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Outsiders vs. Insiders: What separates CNN’s Jim Acosta, Nancy Pelosi or any Democrat?

For a minute there I thought they’d start throwing things.

The scene was surreal on Wednesday as CNN correspondent Jim Acosta stood before President Donald Trump in the White House’s East Room and launched a minor soliloquy on his own personal views disguised as a question posed to the leader of the free world. When Trump indicated he’d had it with Acosta, a female intern went to take the microphone from the still blabbering hack -- but the man yanked it back from her and Acosta Trumpeven put his hand on the girl.

Isn’t what Acosta did considered out of bounds in today’s politically correct and all-sensitivity-all-the-time (to women) #Me Too world?

Of course, the president just concluded his post-election remarks whereby he signaled a willingness to work with the newly crowned Democrat House majority (as embodied by Nancy Pelosi) -- and here was the media desperately trying to pick a fight and stir up hostility in the face of otherwise good tidings.

As expected, afterwards liberals bludgeoned Trump for his curt response to Acosta. But didn’t the CNN guy ask for it? Michael Goodwin wrote at The New York Post, “Just as Acosta can’t go into a movie theater and yell ‘Fire’ when there is no fire, he should not have the right to hijack a presidential press conference to suit his own ego.

“It is also long past time for his colleagues, including those from other outlets, to remind him that his shameful conduct is making all of them look bad. More important, scenes like Wednesday’s further erode the public’s already declining mistrust of the media and fuel resistance to the First Amendment.

“The anti-Trump antics are no longer a sideshow. America has serious problems as well as dangerous enemies, and the mere prospect of Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell working together is the best news we could have hoped for Wednesday. Instead, it was overshadowed by a few narcissists chasing their own vanity.”

Well put. In today’s 24/7 news cycle it seems reporting outlets go out of their way to pander to specific ideological audiences irrespective of the facts or situations on the ground. Acosta clearly went in there bent on drumming up a visceral response from a man known to safeguard his legendary ego just to put smiles on the faces of his own Trump-hating network’s higher-ups.

Acosta sought a pissing match and got it too. Trump has exhibited irritation on numerous occasions in the past and was visibly antagonized this time as well, which the media and #NeverTrumpers exhaustively argue is a small part of his “unpresidential” behavior and reason enough to deem him unqualified to hold the highest office in the land.

But it’s also abundantly clear Acosta and many of his fellow media members are dead set on provoking this type of presidential rejoinder whenever the opportunity arises, formulating their little speeches well in advance with the understanding of what they’re likely to receive. They’re not reporting the news in any substantive way. The “caravan” (what Acosta asked about) chock full of illegal alien-hopefuls isn’t new; anyone who’s paid attention to the headlines for the past few weeks recognizes it’s out there, bound for the United States border and intent on crossing.

If the “caravan” ain’t an “invasion” I’m not sure what else would qualify. In the old days (before satellites and modern surveillance at least) an army might gather along the border as a threat to invade but its soldiers wouldn’t hold up signs (like the “migrants” in the caravan do), burn flags or pose for journalists reporting their whereabouts and intentions.

For Acosta to keep jabbing Trump on this topic is like poking a baby to make it cry or squeezing a cat to force it to meow. Sadistic? You betcha. But this scene amply reinforces the notion today’s establishment news media is populated by jackals determined to spotlight themselves at the expense of real journalism and digging for facts.

It isn’t exactly “cruel” – the president’s a big boy and can take it -- but who in this country didn’t cringe while the heated tiff between Acosta and Trump was taking place? Who actually enjoys nudging at people to get them whipped up into a fury? Who gets a kick out of seeing a “correspondent” tussling with a young woman over possession of a microphone?

The establishment media still considers Trump illegitimate, so their primate-in-a-sideshow behavior isn’t surprising. But those who constantly bellyache about Trump removing the dignity from the office of the presidency should examine the conduct of these “professionals” and do a little self-reflection on what decorum truly entails.

The mutual disrespect between today’s authority figures and the media isn’t a recent phenomenon but when every moment of every day (at least where ratings-generator Trump is concerned) is broadcast real-time, the allure of goading Trump into saying something outlandish is simply too enticing to resist for these glory seeking clowns. Trump wasn’t sidestepping anything on Wednesday – he simply was defending himself and requesting a fair chance to address the issue.

Any politician worth his or her salt welcomes tough questions, but no one should be compelled to endure a mini-lecture by an unelected idiot with a microphone in his hand – and no accountability to anyone -- who thinks it’s cool to stand within spitting distance of the President of the United States and get him visibly ticked off. The fact Trump reacted akin to angry hornets defending their nest (which had just been prodded with a stick) isn’t the story here – it’s the notion that the media feels emboldened by their hatred to make all Americans who voted for Trump feel like fools.

The media doesn’t get it – Trump’s supporters actually appreciate him defending so fiercely his point-of-view. For far too long Republican presidents stood passively behind lecterns and absorbed unfair broadsides involving perfectly clear policies from biased questioners with an agenda. George W. Bush witnessed his second term being ripped to shreds without doing much to stem the blood flow. It was heartbreaking.

At the same time, Obama didn’t need to react this way because he was rarely challenged by the media. And when “the Chosen One” did receive intense grilling he ordered investigations into the reporters offering the probing questions.

It’s a fact. Look it up.

Perhaps someday the media will be challenged on their hypocrisy by someone other than Trump. You may remember Newt Gingrich fired up the 2012 GOP campaign with his own retorts to a biased question during a primary debate – which generated a loud and enthusiastic response from the audience. If establishment media figures believe they’re tearing apart Trump’s credibility by making him angry – they’re actually having the opposite effect. They’re bringing conservatives and Republicans together, which is terrific for the GOP ahead of what looks to be a pretty difficult road before them.

