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Don't Waste The Lame Duck: Congress Must Work Around-The-Clock To Fund The Wall

I Demand Congress Work Around-The-Clock To Fund The Wall

Please sign the letter below and will deliver a copy on your behalf to Congress.

December 12, 2018
Washington, DC

Dear Leader McConnell, Speaker Ryan, House Majority Leader McCarthy and Republican Senators and Representatives:

Republicans have been promising support for strict border security measures, including a wall on our southern border, for years.

However, the March omnibus bill you passed specifically prohibited money from being spent on the border wall prototypes that President Trump requested last year. If any money is allotted for a border wall in this next funding bill, it must not be limited solely to planning or pedestrian fencing.

Congress already head-faked us on President Trump’s wall in March, when they allotted $1.6 billion for 39 miles of “pedestrian fencing,” “planning,” and “border security technology.” While these may be components of a border wall system, they are not, in fact, construction of the “physically imposing” barrier that the Trump administration has requested, and that the conservative -- populist base of the Republican Party has demanded.

House Republicans suffered major losses in the November midterms because they failed to fulfill their promises, especially to fund the building of a secure wall on our southern border.

Punting the issue of funding the southern border wall to the new Pelosi-led Congress would undermine everything Republican leaders promised President Trump, and their own base. Not only have Republican leaders spent years running on promises to strengthen border security, repeal Obama’s illegal executive amnesty, and reform the legal immigration system, they’ve also been promising for months that they would fight to fund President Trump's border wall.

The Republican Party will not survive as a national political party if it continues to be the party of broken promises on border security.

No more head fakes, no more show votes. Now is the time to keep your promise to stand with President Trump and to fund the border wall.


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