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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Bumbling senate Dems provide ample kindling for GOP grassroots fire

In the wake of the incredibly divisive and highly unnecessary senate fight over confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh, one question remains: has #NeverTrump ceased to be or does never truly mean never?

For the most unreasonable and hardened of so-called “conservatives” who’ve up until now forthrightly and stubbornly resisted publicly backing President Donald Trump, the Kavanaugh hearings should have served as a DiFiturning point. Perhaps never before were the distinctions between the two parties starker than in the past month, with senate Republicans rallying around a constitutionally appointed nominee who was impeccably credentialed and imminently qualified to sit on the Supreme Court. In contrast, Kavanaugh was ruthlessly opposed by a minority party that, true to its word, pulled out all the stops to prevent his advancement.

Everyone knew Democrats would go low to bar Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court but no one expected them to use a backhoe to dig the hole deeper in the process. Come on, an unsubstantiated story about excessive high school partying and an assault no one (but Christine Blasey Ford) remembers? As I asked rhetorically last week, how dumb do they think we are?

There’s little doubt the Kavanaugh confirmation spectacle will be with us for a long time, the hurt hardly assuaged by the Republican senate’s (minus traitor Sen. Lisa Murkowski, of course) successful vote over the weekend. Kavanaugh has now taken his rightful place on the Supreme Court bench – where hopefully he’ll labor faithfully for around three decades – but Americans from both ends of the ideological spectrum won’t soon disregard what just took place.

It isn’t often there’s a wholesale switch in the political winds but we just experienced one.

Take leading #NeverTrumper Erick Erickson for example. Erickson was one of the first to lobby hard against Trump in early 2016, vowing to never support the New York billionaire come h—l or high water. Unlike some other spineless sap #NeverTrumpers, however, Erickson swore just as earnestly to never support Hillary Clinton – or Democrats this year – but his point was made.

After Kavanaugh’s public scourging Erickson’s changed his tune. Erickson wrote last week at The Resurgent, “Progressives believe Trump is an authoritarian tyranny barely constrained by the rule of law. With a straight face, these same progressives argue the accusations against Kavanaugh are proof of his guilt, he should not be presumed innocent, a lack of witnesses is confirmation he did what they claim, all women must be believed except the ones who defend Kavanaugh, and any dissent is just white male privilege.

“Progressives may claim President Trump is Caesar at the edge of the Rubicon, but they have embraced the bastard love child of Joseph Stalin and Franz Kafka and enlisted the American political press to smear, defame, and attack anyone who stands in their way.

“The political press has behaved as co-conspirators with the Democrats in the Kavanaugh matter. They have clearly been fully co-opted. Reporters are planting their flags with the so-called Resistance and donning pink hats instead of defending truth and reporting facts. There is much in this present political age about which I am uncertain. But there is one thing about which I am absolutely certain. President Trump is not my enemy and too many progressives view me as theirs.”

In light of recent events it may be insensitive to say Erickson’s a little late to the “party”, but he’s welcome nonetheless. There aren’t many moments where a political observer achieves complete clarity (or as Bill Murray’s Carl Spackler so famously quipped in Caddyshack, “receive total consciousness”), but the Kavanaugh fiasco is one of them. And it’s not just because Democrats so steadfastly opposed the judge’s nomination; we knew the moment Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement Democrats would put the freak in “freak out.” No, it’s because all of them – yes all of them – bought into the lie.

In debate class – and law school – you’re taught to argue both sides of an issue or case. Students must turn on a dime and present the opposition’s case if called upon. It’s always helpful to anticipate what your opponents will say to effectively counter them when the time comes.

But we (law students, that is) were also advised to refrain from presenting arguments that couldn’t pass the “laugh test.” When practicing for an appellate case it’s advantageous to stand in front of a mirror and formulate the words as though you’re before a panel of real judges to see how you look when throwing out potentially off-the-wall but plausible theories. If you can argue without being ridiculous – and henceforth not crack-up – go ahead and try it during oral examination.

Unfortunately for American political discourse Democrats either didn’t take the “laugh test” before questioning Kavanaugh or they’re so desensitized to common sense they just say anything and still maintain straight faces. Seeing Democrats praise Christine Blasey Ford and then insist there wasn’t sufficient urgency given to the subsequent FBI investigation (the 7th such look into Kavanaugh’s background) is sufficient grounds to conclude they’re hopelessly compromised.

Or more astutely, to assume they’ve completely lost the ability to reason…or alternatively that none of them possess a conscience. To “believe” all accusers regardless of evidence is the stuff of dictatorships and despotisms. What if the colonists had just accepted the dictates of King George III and remained passive in the face of tyranny in 1776?

We wouldn’t need a Supreme Court now…and there wouldn’t be any Democrats. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad after all…?

At any rate Erickson merits praise for his willingness to admit he was wrong about Trump being his “enemy.” By now principled conservatives realize Democrats and their truth-ignoring media pals are the real foes. Trump isn’t perfect but he’s most decidedly on our side.

Will other #NeverTrumpers follow Erickson’s lead? Doubtful. Many are so invested in opposing Trump it would be ruinous for them to backtrack and agree to jump on the Trump train now rather than throwing rocks as it steams by. Figures like George Will and Max Boot and Bill Kristol occasionally agree with Trumpian positions but still claim he’s an ogre who’s destroying the GOP and conservatism.

To quote Senator Lindsey Graham – “Boo yourself” to the #NeverTrumpers. Trump is proving to be the best thing that ever happened to the modern GOP because his leadership exposed the Democrats for what they are and have always been – self-infatuated narcissists who don’t care about anything other than preserving their issue sacred cows (like abortion and climate change) and winning elections in order to seize power.

