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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Shutdown the Democrats’ inane talk and just fund the wall, Republicans

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It goes without saying, the Republican establishment spooks easily.

Case in point was last week’s impromptu “negotiating” session between President Donald Trump, Senate Minority Leader Charles “creepy Chucky” Schumer and speaker-in-waiting Nancy Pelosi. Vice President Mike Pence was also present during the back-and-forth, though he let Trump do the talking (which was entirely appropriate given his office’s constitutional role and the circumstances of the moment).

Ever the leader, Trump professed confidence Congress would produce the votes to fund the desperately needed physical barrier spanning the U.S./Mexico border, a common sense move every swamp dwelling politician should instinctively understand. When, for purely political reasons, Pelosi and Schumer balked at the idea of a wall Trump did what he does best -- took ownership of the issue and delivered a warning: he’d shutdown the government if/when Congress didn’t do the right thing.

Democrats everywhere cheered the declaration and Republican elites looked for the nearest rock to crawl under. “There he goes again” sounded the collective gasp from the GOP’s status quo preservation police. For people who’re used to furnishing Democrats everything they want without a struggle it was nonetheless a terrible jolt to their equilibriums.

Alexander Bolton reported at The Hill, “Trump shocked Republicans, who were preparing to blame Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) for a potential partial shutdown, when he said he would take sole responsibility for shuttering federal agencies if Congress doesn’t meet his demand for $5 billion in wall funding.

“The televised performance left GOP senators perplexed — and worried about what’s in store for them over the next two years — as they try to work with Trump and against resurgent House Democrats led by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who’s poised to be the next Speaker.

“Pelosi, by contrast, received praise from fellow Democrats for her handling of the Oval Office meeting with Trump and Schumer on Tuesday.”

Perplexed? Worried about what’s in store? You mean over three years into Trump’s political career GOP bluebloods still don’t know what to make of him?

This brief blurb from Bolton’s article sums up the two parties perfectly. In a nutshell, whenever there’s a public controversy Democrats rally around their alpha leaders like pack wolves on a hunt while Republicans scurry like rats dawdling and worrying about what people who hate them would think if they actually did something principled and took a stand like Trump. Establishment GOPers are like a cluster of little girls who lose sleep over whether their classmates will like the new dress mommy picked out for the following day… Is it politically correct to say that?

What’s wrong with this picture? By issuing a direct threat/warning of a government shutdown Trump was merely fulfilling a campaign promise as well as reinforcing what he said he’d do the last time Republican congressional leaders ran away from confrontation and failed at their duty to provide money for the border wall. Months ago, Trump very prominently vowed he wouldn’t sign another budget that didn’t contain the resources necessary to build the barrier. He sees it as his primary duty to protect the American people. Is any of this surprising?

Hardly. In saying so, establishment wannabes were just bellyaching over the public nature of Trump’s promise, a move so unanticipated that it had Pelosi practically begging to evict the reporters from the room so they could equivocate and fib like usual, free from anyone watching them squirm (she all-but admitted it later at the press conference). When coupled with a need to actually do something now -- vote for wall money -- it’s got Republican congressional leaders in a tizzy over how to extricate themselves from this quandary with their pathetic reputations intact.

Meanwhile, Democrats are back in their caves roasting weenies & s’mores with fires stoked with stacks of hundred dollar bills, all the while yucking it up over how stupid and weak Republicans are. Democrats couldn’t care less about national security, the budget or violent migrant caravans that will certainly keep coming if the border isn’t sealed. Democrats and their would-be illegals know Republican leaders don’t possess a backbone and would never keep their word regardless of what Trump does. What’s it to the Democrats? More votes!

Do you think Pelosi or Schumer are concerned about Trump’s guarantee? Heck no! Pelosi knows there isn’t a single House Democrat who’ll vote for wall funding and now outgoing wimp (I mean Speaker) Paul Ryan must actually do something personally uncomfortable -- namely, lead -- before he sprints out the door headed back to Wisconsin. Creepy “Chucky” Schumer also knows none of his Democrat underlings would go for the wall, so he’ll get the shutdown he craves (to score political points) without lifting a finger.

Besides, is $5 billion really that big of a deal within the scheme of things? Many have argued the money saved from the wall (in terms of drug shipments prevented, lives preserved and criminals deterred) will return in multiples of the cash appropriated for concrete, bricks and mortar. And needless to say, when countries south of us recognize the United States is serious -- this time -- about stopping the human invasion they may even shift their own policies to encourage people not to try it.

The Democrats’ superiority complex on this dilemma is breathtaking. If there’s a better example of a snobby elitist swamp perpetuating American politician than “Chucky” Schumer, I’d like to see him or her.

Last Tuesday proved it. There you had it. Creepy “Chucky” on one side of the table across from filthy rich lifetime politician and San Francisco snob Nancy Pelosi, both droning on about how the border is already secure and a wall isn’t needed. Like either one of them ever bothered to visit cities and towns that are being overrun by illegal immigrants and the drugs that flow through the porous border like flour through a sifter. Aren’t 70,000+ drug overdoses last year (and sinking life expectancy) enough to convince Democrats that something needs to be done?

