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Don’t Help Libertarians Hand Control Of Congress To Democrats Part 2

The peculiar tendency for libertarians and constitutionalists to turn on anyone who works to change the Republican Party from within has reared its ugly head again in this year’s life or death struggle for control of Congress and key state Governorships.

As The Washington Times’ crack political analyst Seth McLaughlin put in a recent column, Libertarians bristle at the term “spoiler,” saying it’s a belittling term for a party that presents a viable option to voters. But they are Libertarian Partyalso excited about the attention their candidates are drawing in New Mexico’s senatorial race, Georgia’s governor’s race and elsewhere.

Libertarians say they have fielded more than 800 candidates in national, state and local races this year.

On the campaign trail Libertarians are running against President Trump’s tariffs, immigration policy and record on spending, which has spiked deficits.

Some say they would have opposed Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s confirmation, arguing that his rulings on government snooping and privacy are anathema to their brand of small government.

They also are embracing less spending and less taxation as well as marijuana legalization, criminal justice reform and ending the war on drugs.

Although many of those are under the radar, says McLaughlin, the party’s nominees in Nevada, Indiana, Missouri and Montana are drawing scrutiny because in each of those seats — the first held by a Republican, the others by Democrats — the incumbent is in danger of losing.

Of those, Indiana may be the most noteworthy. Libertarian Lucy Brenton was polling at 6 percent in a Fox News survey earlier this month. That was more than enough to account for the gap between Sen. Joe Donnelly, a Democrat, and Republican challenger Mike Braun.

While other polls have shown Braun surging to a lead over liberal Democratic incumbent Donnelly, a Gravis Marketing Poll released last week found Mr. Donnelly with a 44 percent to 40 percent edge over Mr. Braun — and showed Ms. Brenton with 7 percent support.

In Montana, where in 2012 the Libertarian candidate pulled votes from solid conservative Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg, to help reelect liberal Democratic Senator Jon Tester, Libertarian Rick Breckenridge is pulling votes from conservative Republican Matt Rosendale and may help Tester squeak out another win.

In Nevada, Libertarian Tim Hagan is helping to keep the race close between Republican Senator Dean Heller and Leftwing Democrat challenger Jacky Rosen.

In the race for Governor of Nevada, Libertarian Jared Lord is pulling votes from conservative Republican superstar Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt in his race against liberal Steve Sisolak to fill the seat of term limited Republican Governor Brian Sandoval.

In Missouri, where incumbent liberal Democrat Claire McCaskill and conservative Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley are in a dead heat that could determine control of the U.S. Senate, Libertarian Japheth Campbell is pulling votes from Hawley in a race that has seen a record $56 million in outside money pour into the state.

And in Texas, key to Republicans holding the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, Texas conservative candidates for U.S. House face a nearly full slate of Libertarian opponents helping to keep many races close in one of America’s most conservative states.

Libertarians complain that their candidates are often left out of polling, denying them name recognition and making it tough to know how much backing they have.

When the party’s nominees are polled, they and other third-party candidates show better in the surveys than they do in election results, Doug Kaplan of Gravis Marketing Polling told Seth McLaughlin.

Still, he said, the potential for an impact is there.

“States like Indiana and Georgia, they can make a significant difference this year,” Mr. Kaplan said. “These races are going to be very close.”

That Georgia governor’s race has Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams in a statistical dead heat, according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos/University of Virginia Center for Politics poll. Libertarian Ted Metz is carrying 2 percent of the vote.

“With just a few percentage points worth of the vote, Ted Metz could end up sending the Georgia governor’s race to a runoff,” said Kyle Kondik, who analyzes races at the Center for Politics.

Others have been keeping tabs on the gubernatorial race in Wisconsin, where Republican Gov. Scott Walker is defending his seat against Democrat Tony Evers and Libertarian Phil Anderson. Mr. Anderson polled at 6 percent in the latest Marquette Law School survey, which showed Mr. Walker with a slight edge.

Conservatives have been steadily working a plan envisioned by “the Buckley generation” for over 50 years.  We have made great progress in the Republican Party, and more importantly, in public opinion at large.

