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Outsiders vs. Insiders: In 2018’s rapid dash to the election R’s tout security, D’s pound race

“Yeah, I know they all look alike,” joked 2016 Democrat loser Hillary Clinton upon falsely attributing the recent “they go low, we kick them” quip to New Jersey Senator Corey Booker. Upon being informed (by an interviewer) the words were actually spoken by former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, the longtime party favorite smiled and uttered something maybe she shouldn’t have.

Donald TrumpThe content of what Hillary dribbled isn’t important here – it’s the fact a liberal with a documented history of bashing conservatives and Republicans as racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes (a.k.a. the “deplorables”) made an overtly racial reference herself and the media gave the woman a pass. If I’d been the one questioning her I would’ve replied, “Who’s the ‘they’ you referred to, Hillary, and does the group truly all look alike?”

Hypocrisy reigns in Democrat-land these days but that’s nothing new. The very nature of being a Democrat suggests you measure yourself by a different yardstick than everyone else. If you’re a Democrat and a member of the party’s elite, the double standard is even more glaring. It’s arguable a Clinton could get away with anything and the establishment would still love them.

Even if it’s talking about running for president again, which Hillary swears she’s not going to do. But do Clinton’s repeated denials just mean she’s gearing up for another try? Some believe so. Jim Treacher wrote at PJ Media, “I don't want to say Hillary Clinton is the worst presidential candidate in the history of the United States, but she lost to Donald Trump. Donald. Trump. No matter how hard her boosters and diehards try to wave away that pesky fact, her ignominious failure will go down in history. It's tough to imagine the stinging shame and thwarted rage she feels every morning when she regains consciousness and remembers what happened. It's tough to imagine, but it's fun to think about.

“So how about a rematch in 2020? Hillary has been hemming and hawing about it...

“Maybe she'll take another crack at it, maybe she won't. But she's not ruling it out. If you don't like the idea of the Democrats dragging her through yet another campaign, Weekend at Bernie's-style, some Dems aren't too excited about it either. They've learned their lesson, which is weird because they're Democrats.”

In the same interview Hillary confessed she still desires to be president (and subsequently babbled on about all her qualities that would make her the most qualified and niftiest chief executive ever!). Probably because she had a microphone in her hand and extra time Madame Clinton said she’d decide her future after this year’s elections results were in.

But wait a second! Did you catch that? Hillary said “they all look alike” (about black men?!) -- will she be disqualified from running again? Would Maxine Waters and other charter members of the Congressional Black Caucus boycott her campaign events? Would fellow Democrat presidential hopefuls Corey Booker and Kamala Harris label Hillary a racist -- but then excuse her because she was so brave in enduring the utter indignity of losing to the loutish Donald Trump?

Thankfully we won’t have to wait long for Clinton’s answer. Here’s thinking Hillary’s just being coy by putting off the presidential run subject. It doesn’t matter to her how tons of Democrats are literally beseeching her not to try it again – if anything such naysayers will steady her determination to step back onstage and spend the next year and a half speaking to cheering crowds and enjoying one last moment of orgasmic partisan esteem before bidding adieu to public life forever… or at least until 2024.

Somehow the Clintons don’t strike me as “retire to Kennebunkport” blueblood Bush types… they’re more like the Beverly Hillbillies who struck it rich and then didn’t grasp how to act.

Besides, what else does she and Bill have to do for the near future? Would the Clintons ever be content to sit quietly in rocking chairs at Chautauqua and squander what would definitely be their final opportunity to hit the road, lavishly spend other people’s money and do cool things like media interviews 24/7 and sit-downs with Hollywood celebrities and such? The political hack life sure as heck beats staying home, occasionally being invited to comment about other Democrats (or President Trump) and be retired to pasture with elder statesman status.

If the Clintons gave it one last shot they’d leave the impression of not being quitters, right?

Heck, look at 2012 Republican loser Mitt Romney – he’s going back to Washington (after next week) as a lowly senator for gosh sakes! Shouldn’t Romney be preparing to challenge John Kasich for the most palatable #NeverTrump option instead?

Think about it. There are still those ten or so percent of Republicans who can’t stand Trump. If they ran Romney and/or Kasich would receive enthusiastic invitations from media outlets for primary debates where they could brutalize Trump for all the mean things he’s said about the ruling elites. The challengers would have zero base of support but it’d be great fun!

Regardless, it’s all conjecture. Who knows whether Hillary’s ambitious and stupid enough to run again but if American politics is already the ultimate media circus it could always use another ringmaster! Should Democrats actually choose Hillary as their candidate again it’d be almost as though they’re attempting to lose. Some argue they’re already trying darn hard to screw-up this year’s campaign so close to Election Day.

By failing to address the rogue “caravan” of illegal-alien hopefuls traveling through Mexico, for example, they’re handing President Trump and Republicans the perfect campaign issue.

David Catron wrote at The American Spectator, “[Democrats] collectively call for the abolition of ICE and change the subject to fictitious Republican threats to their health care. They seem to believe that, combined with the usual whoppers about the GOP’s dark conspiracy to cut Social Security and Medicare, this will allow them to escape the illegal immigration issue. The Democrats are trying to divert voter attention from a huge problem they can see on their television screens every night by yammering about pre-existing conditions. Trump, meanwhile, is exploiting this blunder by reminding the electorate why immigration is broken...

