanding for leftist donors and 2020 Democrat primary voters has its limits. Hopefully Justice Kavanaugh will remember the excesses if he ever wavers on some extra-constitutional leftist cause.

Another Justice Kennedy would traumatize the country and ruin Trump’s legacy. Everyone has a saturation point. Americans are rapidly reaching theirs.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote at National Review, “Any statue at any time might be toppled — if it is deemed to represent an idea or belief from the distant past now considered racist, sexist, or somehow illiberal. Representations of Columbus, the Founding Fathers, and Confederate soldiers have all been defaced, knocked down, or removed. The images of mass murderers on the left are exempt, on the theory that good ends always allow a few excessive means. So are the images and names of robber barons and old bad white guys, whose venerable eponymous institutions offer valuable brands that can be monetized. At least so far, we are not rebranding Stanford and Yale with indigenous names.

“This new politicized borg ferrets out every aspect of our lives. Nothing is safe, nothing sacred. Dead or alive, the relentless social-justice messaging continues. Like some sort of time machine, we go back in time to alter history as if a few corrections and adjustments will change and thus improve the entire present.

“Progressive politics seeks to connect and energize us as millions of shared malignant cells inside a metastasizing tumor — or to destroy us in the attempt.”

As usual Hanson’s right. Democrats must recognize their actions are having a deleterious effect on America and their political fortunes at the same time. As examples of the left’s blatant stupidity Hanson mentions Hollywood’s omission of the American flag from the new movie “First Man” (honoring the late Neil Armstrong) and the disgusting Trump-bashing political rallies disguised as funerals that took place last weekend for Sen. John McCain and legendary singer Aretha Franklin.

Of course it’s been well-noted the NFL is committing virtual suicide by failing to squelch flag protests by a token few social justice-obsessed players. It also came out this week that Nike plans to honor leftist rabble-rouser Colin Kaepernick as part of its 30th anniversary “Just do it” campaign. President Trump remarked it (the Nike ad layout) sends a terrible message – and after all that’s gone down the past couple seasons you wonder what Nike marketing genius chose Kaepernick to be the centerpiece of their new promotion.

Reports of conservatives burning or blowing up their Nike shoes and socks hit the internet. The company is going all-in on the side of those who favor bringing traditional America to its knees. Trump and Republicans will make Kaepernick and Nike a focal point of their pro-American message this fall. If the GOP builds the border wall on top of all of this you’ve got the makings of an enthusiastic conservative base serving as a breakwater to the Democrats’ “blue wave.”

The majority is for the taking if Republicans would only jump on it. And it’s not fake, either. Liberal agitator Juan Williams wrote at The Hill, “The lives of over 300 million Americans are being affected by policies foisted on them by a Senate ‘majority’ that represents less than one-fifth of them and a president who was elected with three million fewer votes than his opponent.

“Meanwhile, even as daily controversy, including federal convictions of his associates, surrounds Trump, the 18 percent represented by the GOP majority in the Senate protects the president from impeachment.

“What is wrong with this picture? ... Future historians may look back and conclude one of the most corrosive things he normalized was minority-posing-as-majority tyranny that cheats the majority of the American people out of their democracy.”

The Founding Fathers didn’t want a democracy, Juan, so they fashioned a representative republic. And if Williams doesn’t like the fact conservative “red states” have different notions of representation than liberal “blue states,” well, he can always fight to amend the Constitution.

And men like Brett Kavanaugh will uphold it. Just a few months ahead of what will evolve into the 2020 presidential race we shouldn’t expect Democrats to behave themselves. They’re going all out to depict Kavanaugh as a hater – and they’re looking awful stupid in the process.

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