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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Why Democrats don’t mind saying the ‘s-word’ in polite company

Constitution Day passed in the night this past Monday without hardly anyone noticing it’d even come or gone. September 17, 2018 marked the 231st anniversary of the signing of history’s greatest founding document, one which purposely established a republic based not on monarchy, dictatorship or other coercive means. Here in America our governing charter begins with the words “We the People”, eliminating all ambiguity as to who’s sovereign in the land of the free.

However, despite the United States Constitution’s proven success during its two-plus centuries of existence Constitutionour nation’s elites still don’t get it. There’s a growing undercurrent of ignorance and outright hostility to the notion of self-rule and the authority of average citizens to choose their own rulers, sacred rights that famous manuscript recognized in 1787.

Even today some sorry souls support ditching or ignoring the Constitution to institute a socialist-type system where powerful pols call the shots and property is forcibly redistributed or seized to enrich friends or favored constituencies of the ruling class. One of America’s two political parties has completely surrendered to the angry left and the country is suffering for it.

Delusional Democrats actually think the dive towards socialism offers a welcome change. Juan Williams wrote at The Hill, “In Democratic primaries for House seats, the party’s biggest stars of 2018 stood up to GOP screams about the dangers of ‘socialism,’ by saying they ran for office to defend ObamaCare and support a living wage for workers, as well as to protect Social Security for the elderly.

“Congressional candidates Ayanna Pressley in Boston and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York, as well as Andrew Gillum in Florida’s gubernatorial primary, won by running on the message that government should provide an economic safety net for Americans...

“The Democrats’ energized base of young, female, immigrant and racially mixed voters see Trump and Congressional Republicans as damning working people by trying to end ObamaCare and giving huge tax cuts to corporations and the rich. Even as the GOP drives up the debt with tax cuts, the Trump party is intent on cutting programs that make up the social safety net, such as Social Security.”

There’s a drive to cut Social Security, Juan? If that’s true we certainly haven’t heard about it. Smart people realize the unrestrained growth of entitlement programs threatens to consume the entire federal budget in x number of years, but few venture to speak on it. It’s not socialism people want, Juan -- citizens just cling to hope that the government will honor its promises to fund a system they dutifully paid into their whole working lives.

If only Americans were “allowed” to build their own personal retirement accounts everyone would rest comfortably on platinum-plated couches in their golden years – and they’d pass down that wealth to their children and grandchildren too. Instead, politicians already spent the Social Security “trust fund” to pay for the other “stuff” you mentioned, leaving pathetic IOU’s to satisfy their creditors. Both sides are guilty of the theft, but only one party seems proud of it.

Democrats aren’t the “socialism” party – they’re the “free stuff” faction. Deny it if you dare.

One can’t help but smirk when listening to (and reading) Democrats blabber on about how great socialism is/would be considering there’s never been a thriving redistributive system in the history of the world and there’s no practical way to institute one here short of levying confiscatory taxes – and Congress passing the bullying means to enforce and collect them.

Socialism’s promoters continuously neglect the other side of the argument, namely the enormous police powers the state would require to push citizens to comply with all the laws and essential dictates to control behaviors. Big Brother doesn’t like it when individuals act on their own wiles to bolster their lots in life. That’s a no-no. Bad, very bad!

Human nature indicates as soon as you remove incentives for work human beings stop producing. If sprinkling money on the nonproductive were appealing folks would form ranks to donate their goodies every Black Friday instead of standing in long lines in search of a bargain.

It’s really not hard to see. Why doesn’t some liberal ask the huddled cluster in front of a discount store on Thanksgiving evening whether they’d cheerfully forego their gift purchases to help government give away health insurance to the person standing next to them?

The Democrat empty heads’ expansive promises of “Medicare for all” is equivalent to everyone compiling their own holiday wish list without thought to who’ll deliver the gifts on Christmas morning. Santa Claus will quickly run out of cash filling the bloated orders and parents can only afford so many extras after paying the excessive and wasteful costs of the regulatory state. Bureaucracy doesn’t come cheap, after all – if you doubt, look to the national capital region. In these parts there’re a whole lot of schleps living off other people’s money…and we’re not just talking about the taxpayers either.

As much as socialists prefer to dream it otherwise, true freedom believers won’t just turn over their paychecks and firearms at the order of people like Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein and Juan Williams. The farther these socialist ideas progress the bigger the impending backlash. 2010’s tea party uprisings will seem like a kids party at the local House of Bounce by comparison.

Let’s not forget “socialism” goes along with more wacko leftist causes too. Mandating the widespread use of “renewable energy,” for example, will come down hardest on the poor.

Liberals stubbornly won’t concede socialism costs everyone more. If you mandate people buy healthcare for the uninsured, bike paths and greenspace for snobby urban elites and solar and wind power instead of much cheaper oil, coal and natural gas, prices rise accordingly. The numbers will creep up slowly in the beginning, then accelerate; by the time folks wakeup to the fact they’re footing the bill for stupid stuff nobody asked for, it’ll be too late.

Question: when you pair socialism with other politically correct liberal ideas, what do you get? Answer: San Francisco, where the homeless population shamelessly poops on sidewalks and teachers keep close watch on their kindergarteners so they don’t step on dirty hypodermic needles.

Liberal California billionaires could care less about modest increases in prices to foster a green utopia, but if the poor and middle class are compelled to tighten family budgets it really hurts them. Energy taxes are among the most regressive for the simple fact everyone pays them. Double and triple taxation is also in play since producers and shipping companies pass along their additional energy costs to customers.

