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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Democrats’ closing pitch reads like something out of the kook handbook

A day ahead of the long anticipated 2018 federal midterm elections there’s evidence Democrats – some of them at least – are abandoning the party ship in hopes of attracting additional votes.

Due mostly to the fact ten incumbent Democrat senators are running for reelection in states President Donald Trump captured in 2016, the commenting class spent the past two years talking up the notion of potentially Trump on Employmentcatastrophic minority party losses on Election Day 2018. While polls show at least a few of these endangered Democrat lawmakers are (relatively) safe, several more are teetering on the edge of despair.

Their response? How about ditching their own party at the last minute? Alexander Bolton reported at The Hill on Friday, “Democrats in tough Senate races around the country are throwing their party under the bus as they seek to pull out victories in red states won just two years ago by President Trump…

“Democratic strategists say it’s a smart tactic because most of these candidates — with the exception of [Nevada Rep. Jacky] Rosen — are running in states that President Trump won by double digits, and Republicans are doing everything they can to tie them to the most liberal members of their party.

“’You’re talking about senators that are running for re-election that [Trump] won their states by double digits. The Republican brand is strong in those states and the fact is that for these moderates to succeed, they need to reach out to not only their base but also to independents and Republicans who will put policy over partisanship,’ said Rodell Mollineau, a Democratic strategist.”

I take no issue with Mollineau’s assessment of Democrat campaign strategy except for his rather obsequious depiction of the candidates in question (Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, Montana Sen. Jon Tester, Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, Tennessee former Gov. Phil Bredesen (running against Republican Marsha Blackburn) and Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (running against Republican Martha McSally)) as “moderates.”

Bolton’s story didn’t mention Florida Sen. Bill Nelson but we certainly can group him in with the rest of his party brothers and sisters. Nelson is the epitome of a do-nothing hack who emerges during times of high media exposure (such as the Parkland school shooting) to bash on conservatives but mostly just hides behind the scenes (see his reaction to the recent aftermath of Hurricane Michael) and casts votes with his socialist fellow Democrat senators Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren.

The fact is, none of these people ever put policy over partisanship. With the possible exception of West Virginia’s Manchin (who voted yes on Brett Kavanaugh in a naked ploy to save his own electoral skin) these Democrats all powwow with the most (outwardly) radical elements of the party and act as little more than personal servants of Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

While it’s true there’s an occasional Democrat vote on certain issues the trend is well established when the “big” legislation arises – such as repealing Obamacare – each of these people finds the nearest rock to hide under. As a result the establishment media homes in on the internal battles within Republican ranks to determine whether they’ll hang together – or hang separately (thank you, Ben Franklin).

If the media truly were “fair” and “bipartisan,” journalists and pundits would highlight the utter hypocrisy of these so-called “moderates” (who are basically just ultra-liberals running in Republican states who claim to oppose Democrat leaders on relevant matters but then go soft when it counts most). Where were these Democrat “centrists” when Brett Kavanaugh was being dragged through the proverbial streets in September with unsubstantiated charges of sexual battery that allegedly occurred when all of these folks were still young?

The late Sen. John McCain fostered a reputation as a “maverick” because he’d run to the media whenever he felt like it and diss on Republican proposals (tax cuts, immigration reform) in a very public way. Which of these Democrats fulfills the same “loyal opposition” role in their own party? Don’t hold your breath waiting for any of them to do it in a non-election year.

If any of these folks are returned to Washington tomorrow they’ll burrow another large hole and hide for the next five years (until it’s time to run again). Democrat election-year hypocrites only claim opposition and “standing up” to Schumer when desperately seeking to sway a percentage point or two of gullible voters that they’re something they’re not.

Another factor to consider: if reelected this group of phony “moderate” Democrat senators will serve until 2024, which means they’ll stonewall and resist throughout the probable second term of President Trump. It’s not hard to envision Trump getting an opportunity to appoint another Supreme Court justice or two – and this group will vote on whomever that person might be.

If Trump follows through on his promise to nominate only originalist conservatives to the high court do you believe any of these faux “moderate” Democrats would give the okay for someone like Judge Amy Coney Barrett or Mike Lee to replace a retired Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Justice Stephen Breyer? If you thought the left’s anti-Kavanaugh circus sideshow was intense just contemplate what it’ll be like when a solid liberal vote is at stake.

Would Sen. Claire McCaskill seek out a media microphone to speak on Barrett’s behalf? How about would-be freshman Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema? In the latter’s case even her campaign staff laughs at the notion she’s a “moderate.” To a man/woman, today’s Democrats are big government socialist-supporting leftists who hoodwink the public into thinking they’re open-minded centrists who protect rights and represent their states as the Constitution established.

In an age when there isn’t much “unity,” sending this compromised collection of pols back to clog the system is not the answer. If Democrats really want “unity,” they should get behind Donald Trump’s administration. Conservative firebrand Kurt Schlichter wrote last week at Townhall, “The simple truth is that these shrill demands for unity are really demands for our surrender. The elitists who are howling that we have to come together have no intention of coming together with us. Rather, they want us to come together around them and the very same policies, initiatives, and weird taboos that we’ve spent the last few election cycles repudiating.

“What, exactly, do these people propose to give up to help close America’s divide? Their campaigns against our free speech? Our religions? Our guns? Our desire for people to use the right bathroom? Nothing, nada, zip. They intend to give up nothing. We’re supposed to give up what’s ours. Why? We just are.

“Most of all, what’s supposed to bring us together in this glorious frenzy of united unity is our relinquishment of our bad attitude, the uppity urge that leads us to embrace disruptors like Donald Trump and reject the hierarchy our betters desperately seek to reestablish – with themselves at the top and us toiling down below.”

