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The Establishment Media’s Despicable Attempt To Destroy Brett Kavanaugh

We’ve noted the establishment media’s role in the attempted destruction of Brett Kavanaugh, but Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, put the matter of media participation in this vile charade in sharp perspective yesterday.

At a news conference with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and other GOP members of the committee, reported by Samuel Chamberlin of Fox News, Grassley, R-Iowa, compared the furor surrounding Grassley on KavanaughKavanaugh to "a demolition derby" and said Democrats had "just about destroyed a good person to be on the Supreme Court."

Grassley then turned his ire against the media, accusing it of biased coverage of the Kavanaugh controversy.

"I’ve had demonstrators in my office for two weeks now, both for Kavanaugh and against Kavanaugh," a visibly angry Grassley said. "One time, the people that were for Kavanaugh wanted to be interviewed, and they said, 'We’re only interested in interviewing people against Kavanaugh.'

"Now, that’s a bias that none of you should be proud of," Grassley added before turning away from the microphone.

Grassley also responded to claims that Republicans had hamstrung the investigation to force Kavanaugh's confirmation through the Senate by noting that it had been 87 days since President Trump nominated the judge to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court.

"That’s three weeks longer than the average of the last three or four nominees to the Supreme Court," Grassley said according to Chamberlin’s reporting. "So don't tell me we haven't spent enough time."

In our view, Chairman Grassley’s ire against the media was more than justified.

While Democratic lawmakers and mainstream media members initially celebrated the decision to conduct a probe, some media outlets are now condemning the investigation, Media Research Center senior analyst Kyle Drennen told Fox News.

The New York Times reported that Democrats “were preparing Thursday morning to aggressively challenge the legitimacy of the investigation” before they even “completed their own review of the F.B.I.’s material.” It appears many members of the press followed suit.

Drennen wrote that NBC News “went to work trying to preemptively discredit the findings” when “Today” focused “almost entirely on Democrats complaining that it ‘did not go far enough.’”

ABC News’ “Good Morning America” covered the report with Senior National Correspondent Terry Moran questioning its credibility Drennen observed.

“This FBI investigation was fast. It was limited and several potential witnesses are now claiming it was incomplete,” Moran said to kick off his report that detailed how accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team is “profoundly disappointed” in the probe. Moran then noted that “perhaps” the investigation left “some stones unturned.”

Media Research Center analyst Kristine Marsh called Moran’s segment “a completely one-sided, anti-Kavanaugh report” that touted critics of the nominee “complaining that the FBI investigation wasn’t conducted how they wanted.”

As Fox News team members Brian Flood and Brooke Singman reported, the FBI interviewed nine potential witnesses in search of possible corroboration of Ford's claim the now 53-year-old Kavanaugh forcibly groped her when they were teenagers. Although the report is not expected to be made public, potential witnesses named by Ford previously said they had no knowledge of the party where she claims the attack occurred.

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer told Fox News on Wednesday that Kavanaugh isn’t getting a fair shake because most members of the mainstream media “want the Republicans to lose,” and reaction to the FBI probe isn’t exactly proving him wrong.

Eddie Scarry put the whole matter of media bias against Judge Kavanaugh in his must read column for the Washington Examiner, Brett Kavanaugh defiled by the media because he's not 'on trial':

Democrats and the media have simultaneously applied two separate standards by suggesting Kavanaugh may have committed a crime, which would entitle him to due process, but insisting that he’s not on trial, which is intended to deny him any presumed innocence.

As Mr. Scarry said, “No one should fall for it.”

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