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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Democrats’ ‘fright night at the voting booth’ won’t scare them to victory

You can’t help but feel for ‘em – Democrats that is.

A week and a half before the crucial 2018 midterm elections Democrats recognize the writing on the wall and are getting desperate. Over two years’ worth of concentrated rhetorical bombardment failed to soften President Chucky SchumerDonald Trump’s Republican shore defenses and the minority party’s assault forces look awful peevish as they prepare to hit the political beachhead unsheltered.

With nary a vulnerable point to focus their fire Democrats grasp for proverbial straws searching for anything that might jar a few percentage points’ worth of votes their way in crucial states and House districts on November 6.

Even Senate minority leader “Chucky” Schumer got into the despondency act this week, penning an op-ed in the USA Today accusing Republican Mitch McConnell of not caring about sick or old people. Schumer’s was the standard Democrat frighten-the-stuffing-out-of-Americans line of attack, the one they always deploy ahead of every election when they’ve nothing else to say. It’s pathetic, but would you expect any different?

Schumer wrote, “With only a few weeks to go until the midterm elections, Democratic Senate candidates across the country just got a boost from the unlikeliest of places: Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“This past week, Leader McConnell told the American people exactly what another two years of Republican control of the Senate would look like. If Republicans retain the majority, he said, there will be another attempt to repeal the health care law, which could result in 20 million fewer Americans with health insurance. He then defended the partisan lawsuit that could end protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions — a lawsuit supported by 20 Republican officials, including two attorneys general who are running for Senate seats.

“Finally, after Republicans already passed a law that blew a $2 trillion hole in the deficit to provide tax breaks to the wealthiest few and the biggest corporations, Leader McConnell said that Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare need to be cut to reduce the growing deficit.”

Hmmm… I don’t recall McConnell actually uttering any of these policy proposals, at least in so many words. What, “Chucky” Schumer tell a lie? Say it ain’t so!

The only Schumer assertion with an ounce of truth concerns McConnell’s vow to again try to ditch (repeal) the Obamacare monstrosity that’s still plaguing taxpayers from coast-to-coast. What the minority leader neglected to mention is how Obamacare’s imploding in on itself because the Democrats’ founding promises were so faulty. Statistics show most poor people have virtually no choices in the exchanges these days largely because healthcare insurers are pulling out by the wagonful and everyone else’s (the ones who actually pay for their own insurance) non-government subsidized premiums are going through the roof.

Democrats’ original scheme to pay for Obamacare through forcing young and healthy people to purchase health insurance they neither wanted nor needed failed to save it. Equally egregious were the law’s infamous “death panels” that were done away with by Republican sponsored legislation with Trump’s signature affixed to it. Trump’s strongly and consistently advocated for more choice and competition in the marketplace, improvements thwarted by the GOP majority’s (along with all Democrats, of course) inability to garner 50 votes to repeal part of the law.

Anyone remember the late Sen. John McCain’s last-second vote switch to sink his friend Sen. Lindsey Graham’s “skinny repeal” measure last fall? Well, McCain no longer “haunts” the halls of the Senate and hopefully with the addition of a few more Republican senators (after the elections) to get the job right in the next Congress, maybe McConnell can push it through next time. Wishy-washy RINO senators won’t have nearly the clout if the GOP majority grows…something to think about.

In the meantime it’s borderline astonishing that “Chucky” and his Democrat chums keep blasting the Republican tax cut bill considering the American economy is booming thanks in large part to restructuring tax rates that made domestic companies uncompetitive against foreign rivals for decades. Statistics don’t lie and the nation’s economic numbers show businesses hiring at a furious pace and the unemployment rate dropping through the floor to record low levels.

Not to mention economic growth has practically doubled since Barack Obama bid the White House adieu. A friend who works at the Federal Reserve told me before the 2016 elections that “the U.S. would see only 1 to 2% growth as far out as they could forecast.” Trump defied the pessimistic statistical formulas by slashing regulations, lowering tax rates and cheering on American businesses to believe in themselves again. How refreshing to see a president representing America abroad and actually negotiating trade pacts with our workers in mind instead of taking one in the proverbial behind.

Obama was big on “global climate change.” Trump favors sane environmental policy and American jobs. What do you think voters would rather have?

As would be expected Schumer’s op-ed didn’t mention how Obamacare would be replaced with a Republican proposal that safeguards the most vulnerable (see pre-existing conditions) while also opening up the insurance market to consumers to shop for health plans that best fit their needs. That way, childless couples past childbearing age won’t be compelled by law to buy maternity coverage, for example. And the list goes on and on.

Likewise the Trump administration, through its recently announced United States Mexico Canada Agreement is diligently working to lower drug prices by requiring foreign countries to help pay the costs of developing new and lifesaving drugs. No longer will foreign drug manufacturers live off the backs of American taxpayers who subsidize the research necessary to devise new cures. Those days are gone and drug prices will adjust accordingly without government footing the bill.

As far as “cutting” the major entitlement programs (Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security), Schumer is way off base here as well. With the federal deficit ballooning way out of control (through the fault of both parties and their weak-kneed leaders who won’t       quit spending for fear of electoral repercussions) the big federal safety net programs will need to be reexamined at some point. During the 2016 campaign Trump promised not to touch the big three if he won the election. Fortunately – or unfortunately – he’s kept his word, just like with every other subject.

Maybe Trump’s waiting for a second term to delve into entitlements, but common sense suggests he won’t allow the gargantuan budget deficits to linger indefinitely. Trump’s also asked his department heads to devise ways to trim their budgets by at least five percent. Would we hear such demands from Schumer and his welfare touting Democrat henchmen?

