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Outsiders vs. Insiders: 2 weeks from elections R’s amp up the base and D’s wonder what to say

Phew! That’s a relief. Joe Biden doesn’t think Democrats should impeach President Donald Trump should they take over the House majority after this year’s midterm elections.

Rebecca Morin reported at Politico, “Former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday said he hopes Democrats Trump tweet caravandon't try to impeach President Donald Trump if they retake the House of Representatives following next month's midterm elections.

“’I hope they don't. I don't think there's a basis for doing that right now,’ Biden, one of the top Democrats believed to be weighing a 2020 challenge of Trump, said during an interview on ‘CBS This Morning.’ …

“Instead of focusing on the president, Biden urged lawmakers to focus on policy. ‘I think we should focus on all the terrible things that are happening now in terms of interest of the middle class people and working class people,’ he said.”

That back slappin’ “Uncle Joe” is a great guy, ain’t he? Biden would tell you a heck of a story if you were fortunate enough to visit him in the White House after he ran for and won the presidency. Of course, if you want access to him you’d better have your pockets stuffed with big fat checks to his reelection campaign and the national party too – that’s the way it works in Democrat-land. Pay for play is life for the minority party where power is everything and principles are fungible depending on the time of day and who you’re talking with.

For Biden, the CBS This Morning audience probably wouldn’t be open to shovel loads of his usual Democrat impeachment crapola so early in the day. As he’s wont to do, Uncle Joe could change his mind and suggest Trump must be impeached for the awful things he’s done and said since taking over the White House from him and Obama a little over twenty-one months ago.

But in essence, Biden’s right – Democrats should leave Trump alone even if things go their way on Election Day (here’s thinking they may not, read below). The former vice president indicated his impeachment-driven fellow party members could wait until Robert Mueller finishes his witch hunt (oops, I meant investigation). Somehow Democrats convinced the world Trump and the Russians swindled the 2016 election and the truth needs to be snuffed out – the only problem is we’re a year and a half into Mueller’s probe and the best the Special Counsel’s done is (figuratively) string up poor Paul Manafort as a scapegoat.

Which means Democrats don’t have much mud to sling now. They’ve droned on and on about “tone” and unpresidential behavior, and Trump’s poor mental state, and his corrupt influences (how he’s making money for his companies off of being president), how he’s treated Veterans poorly and his alleged close ties with Vladimir Putin…blah blah blah, but in the end it didn’t amount to a hill of beans.

They’ve accused him of being anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-homosexual, racist and sexist but the Constitution doesn’t list those as impeachable offenses.

Besides, there are enough DC swamp Democrats remaining in high bureaucratic places that if there was anything salacious suggesting Trump could be removed from office it would’ve come out already. Let’s not forget, the media is on the left’s side, right? Even the deep state’s leaks have slowed to a trickle; maybe the leftover slime in the Justice Department and FBI is laying low with a fear of being exposed and terminated if the betrayals continued.

Yet another positive benefit derived from the Trump administration. What’s a media hack to do?

But the real reason Biden’s cautioning against trying to take down Trump is his desire to be president. Uncle Joe realizes he’d need the goodwill of lifelong Democrat white working-class folks to dispatch Trump, so to inflame them now by begging for Trump’s ouster just isn’t a good idea. Leave the crass and shrill impeachment wailing to idiots like Rep. Maxine Waters and a handful of crazy Democrat senators – they’re not vying for the same votes anyway.

Biden’s hoping to follow Hillary Clinton’s path to the Democrat nomination and won’t get there by angering his own party establishment (which hope to tamp down expectations of impeachment). There’s no way Biden could out-crazy the party’s more reputable and proven nutcases anyway – like Bernie Sanders, Eric Holder, Kamala Harris and Corey Booker – so his best bet is to lay low, run more like a “regular” Democrat and let others eliminate themselves.

A brilliant strategy, concocted in the deep reaches of his own cobweb infested brain.

Biden also likely realizes his party’s chances to take the House aren’t as solid as they once were, so he’s not hedging his bets – yet. There’s plenty of time to reconsider all means to get rid of Trump once the election’s over.  

Will Nancy Pelosi again be Speaker? Some conservatives argue it’s still a reasonable bet she won’t. Jim Geraghty wrote at National Review last week, “To summarize … the GOP is looking better than expected in California’s 39th, Florida’s 27th, and Washington’s eighth, as bad as expected in California’s 49th and Michigan’s eleventh, and worse than expected in Arizona’s second, Kansas’s second, and New Jersey’s eleventh.

“Does this mean the GOP is out of the woods when it comes to control of the House? Not at all. Polling looks rough for GOP incumbents such as Mike Coffman in Colorado, Kevin Yoder in Kentucky, David Young in Iowa, Brian Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania, and Barbara Comstock in Virginia. What’s more, Democratic House candidates have vastly outpaced their Republican counterparts in fundraising down the stretch of the cycle, which is an ominous sign.

“But if Democrats do take back the House in a few weeks, it will likely be because they knocked off enough vulnerable Republican incumbents in swing districts, not because they won a bunch of open-seat races in red districts.”

One thing of note – many of these districts were polled prior to the election dynamic-altering Kavanaugh hearings a few weeks ago. For months political observers’ estimation of the size of the Democrats’ “blue wave” swelled and shriveled according to current events, as though voters’ attitudes six months ago have any bearing on what’s happening now.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made a calculated gamble by scheduling the Supreme Court confirmation process after the Labor Day holiday – in effect at the beginning of the campaign season – and it’s paid back in spades with improved Republican prospects just about everywhere. Why? Because Democrats’ excesses were laid bare before the public.