But having Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats and their media pals making spectacles of themselves could serve to help Trump in 2020. W. James Antle III wrote at The Washington Examiner, “Democrats won’t have enough power to advance solutions without Republican buy-in. This gives them the unpalatable choices of disappointing their base or annoying independents, who finally voted Democratic in large numbers for the first time since 2008.

“Voters did want a check on Trump and the Republicans. But unless special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation unleashes something major, it is possible they will tire of the hearings, which seldom seem to change many minds.

“The red-state revulsion at Senate Democrats’ treatment of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who did not even poll particularly well with the electorate as a whole, shows that there can be consequences to Democratic overreach. Congressional Republican excesses helped Clinton and Obama win re-election.”

In his brief but excellent piece Antle points out the election could’ve been worse for Trump as Bill Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s first midterm tests were for the prior two Democrat presidents. The Washington Examiner commentator also commended Trump for his continuing ability to rouse the conservative Republican base and highlighted the fact Ohio and Florida still look winnable heading into the next presidential election.

But it’s the Democrats’ excess part that’s most glaring as a potential/likely problem for the current minority party, simply because Democrats can’t control themselves and they won’t, for lack of a better way to put it, shut up when the occasion necessitates it.

Imagine yourself in a room full of House Democrats on the day Congress convenes in two months. Fresh off eight years in the minority they’re all ginned up with excitement at the prospect of taking advantage of their newfound power. Speaker Pelosi enters, insisting on Democrat members’ obedience, message discipline and adherence to the party agenda. After all, Democrats promised healthcare, healthcare, healthcare and they’ll need to deliver something politically palatable to get it through the safely Republican controlled senate and past the desk of the evil and hated Donald Trump.

That dastardly Constitution – it mandates inter-branch cooperation and assent for anything to become law! And even worse, the executive branch is in charge of executing the laws… and the increasingly conservative controlled judicial branch interprets them!

What’s a good Democrat to do when they don’t have a party president to simply scribble out executive orders and “make it happen” even when there’s no legal authority to do so?

Just like Democrats today, conservatives and Republicans were ecstatic in 2010 when the GOP retook the House -- not due to hopes the new majority would deliver a bunch of “stuff” to us but because we thought they would apply the spending brakes on the “stuff” Democrats wanted to shower on their goody-hungry constituencies.

Conservatives didn’t want anything other than for the government to spend less and stop encroaching on liberty. Period. Democrats, on the other hand, promised “stuff” to their voters and therefore must find a way to produce lest people wake up and realize they’re all a bunch of phony lie-pushing frauds. But how to accomplish this without much official power to do so?

The truth is Democrats can’t spend anything without Trump’s okay now. And here’s thinking they’ll hate the notion… and who’s to say they’ll keep their mouths shut about it? Maxine Waters will play nice…starting when? Or Adam “Shifty” Schiff? Didn’t Waters say resistance mobs should get in Republicans’ faces “wherever they’re found and tell them they’re not welcome?”

Further, if Pelosi fastens the muzzle too tight she just might stir up a rebellion of her own. Let’s not forget by the numbers Pelosi’s leadership position isn’t any more secure than John Boehner’s was a few years ago. The conservative Freedom Caucus was Boehner’s undoing; for Pelosi it’ll be the most rabid leftists who’ll extort favors from her to foster more socialism.

Maybe new Democrat darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will vie for the Speakership if Pelosi falters. It could happen. Never underestimate the collective stupidity of a large gathering of Democrats. They’ll go overboard – it’s what they do best.

If you doubt it, look at California, where one-party Democrat rule has almost been realized. Steven Greenhut wrote at The American Spectator, “Some state legislative races are still too close to call, but Democrats seem poised to regain their supermajority in the Senate and retain it in the Assembly. That means that they can raise taxes without any Republican support. A handful of congressional races still are really close, but Democrats look poised to gain seats held by Republicans Dana Rohrabacher of Huntington Beach and Steve Knight of Palmdale [Ed note: both Rohrabacher and Knight officially lost].

“Those suburban Southern California districts are becoming increasingly Democratic. Furthermore, Rep. Darrell Issa’s seat in northern San Diego County and southern Orange County looks likely to go to Democrat Mike Levin.

“The election also showed that Orange County, home of Nixon and the heart and soul of the state’s conservative movement, is steadily becoming less Republican. As the returns rolled in, Gustavo Arellano wrote a telling obituary for the ‘old’ Orange County. As he noted in the Los Angeles Times, ‘Regardless of the final vote tallies, the fact that Democrats came to O.C. to pick up House seats is a stake in Nixonland’s vampire heart.’”

Ronald Reagan’s California no longer exists. My birthplace and home for my first 27 years is a shadow of its former self and a case study for what unchecked illegal immigration and an anti-business/common sense political class does for a once proud place. The Golden State still shines in numerous ways but signs of rot are everywhere – and I’m not just referring to the prevalent piles of poop and hypodermic needles in liberal utopia, San Francisco.

Republicans need to do more than change their messaging in California. Conservatives are moving out by the U-Haul-full only to be replaced by “undocumented” immigrants demanding more and more services from the shrinking tax base. Growing up it often was said California would inevitably sink in the ocean due to earthquakes – but Democrats will accomplish the feat much quicker.

Democrat excess is rewarded out west; it won’t be when Nancy Pelosi tries the same tactics in Washington. Democrats can’t help themselves and it’ll be fun to watch them blow their chance to maintain their newfound powers.

As demonstrated by the events of this week Democrats and their media allies can’t help but whip up turmoil and foster division wherever they venture. Conservatives and Republicans must do more than look on in amazement – it’s time to get to work to ensure 2020 restores some sanity.

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