Supercharged economic growth will also help balance the federal ledgers…eventually. If Trump should realize his goal of five percent annual growth, boosted tax revenues will certainly bring deficits down. The only question then is whether politicians like Schumer will spend every cent (here’s thinking they would unless Trump stops it) of the booty.

But Schumer’s not scaring anyone these days. His op-ed didn’t add anything that liberals haven’t been bawling about for over eight years now (since Obamacare was passed by the Democrat controlled Congress). Nobody – other than his already rabid leftist Democrat base – buys Schumer’s pontificating anyway. If Democrats can’t scare Americans to death over healthcare they’ll move on to their next favorite trick, harping on racism and bigotry.

Liberal scare artist Juan Williams wrote at The Hill, “The GOP is running television advertisements in some of its tightest House races suggesting that Democratic challengers with brown skin and foreign-sounding names support terrorism...

“In the final weeks of this campaign, Trump is still defending his barbaric policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the border — even though the policy failed to slow the rate of people crossing the border... There are still hundreds of children who have not been reunited with their families. Over the summer, immigrant toddlers — some under the age of 3 — were being ordered to appear in court alone for their deportation proceedings.

“With just over two weeks to go, we are now getting a clear picture of what the GOP’s closing argument will be to voters in the 2018 Midterms. It will be anti-immigrant bigotry.”

It’s a little ironic Williams should bust Republicans for running negative political ads about “brown skinned” Democrat candidates who happen to be Muslim. Again, Williams got into hot water eight years ago by tying Muslims to terrorism himself – and now he’s being holier-than-thou by doing the same thing. Politics sure breeds hypocrisy, doesn’t it?

Similar to “Chucky” Schumer, Williams began his piece by trumpeting Democrats’ 130,000 ads on healthcare and criticized the supposed unpopularity of the GOP’s tax law. Demonizing the Trump tax cut isn’t new either as the legislation was so thoroughly slandered and lied about by Democrats and the media that Americans initially hated the notion of cutting their own taxes.

Democrats’ attack line on tax reductions is always the same – they’re only for the rich and evil corporations, the wealthy benefit x percent from cuts, blah, blah, blah – and Democrats assert the only reason why Republicans favor them is because of fat cat special interests who hate paying their fair share, etc. Ho hum. It puts me to sleep listening to it but apparently the same people who’re out wearing pu—y hats and lovin’ abortion on demand dig the Democrats’ spiel.

Republicans’ retort should be, well, those with means pay the vast majority of the taxes in this country so yes, by proportion they stand to benefit from rate cuts. Okay…so what? What’s wrong with people who already pay a lot getting a bit of a break? It’s common sense and citizens with half a brain realize what’s going on -- they’re simply too busy to be jealous or envious. There was a time when folks were proud of making it on their own without the rules being cooked against them. Isn’t envy one of the seven deadly sins?

The Republican tax cut law also greatly boosted the personal tax exemption and doubled the child tax credit for everyone – benefits that won’t fully show up until Americans file their taxes next year. Numerous studies showed taxpayers of middle and modest means will benefit greatly from the new tax scheme. Future polls will definitely reflect this boost in citizens’ understanding of the reality on the ground – what’s Williams going to say then?

Democrats and the media lied so horribly (tax cuts for the rich!) during the lead-up to the bill it wasn’t possible for the man on the street to receive correct information about it. Even after passage Democrats sustained their smear and misinformation campaigns about the law’s benefits. Remember how Nancy Pelosi described bonuses hardworking and deserving people received as “crumbs?”

Healthcare, healthcare, healthcare -- it’s Democrats’ dog whistle to the uninformed and entitlement hungry socialist mobs who probably can’t spell VW but still drive a Porsche. The fact liberals like Williams continue using the child separation issue this late in the game exposes their desperation. Keep at it, Chucky and Juan – after the circus Democrats (and their supporters) put on during Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings you’d better try to change the narrative.

Deep down Democrats realize the absurd “caravan” of illegal alien hopefuls is drawing attention away from their whimpering over healthcare and it’s sabotaging their “all Republicans are greedy and evil” campaign pitch. Is the horde of would-be illegals heading north unhindered actually helping Trump and the GOP instead?

Lisa Boothe wrote at Fox News, “As the caravan approaches the United States, President Trump should once again talk about the ways our laws are being exploited. Since he ended his zero tolerance policy, there has been an 80 percent increase in families illegally crossing the border. In the month of September alone, U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested 16,658 family members - the highest one-month total on record. There will continue to be caravans of people heading to the United States because our immigration system is broken...

“President Trump should also use the caravan to call on Congress to make changes to our immigration laws. In particular, raising the bar for what qualifies as asylum, closing loopholes in a 2008 anti-human trafficking law, and making changes to the Flores decree. While Mexican unaccompanied minors can be quickly sent back to their home countries, Central American minors cannot because of a loophole in the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act. The Flores decree limits the amount of time children can be detained with their parents to 20 days or less, which is not enough time to adjudicate these cases.

“With … Election Day [approaching], the migrant caravan represents what is wrong with our nation’s immigration system. President Trump and Republicans should welcome this political gift with open arms and use it to score electoral wins by focusing on immigration.”

Thankfully President Trump has gotten the message. Concentrating on immigration exposes the wide ideological gap between the two parties. Boothe is right – the more Republicans nationalize the election the better off they’ll be.

Democrats’ lame attempts to scare people over healthcare and the family separation issue won’t motivate undecideds and independents to vote for them on Election Day. Smart people see through the ruse; President Trump and Republicans would be wise to expose the Democrats’ lies.

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