When over 70% of those responding to the Gallup Poll say the greatest threat to freedom is big government – conservatives and libertarians should see that as a sign American opinion is moving in our direction.

The bottom line is that while third-party movements, such as Libertarians, have gained some recognition and added to their numbers, they haven’t been electing candidates to office. Limited-government constitutional conservatives running as Republicans win, but the same candidates, with the same ideas, running as Libertarians, lose.

Handing control of Congress to the Democrats would ensure that they will try to undo all the deregulation and other liberty-oriented accomplishments of President Trump, and that Congress will be mired in battles over disastrous Leftwing policies for the next two years.

In this crucial election, when control of the House and Senate hang in the balance, we urge our libertarian-leaning friends not to waste their votes on third-party Libertarian candidates who have no prayer of winning, but who, if they pull enough votes from Republicans, could destroy all the progress made in the past two years under President Trump.

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Republicans are NEO CONS

As for as the previous comment that mentions Mr. Goldwater, he wrote a book called the Conscience of a Conservative that was a big seller, but by the time he won the Republican nomination-which the RINO'S totally opposed- he was already surrounded by CFR(Council on Foreign Relations ) people, so his chances of making any profound changes were limited, just as you see happening today. What he calls the RINO element that has been in The Republican Party from the very beginning, and in fact it was two friends of Karl Marx, Horace Greeley, and Alvan Bovay who decided to create a new political party when the Whig Party fell apart over the slavery issue, and they named it The Republican Party. Not after our Republican form of government, but after the "Republican Armies of the French Revolution that overrun parts of Europe after the French Revolution spreading terror and mayhem.

ALL RINOs are Libertarians

The RINO element of the GOP came from Barry Goldwater back in the 60's, who tried to turn the Republican GOP into a Conservative Libertarian movement. Conservative (Libertarian) First, is still their slogan. Not Republican, but Conservative. They've turned the lower case verb "conservative" representing moral values, into an upper case noun "Conservative" as a name, to deceive true Republicans into voting for them - but they are more like Democrats than Republicans, supporting abortion rights, open borders, cheaper foreign labor and Globalism. This is why Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell haven't done a thing for the Republican agenda in years. Their agenda is Libertarian NOT Republican. They supported Obama and gave him everything he wanted and more. In 2015 Ryan's Omnibus Bill fully funded DACA, Sanctuary Cities, Illegal Alien Resettlement, the Release of Criminal Aliens, Quadrupled H-2B Foreign Worker Visas, Tax Credits for Illegal Aliens, yet failed to allocate funds to complete the 700-Mile Double-Layer Border Fence That Congress Promised the American People. And McConnell passed it with flying colors. These two men are traitors to the Republican Party. They need to go. Kevin McCarthy is a loyal sycophant of RINO Ryan-and he will only follow in Ryan's footsteps, just like Ryan followed RINO Boehner. We need true Republican leadership once again, and hopefully Republican Jim Jordan will take over Ryan's dismal tenure supporting the Libertarian agenda. The Good Lord Willing.

You are mistaken

You made a similar post yesterday. You obviously do not know what a Libertarian is. Even though it sounds like Liberal, it isn't. RINO's are left leaning Republicans who are more like Liberals. Libertarian's, on the other hand, are generally to the right of Conservatives. Many libertarian ideas have great merit, such as their opposition to tariffs, a tax on the citizens that enriches government, but doesn't balance trade. Libertarians are definitely for smaller government, as are Conservatives. When Ronald Reagan was approached with the idea of establishing a "Conservative Party", he rejected that idea knowing third and fourth parties have no chance of prevailing in an election. I am a Republican, despite the fact that I deplore the RINO tendency to vote for larger more government spending. I see it as the only way to at least maintain some control over the size of government. Over time, I believe the more conservative elements of the party will gain greater influence. If so, better times are ahead.

Tea Party V2

If Libertarians are considered to be to the right of Conservatives -how come they do not win ? The Libertarians I've met seems to embrace very leftist social programs. I agree with you that I hope a more conservative dogma takes hold ( maybe a Tea Party v2 ) but the depth of the people in the CFR sphere of influence is very hard to stop or get out of positions of power.