Not only that, but when Americans devoted attention to the respective races they discovered Democrats offered little more than anti-Trump animus as a justification to vote for them. Meanwhile, Republicans and Trump are out on the campaign trail touting record low unemployment, four-percent (or more) economic growth and near all-time high consumer confidence in addition to much sounder immigration proposals, among others.

What do Democrats say in response? “Well, we hate Trump, he nominates abusers like Brett Kavanaugh, ‘Victims should be believed’ (except when they’re accusing Democrats), we’ll give you free Medicare for All, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the future of America and ‘civility’ will return to politics when Democrats are in charge again (thanks, Hillary!).”

It goes without saying Republicans should be nationalizing the heck out of the election by highlighting what Democrat control would entail, including Rep. Maxine Waters overseeing the House Financial Services Committee and Rep. Adam “Shifty” Schiff heading up the House Intelligence Committee. These facts alone motivate all Republicans – even those token few still wary of the Trump presidency – to get off their couches and head to the polls. As Obama notoriously – and correctly -- said, elections do have consequences.

Trump will weather any of these challenges regardless but if conservatives demand progress on the Make America Great Again agenda it won’t come with Democrats thwarting him at every intersection. Non-stop investigations and inane socialist proposals that don’t have a ghost of a chance of ever becoming law will eat up the precious days and weeks on the legislative calendar. Surveys show Americans appreciate Trump’s policies – that’s why, when asked, Democrats (like Biden) focus on Robert Mueller and the #MeToo movement. What else do they have to say?

Democrats don’t do much either. Instead of participating in the process and perhaps providing input on the big issues they boycott committee meetings and run to the media to complain about obstruction (when they’re the ones doing it).

Republicans are far from perfect – but even establishment GOPers are superior to Democrats. Look closely and you’ll discover the new crop of prospective Republican senators would be a real solid bunch. Case in point is Indiana’s Mike Braun, running against fake “moderate” Democrat Sen. Joe Donnelly. Braun’s a former Democrat himself, a self-made businessman who would take his practical know-how to the upper chamber and hopefully shake things up.

Alexandra DeSanctis wrote at National Review, “Braun — who self-funded his successful primary bid — outraised Donnelly in the third quarter, bringing in $5.6 million while the incumbent raised just over $3 million. In a state without much polling, fundraising numbers are a helpful clue, and for Braun to have that much of an advantage less than 20 days before the election is a bad sign for the incumbent.

“Democrats across the country don’t seem to be too concerned about this race. In fact, they don’t talk about it much at all. But they ought to be worried. The Democratic senator has managed to avoid outraging his conservative constituents — but that’s mostly because he hasn’t done much at all. A study last fall rated him the least effective Democrat in the Senate. When you’re running in a red state on borrowed GOP talking points, and facing an opponent with a knack for channeling the rhetoric that allowed President Trump to capture Indiana’s rural and Republican voters, having done little to rock the boat for six years isn’t a promising platform.

“Braun himself has little political record to speak of. But in Indiana, being an outsider aligned with President Trump gives the businessman from Jasper an edge.”

DeSanctis’s portrait of Braun reads like the plot of “Mr. Smith goes to Washington,” a common citizen without much political experience representing the everyman’s perspective before the powerful establishment ruling elites in the nation’s capital. Braun appears a bit raw for a senator but he’s far from naïve and on the stump proved not only his conservative bona fides but also an uncanny ability to articulate how Trump’s and Republicans’ policies benefit working people and business owners like himself.

Then there’s Donnelly who voted “no” on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and was remiss to explain why. Like all Democrats, Donnelly passes himself off as “independent” and representing the views of Indiana citizens yet votes (as Braun points out frequently) with Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren.

In 2016 Trump won practically the whole state except for the heavily populated urban Indianapolis and Gary areas which suggests where Braun’s support would come from – basically everywhere rural. Republican Senator Todd Young also captured an open senate seat that year by a little less than eight points, defeating former Hoosier Democrat Senator Evan Bayh.

Braun isn’t a rubber-stamp either, suggesting he’d vigorously oppose Trump’s tariff policies – so if there’s an “independent” in the race it’s the would-be senator from small city Jasper (close to the Kentucky border).

One issue where Braun would definitely help Trump (as opposed to Donnelly) is on immigration. Close to the election Trump’s turned up the volume of his rhetoric to wake-up the base. Mike Lillis and Brett Samuels reported at The Hill, “With the midterms less than three weeks away, the president is demonizing the band of approximately 4,000 Central Americans as a direct threat to public safety and U.S. national security, amplifying a law-and-order message that helped propel him to the White House.

“’I am watching the Democrat Party led (because they want Open Borders and existing weak laws) assault on our country by Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, whose leaders are doing little to stop this large flow of people, INCLUDING MANY CRIMINALS, from entering Mexico to U.S.,’ Trump tweeted on Thursday.

“The message appears timed both to energize the Republican base ahead of the Nov. 6 elections and shift the political dialogue away from a series of controversies dogging the White House heading into Election Day, not least Trump’s defense of Saudi Arabia amid growing evidence the kingdom’s leaders are behind the disappearance, and apparent murder, of a Saudi columnist for the Washington Post.”

No, Trump talks immigration because it’s a recurring problem establishment elites from both parties won’t address. The president isn’t “demonizing” anyone (Lillis’s and Samuels’ term above) – he’s speaking the truth. A country without borders isn’t a country. It’s not difficult to understand.

In a country as large and complex as the United States, it’s odd that control of the government occasionally boils down to one or two political races. It could be that way again in two weeks. Both sides are pulling out all stops to get voters to the polls. Who will carry the day?

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