Not only is there no such thing as a free lunch, there’s a hefty surcharge on each level of the sandwich. Shouldn’t everyone recognize Washington Democrats as superrich snobs who don’t bat an eyelash when paying their own bills? They probably just toss ‘em in a bin and their business managers clean up the mess. Elites open charge accounts at Neiman Marcus and never look at the totals. The ruling class doesn’t shop at Costco hoping to save a few cents on a pound of chicken either -- if they want it bad enough they’ll just buy the entire farm.

So why are they the ones telling us to accept socialism and support everyone else?

Maybe we should ask Hillary Clinton about it. The 2016 loser won’t cease adding in her two cents even after Americans sent her packing. Caitlin Yilek of the Washington Examiner reported, “Hillary Clinton said President Trump is waging an ‘assault on our democracy,’ and called on people to vote for Democrats in the midterm elections to help protect it...

“She wrote that Trump is undermining U.S. democracy in five ways: His ‘assault on the rule of law,’ his unwillingness to protect the legitimacy of U.S. elections, his ‘war on truth and reason,’ his ‘breathtaking corruption,’ and by undermining national unity…

“She also made some suggestions about voting, including the elimination of the Electoral College system that gave Trump the win over Clinton even though she won the popular vote. ‘You won’t be surprised to hear that I passionately believe it’s time to abolish the Electoral College,’ she wrote. Clinton called for paper ballot backups, vote audits and more coordination between federal state and local officials on cybersecurity to boost the security of the voting system, and asked Congress to ‘repair the damage the Supreme Court did to the Voting Rights Act by restoring the full protections that voters need and deserve.’”

With the cheap jab about voting rights Clinton appears to oppose simple state and local elections integrity measures such as Voter ID. By implication Crooked Hillary also believes Trump supporters joined with Russian infiltrators to cook the numbers in Trump’s favor on Election Night. It’s a figment of her Chardonnay-soaked imagination to continue spouting off about how she lost the 2016 election because of systemic failure or foreign influence.

Funny, in the final presidential debate (a couple weeks before Election Day) when Donald Trump indicted he’d wait until after the votes were tallied to say whether he’d accept the results, the liberal media went crazy accusing him of questioning the integrity of the American system. When Hillary does it leftists just nod their heads and bow. Is it hypocrisy or depravity?

Like all contemporary Democrats Clinton would embrace socialism with open arms if she thought it’d benefit her. Conservatives and Republicans pray on bended knee that she’ll run again in 2020; Hillary’d have half the Democrat establishment in her corner, probably enough to make it extremely tough for a semi-credible candidate to sneak through party primaries.

That would leave the balance of the party’s socialism promoters to choose between someone like Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris or Corey Booker.

If that’s the case you might as well hand the election to President Trump. An unfettered Trump would then be free in his second term to complete the journey to “Make America Great Again.”

Expect Crooked Hillary’s call to abolish the Electoral College to become a major campaign theme for Democrats in 2020 with every party candidate happily trashing the Constitution’s brilliant presidential selection structure. The Founding Fathers were suspicious of straight majority rule and 230+ years of history has proved them right.

Democrats will smear the Founders as a bunch of ignorant racists who owned and beat their slaves – and in the case of Thomas Jefferson, a rapist who impregnated a slave woman he owned. Neither Jefferson nor Sally Hemmings can be subpoenaed to testify before Democrat inquisitors so they’d make easy prey for the enforcers of political correctness to bash them.

For her part Clinton looks positively awful and her wardrobe choices alone make people appreciative they haven’t been forced to see her on TV every day for the past year and a half. Trump is far from perfect but the contrast between the two is staggering. Democrats aren’t winning many converts by allowing Hillary to speak for them these days.

The same goes for decrepit and corrupt California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the sleazebag who’s leading the Democrat charge against Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. Feinstein’s already announced she’s voting against Kavanaugh but still insists on dragging out the process.

Feinstein wrote at the Los Angeles Times over the weekend, “Setting aside the serious problem that Republicans withheld millions of documents related to Judge Kavanaugh’s years in the George W. Bush White House, our biggest apprehensions have to do with the very real-world implications of putting him on the Supreme Court.

“We already knew that Judge Kavanaugh held highly ideological views on the 2nd Amendment, women’s reproductive rights and the executive power of the presidency. Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony shed new light on these positions and on his loyalty to President Trump and his political agenda.

“Supreme Court justices should not be an extension of the Republican Party. They must also have unquestionable character and integrity, and serious questions remain about Judge Kavanaugh in this regard, as indicated in information I referred to the FBI. For these and other reasons … I strongly oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.”

The “highly ideological views” Kavanaugh holds on the above-referenced constitutional issues involve his belief that judges should defer to legislatures in deciding local matters – and political questions belong in the elected branches to address rather than the Court’s justices acting as a super legislature imposing their own views on everyone else.

Feinstein is the dangerous one here. The integrity of the Constitution is at stake. Let’s hope Kavanaugh, when confirmed, remembers the disgustingly unfair treatment he received at the feet of Feinstein and her crooked ilk. America certainly won’t forget.

The ordeal Democrats are forcing Judge Brett Kavanaugh to endure reveals the utterly soulless character of today’s political opposition. When there’s a party openly advocating socialism over adherence to the Constitution only bad things happen. We’re all witnessing it right now.

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