“Trump not only tweets this message to his 55 million followers, he consistently repeats it at the rallies he has been holding all across the country on behalf of Republican congressional candidates. And the media is, of course, broadcasting the rallies at which he nails the Democrats for the negligence of the broken immigration system. They denounce him, of course, for what they insist is racism, xenophobia, demagoguery, ad infinitum. But Trump couldn’t care less about their opinions. He knows the local and national media will cover his speeches...

“[W]hen the voters watch an army of illegals marching toward our border, knocking down fences and policemen alike, they don’t even hear the talking heads. Trump knows this instinctively, and it is why he’s winning.”

Daily video footage of central Americans marching unhindered towards America’s border is all people need to connect Trump to his message – illegal immigration must be stopped. Be prepared for additional media reports of the U.S. military’s mobilization as the caravan draws near, which is akin to bonus coverage. Whoever’s idea it was to fund this “caravan” so close to Election Day could qualify for the stupidest political influencer of all time.

Who knows, maybe it’s even a quirky but filthy-rich Republican who’s doing it (putting up the money) and plans to cut off the funds with the caravan still a hundred or so miles away from pay dirt. How’re all those humans going to eat, sleep and hydrate out in the Mexican desert without someone contributing the dough for the basic necessities?

The immigration issue is tailor-made for Trump. Should Congress pass a “reform” package in the next term which includes his border wall, some form of legal status for the “DREAMERS” to remain in the country and provides more restrictive legal immigration limitations centered on education/skills-oriented newcomers, Trump would have fulfilled a major campaign promise and helped solve an issue that’s plagued the country for four decades.

Then again if the next Congress does nothing on immigration – which is clearly the more likely scenario at this point – Trump already has the cornerstone of his 2020 campaign in place. All he’d need is to put together campaign ads featuring images of the caravan and perhaps some additional photos of the wall he authorized (to be constructed with military funds as a security/national defense measure).

Democrats believe healthcare guarantees them a winning issue in 2020, but if Republicans put together a package repealing Obamacare and providing protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions (like they’ve already done) while adding individual freedom and choice to the insurance market, Democrats won’t be able to crow about sick people anymore either.

Will immigration make a difference in terms of close House races this year? We’ll find out next week. What if, as appears to be the case, the election is historically close for control of the House? What if a majority hinges on one seat in a district where there’s a recount?

It would create total pandemonium, potentially making the 2000 presidential election’s dispute look tame by comparison. Both sides would dump millions into legal filings to advocate their positions. Lawyers would make a fortune. Maybe the Supreme Court would be called upon to decide another state election issue. If Republicans prevailed (and hence preserved a one-seat House majority) Democrats and their leftist minions would wail and moan about the injustice and corruption of the system.

The “resistance” could even turn violent. This could be “it,” folks. Current polls indicate neither side will control the House by a healthy margin next year… stay tuned.

As we inch towards Election Day, another factor Trump’s using to his and Republicans’ advantage is his decision to end birthright citizenship for babies born to illegal aliens. The new policy not only placed even more focus on the approaching illegal alien caravan, it had liberals and conservatives alike questioning how such an executive order would be interpreted. Melissa Quinn wrote at The Washington Examiner, “Trump announced his push for the change to citizenship policy in an interview with Axios published Tuesday, in which he said he can end birthright citizenship through an executive order.

“‘It was always told to me that you needed a constitutional amendment,’ Trump said. ‘Guess what? You don’t.’ “Trump’s targeting of birthright citizenship through an executive order follows a promise he made during the 2016 presidential campaign to end the practice.

“’We're the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States ... with all of those benefits,’ the president told Axios. ‘It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. And it has to end.’”

Politically speaking Trump is no fool; he certainly realizes how suggesting an end to what many rightly or wrongly view as a sacred constitutional guarantee (whether it is or not is an entirely separate argument) would stir up a dust storm of controversy. Envision all the pundits scurrying around in a circle figuring out how they’d react to Trump’s weighing anchor on the main draw for would-be illegal aliens and their quest for free sustenance in the promised land.

By doing so Trump earned Republicans another week’s worth of free publicity, even from liberal establishment news outlets – and more importantly, kept the “caravan” at the top of the headlines. Trump’s enemies accuse him of being hot-headed and having an itchy Twitter finger but it appears he purposely held off releasing the policy until it was ripe for political benefit.

It's not too late for local Republican candidates to nationalize the election around issues like illegal immigration, border enforcement, national security and law enforcement – all areas where Democrats are vulnerable and weak.

Ditto for energy production and security. Heather Reams and Rebecca Schuller wrote at The Washington Times, “As candidates make their closing arguments in the final days of this year’s midterm campaign, pundits will rightly focus on the impact of women voters on the outcome. But it’s also likely that most will miss important points because women aren’t the monolithic voting block the media portrays them to be. We care about much more than what they choose to associate with us.

“The bottom line is that energy security is a national security issue, and pragmatic voters across all demographics are not willing to ignore it. Candidates unwilling to promote real solutions to pressing economic, security and environmental concerns do so at their own risk. American women intuitively understand that we must not wait to address these problems, and they will remember them in the voting booth on Nov. 6.”

This late in the game energy security won’t be the focus of campaign commercials but voters instinctively realize Democrats are in the pockets of radical environmentalists. If you want real action in this realm put your faith in Republicans and President Trump, not Nancy Pelosi and her lobbyists.

With just days to go until Americans vote in the midterm elections both parties are busy making their closing arguments to voters on the importance of congressional majorities. Republicans make it all about security, Democrats just want to talk healthcare, race and gender.

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