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Trump Fights For GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith In Mississippi Senate Runoff

Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, appointed to the seat in April, has given unwavering support to President Donald Trump who campaigned for her at two rallies on Monday, a day ahead of today’s runoff.

The President began the final push for Hyde-Smith by tweeting his thanks to her for voting for “our Agenda in the Senate 100% of the time.”

Trump in MississippiShe is up against Democrat Mike Espy, who is seeking to become Mississippi’s first black senator since Reconstruction. Espy is a former congressman and U.S. agriculture secretary who has been dogged by ethics problems.

Espy was forced to resign as Secretary of Agriculture in 1994. Clinton administration officials said at the time the precipitating factor in the resignation, after months of questions over Espy's use of government perks and acceptance of small gifts, was the White House discovery last week that a foundation run by Tyson Foods Inc., the giant Arkansas agribusiness, had given a $1,200 scholarship to Espy's then-girlfriend, Patricia Dempsey.

Ronald H. Blackley, Mike Espy’s chief-of-staff was later sentenced to a 27-month prison term for lying about $22,000 he received from two Mississippi individuals who obtained large government farming subsidies.

At the first of two Election Eve rallies President Trump encouraged the crowd in Tupelo to "get out" and vote in Tuesday's runoff election.

The rally was pure Trump, with the President giving Elvis Presley a shout-out in Tupelo, which he called the “proud birthplace of the King of Rock n Roll.”

“You’ll say I’m very conceited,” Trump added joking, “Other than the blond hair when I was growing up they said I look like Elvis.”

President Trump also said his administration "found the magic wand" for manufacturing in the United States.

"We have a lot of companies moving in," he said, adding that the number of companies making products in the US is "actually going to be increasing."

And if there was any concern that the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement trade deal sounded a little too much like the iconic Village People tune, Trump has fully embraced it.

"The USMCA, like YMCA, the song," he said, breaking out into a little song.

He called the deal a "tremendous victory" for Mississippi's farmers, manufacturers, and auto workers.

But the real focus of his pitch was for conservative Mississippians not to take victory for granted and to turn out and vote in today’s run-off election.

"Don't take any chances," he warned. "Just assume you have to vote... or send back your ballots or do whatever you have to do but just get it done."

Even though the results of the 2018 midterm elections have been widely decided, CNN reported President Trump suggested that a win for Democratic candidate Mike Espy would "revoke" Republican wins.

"We cannot allow Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to revoke that victory by winning the state of Mississippi," he said according to the CNN report.

Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, he said, "votes for us and she votes for Make America Great Again and America First."

The President also hit Espy for his hard-Left positions, citing his support for "late-term abortion on demand," "a total government takeover of healthcare," and "free taxpayer funded healthcare to illegal aliens."

"Mike Espy would rather protect illegal aliens than the people that live in Mississippi," Trump said.

He continued: "We don’t need to give Schumer another vote to block our judges and abolish our borders."

Trump later looked ahead to the 2020 campaign, quipping, "I do really want to run against a true socialist… that’s going to be a very interesting fight."

He also brought to the stage Sen. Lindsey Graham, the tiger of the fight to confirm Justice Kavanaugh, who reminded the crowd of Hyde-Smith's vote on then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

"When Kavanaugh needed your senator, she was there. I want you to remember what they will do on the other side," Graham said according to the CNN report, adding, "I want you to show up Tuesday. We’re going to start over in 2019 and if you like Kavanaugh there’s more coming."

Democrat Mike Espy is a ground floor member of the Clinton crime and corruption family. We urge all our CHQ friends and readers in Mississippi to heed President Trump’s warning: Don’t take anything for granted, be sure to vote for Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith in today’s Senate run-off.

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