In his own inimitable way Schlichter takes on Democrats’ notion of “unity,” conceptualizes it and then blows it to smithereens. Schlichter is 100 percent correct – minority party adherents want everyone to get along, act “bipartisan” and “do things for the benefit of the country” but only if it entails Republicans inviting Democrats into the fold and doing whatever they want.

Besides, at a much deeper level it’s not even possible to achieve “unity” because leftists and Democrats reject the legitimacy of Trump’s election and Republicans’ control of Congress in the first place. In addition to clinging to the thoroughly disproven charges of Russian collusion (dreamed up by the Clinton campaign-funded sleazy Steele dossier) Democrats assert Trump didn’t earn the presidency because he lost the popular vote.

Further, commentators such as Juan Williams argue Republican congressional majorities are illegitimate because Democrat candidates won more total votes nationwide in 2016 but failed to prevail in a majority of elections. Williams favors pure democracy over our representative republic and the Constitution’s Electoral College system. Lord help us without the Founding Fathers’ protections against majority rule we’d really be up a creek.

As I’ve repeatedly argued, President Trump has bent over backwards to accommodate Democrats and include some of their demands to try and realize big reform legislation (on tax cuts, immigration and the federal budget). Democrats shutdown the government earlier this year because they wouldn’t compromise on a solution for the “DREAMERS.” Democrats aren’t interested in government solutions unless it’s their own ideas.

The GOP ruling elites aren’t much better but both Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have demonstrated an unfortunate willingness to compromise (some would say capitulate) to make Democrats happy. Their overtures rarely produce results and only turns the party base against them. Why do you think John Boehner’s now back home in Ohio chain smoking and getting tipsy on Merlot instead of leading the fight in the House?

Democrat delusions are almost like a disease. Take party chairman Tom Perez as an example – he’s got an acute case of paranoia. Perez wrote last week at the USA Today, “Democrats believe health care is a right for all. We believe the economy should work for everyone, not just those at the top. We believe in protecting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, not tearing holes in the safety net in order to enrich those already at the top. We believe our diversity is our strength, and that there is no justification for the brutality of separating immigrant children from their parents. We believe that facts matter. We believe in holding the president accountable when he lies.

“And we believe in preserving the guardrails of our democracy, designed by our founders to keep despots and demagogues from ruling like kings.

“The Democratic Party’s candidates reflect the diversity of our nation. They’re passionate about people, not corporate profits. And when we win on Nov. 6, they’ll work tirelessly to unite Americans under our shared hopes.”

Does Perez’s op-ed sound much like a call for “unity” to you? “Despots and demagogues who rule like kings?” Could Perez be talking about Donald Trump or his own party presidents?

It's odd how Democrats accuse Trump of tyranny when Obama was the one whose attorney general (Eric Holder) constantly ignored congressional documentation requests and was cited for both civil and criminal contempt of Congress. And how about “despot” Obama legalizing millions of illegal immigrants with the stroke of a pen via executive order? (It should be noted Perez didn’t touch the migrant caravan at all… not surprising considering thousands of would-be border jumpers represent more Democrat voters to him.)

How about Obama’s IRS denying legitimate conservative tea parties tax-exempt status for purely ideological reasons? Or Obama’s feckless foreign policy, where he bragged to the Russians he’d have “more flexibility” after his reelection?

Demagoguery is a Democrat membership requirement; without it they have nothing. Earlier in his piece Perez wrote, “they [Republicans] have refused to speak out against Trump for inciting hatred with a toxic combination of outright lies and the most vicious, dishonest rhetoric in modern presidential history.”

Au contraire, Mr. Perez. A handful of wishy-washy Republicans (McCain, Ben Sasse, Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Mitt Romney, etc…) have made careers out of savaging Trump while “speaking out” on something the (candidate or) president said. To maintain otherwise is utter nonsense… but par for the course for Democrats.

Several times Perez mentioned “diversity” as a selling point in his plea for votes, which essentially acts as a dog whistle for race-baiters to flock to the Democrat standard. Yet the leaders of the party are all aged white socialists and filthy rich limousine liberals like Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi. Will Americans truly be scared into giving Democrats a House majority tomorrow?

Not if the Republican base holds together. Sally Persons wrote at Real Clear Politics, “One of the big questions surrounding this election has been whether President Trump can transfer his stunning 2016 success into victory for his party in the more challenging environment of a midterm election. Many Trump voters were first-time Republican voters -- some even first-time voters in decades -- something the Republican National Committee realized early in the 2018 cycle. The trick is keeping them on board when Trump himself isn’t on the ballot.

“To do so, GOP officials are trying to tap into the president’s unorthodox energy on the campaign trail at ‘Make America Great Again’ rallies and use that to bolster traditional get-out-the-vote efforts...

“Whether the RNC system yields results will not be answered until next week, but if successful, the party may have the most highly prized voter database since the rise of the Obama coalition a decade ago — one that will likely be sought after as political eyes turn to 2020 on Nov. 7.”

Yes indeed, President Trump draws huge throngs of admirers everywhere he goes. Some attend because they like Trump’s style but most conservatives and Republicans support Trump because he's kept promises and fights for an agenda the GOP establishment never bothered to address.

Tomorrow’s election is crucial to President Trump’s drive to make America great again. Democrats’ inability to expand their coalition beyond goodie-grabbers and disaffected leftist “resistance” loonies is telling. Americans shouldn’t let them get away with it…vote Republican.

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