#NeverTrumpers aren’t a whole lot superior to Democrats, but at least people like Erickson are human enough to admit when they’re mistaken – or mostly mistaken. Good for Erick – his acknowledgement is a sign of personal growth. Let’s hope he’s not the last of his kind.

As for other Republicans, they’ve discovered a new face to showcase in their campaigns against Democrat antagonists this year. David M. Drucker wrote at The Washington Examiner, “Republicans are wielding a new liberal bogeyman on the campaign trail to get out the vote and fend off Democrats in the midterm elections: Dianne Feinstein, the senior Democratic senator from California.

“Eyeing 2018 gold in the partisan battle that has unfolded in Washington over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Republicans like Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., are adapting the well-worn GOP alarm about handing the keys to the Senate to Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., with an additional warning about the perils of putting Feinstein in charge of the Judiciary Committee. Feinstein, the top Democrat on the panel, has played a crucial role in the Left's bid to sink President Trump's pick for the high court...

“[F]or the moment, Republicans concentrated on the Senate are breathing a sigh of relief. In interviews with GOP voters and volunteers around Memphis, they attributed renewed confidence about the outcome in Senate races, in Tennessee and other battlegrounds, to conversations over the past few days with friends and neighbors who usually vote Republican.”

That’s the point. It’s doubtful – and surveys back it up – that Republicans gained many votes among Democrats despite the minority party’s horrible treatment of Kavanaugh. But by standing up to the Democrat narcissist bullies, Republican candidates everywhere gained a stellar new justification for voters to see them as the only alternative to Democrat excess. “Ranking Member” Dianne Feinstein is an ideal bogeywoman to show folks just how twisted things would become should Democrats take over the senate.

If red state Republican senate candidates do better because of Kavanaugh chances are the GOP’s House contenders will also benefit. Again, people aren’t stupid – the grossly unfair show trial Democrats waged to bring down Kavanaugh has everyone motivated. It’s the inevitable backlash to the #MeToo movement that’s dominated the American cultural discourse ever since Democrat woman-abusing cad Harvey Weinstein was exposed for the scumbag that he is.

Feinstein’s mug has been all over TV news for the past month and her repeated indictments of Kavanaugh’s fitness and character aren’t likely to be forgotten by reasonable people in so short a time span. We’re four weeks out from Election Day and already absentee ballots are being distributed and returned in most states. If there ever was a single event that galvanized Republicans to turn out, it’s this one.

If the GOP ruling elites were smart they’d do everything within their power to make sure Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein keep their well-oiled mouths flapping. Even House horror show figurehead Nancy Pelosi takes a backseat in negative appeal to senate Democrats these days. 85-year-old DiFi is campaign gold because she’s symbolic of everything that’s wrong with the Democrats – ancient, liberal, out-of-touch, on the wrong side of the Second Amendment fight, and, let’s not forget, permitted a Chinese spy to infiltrate her office.

She’d also chair the Senate Judiciary Committee were Democrats to take the upper chamber. Frightening.

There’s lots to talk about there! Trump could fill one of his entire campaign speeches just on Feinstein alone. The “deplorables” are deploying and ready for action. Will it be 2016 all over again? We’ll know soon enough.

In the meantime there are signs Democrats are slipping in other areas too, namely with one of their key constituencies. According to a recent Rasmussen poll Trump’s approval rating among African-Americans rose 12 points in the last year to 35 percent, an almost unfathomably high number for a Republican president prior to Trump taking office.

Simply put, this is yyyyuuuugggeee. Roger L. Simon wrote at PJ Media, “No matter how you feel about polls, twelve points in one year is significant.  This is especially true (and surprising) considering the constant drum beat from the press that Trump is a racist somewhere south of George Wallace.

“Somebody isn't buying it -- and it's not just Kanye West. If this number grows just a little bit, the Democratic Party is in deep trouble. The party relies for its electoral power on overwhelming support from African-Americans, a dependency in itself inherently racist and suffused with reactionary identity politics. Without the black vote, the Dems might as well rename themselves the Celluloid Party and run Hollywood agents for mayor of Malibu. It'll be their best chance for success.

“No wonder Maxine Waters hates Trump so much and no wonder Snoop Dogg has his nose so far out of joint he's attacked Kanye with that hoary cliché ‘Uncle Tom.’”

It was only a matter of time before black voters rejected the Democrat Party in large enough numbers to make a real difference. African-Americans won’t make a wholesale switch like they did during the great depression (when they left the party of Lincoln in droves for a the big government loving Democrats), but it will still count.

Even a small migration away from Democrats will impact a lot of races – and could potentially swing senate seats in states with large black populations.

There isn’t a great wealth of polling evidence to back-up the notion that blacks are tiring of the Democrats’ pandering and condescension. Certainly, most black political leaders remain rabidly anti-Trump. However, Simon thinks black voters will view the Kavanaugh spectacle as one powerful group unjustly accusing an innocent man of a crime he didn’t do – something they’ll be particularly sensitive to considering their history. We’ll see in a month if it’s just a fairy tale.

In the meantime, as far as Trump is concerned all Republicans are in the same boat now. Patrick J. Buchanan wrote at The American Conservative, “Since Reagan’s time, there are few conservatives who have not been called one or more of the names in Hillary Clinton’s litany of devils, her ‘basket of deplorables’ — racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, bigoted, irredeemable.

“The battle over Kavanaugh’s nomination, and the disparagement of the Republicans who have stood strongest by the judge, seems to have awakened even the most congenial to the new political reality.

“We are all deplorables now.”

In the aftermath of the confirmation war over Brett Kavanaugh there’s a tangible feeling America has changed – and the Republican Party along with it. There’s nothing quite like watching a good man being irrationally attacked to bring out the beast in righteous people. Democrats are yet to feel the sting.

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