Whenever Trump would argue “We need border security” Schumer would get his familiar smirk and nod as though he knew otherwise. What does creepy “Chucky” have to lose? Electorally speaking he’s from an incredibly safe blue state, and, as this year’s campaign proved, obviously doesn’t give a hoot about the electability fortunes of his fellow Democrats.

Pelosi’s unquestionably witnessed what sanctuary city strategies bring with them -- take a stroll in downtown San Francisco and you’ll spot the debris everywhere. Just don’t step in it….

At the head of the table was Trump, the working-class billionaire who’s serving for free (why isn’t this fact given more attention?) and fighting for the livelihoods -- and lives -- of the people “out there” suffering under federal government policies that neglect them. Will the American people really punish Trump here? Are citizens so enamored with big government that they won’t tolerate a certain-to-be-brief shutdown of one-quarter of the federal workforce in exchange for solving a festering problem that’s plagued us for decades?

Trump’s gambling the public will ultimately side with him -- even if the short-term political hit favors Democrats. As he’s signaled many times, the wall’s going up regardless of who pays for it or who builds it (the military). If a substantial portion of construction is finished in the next year or so it'll make for a heck of a campaign ad on the topic of promises kept.

Lastly, if the Republican establishment hates government shutdowns so much -- why isn’t Paul Ryan mustering his troops and brow beating them until they produce the votes to pass the funding amendments (to the Homeland Security appropriations bill)? What would they rather have, their own party’s president fulfilling a campaign promise or handing Democrats yet another victory to end this Congress?

If Republicans won’t fight -- and win -- on this there’s no reason for conservatives to continue supporting the party. Primaries will definitely be interesting in 2020. Stay tuned.

Schumer’s taunting of Trump wasn’t the first time he’s ridiculed a Republican over a government shutdown. Ana Giaritelli reported at The Washington Examiner, “As a House lawmaker, Schumer gave a minute-long House speech in 1995 that took Peter, Paul, and Mary's hit ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ and revised the lyrics to poke at Gingrich...

“’Mr. Speaker, when I heard last night that Newt Gingrich said he had shut down the government because he didn't get the right treatment on an airplane, I was amazed. I couldn't believe it,’ Schumer said in his 1995 remarks captured in CSPAN archive video. ‘So with all due respect to Peter, Paul, and Mary, and 'Leaving on a Jet Plane,' here goes,’ said Schumer. ‘My bags are packed, I'm ready to go. I'm sitting here on Air Force One but sitting in the back ain't much fun. They wouldn't give me an aisle seat. The in-flight meal was mystery meat. Where's the guy in charge?

“’I'm going to complain, but the president won't talk to me in light of Israel's tragedy cutting Medicare's not the first thing on his mind. I'm leaving on a jet plane. Don't know when you'll get paid again,’ he said.”

Real funny. At least we know Schumer’s knack for comedy hasn’t improved all these years. Democrats hooted and hollered back in ‘95 about Gingrich and the flight where Clinton wouldn’t journey to the back of the plane to talk about the budget. Knowing big bubba Bill, he was probably too busy re-upping his membership in the “Mile High Club” with some bimbo to be bothered with the business of government.

The media then jumped all over Gingrich and the Republicans, blaming the shutdown on the in-flight snub rather than the Republicans’ principled arguments over reining in the budget.

Democrats never give credence to the principle of the matter in question -- it’s all one big “show” where politics is at the center of it. Both Pelosi and Schumer have been all over the border wall and national security issues. Both profess to want the same things as Republicans -- to ensure the safety of Americans, their persons, families and jobs -- but when push comes to shove, they never offer solutions to the problems. Obstruction, stonewalling and sideshow-style media appearances are what they’re about.

And again, establishment Republican congressional leaders allow them to get away with it. Instead of forcing the issue and publicly backing President Trump they prevaricate and vacillate, complaining about “tactics” and presidential behavior once again. It’s almost as though they think they’ve been successful gaining concessions from Democrats all these years. What a farce!

Trump’s trying a new negotiating tack and deserves room to allow it to work. Will Democrats cave? Doubtful -- they’re entrenched and since Trump already said he’d take the blame for a shutdown, there’s no pressure on them to give now. But the longer a federal stoppage lingers the worse Democrats will appear in the public’s mind… because the focus will be 100 percent on national security, immigration, caravans and terrorism. Is this really what they want?

The feckless GOP establishment will also take its lumps. Paul Ryan may be on his way out but Kevin McCarthy’s waiting in the wings to replace him as House Republican leader. And let’s not forget, 2012 loser Mitt Romney’s heading to DC too, poised to bolster the ruling class on the senate side. Will Mitt and Trump get along? Mark Ellis wrote at PJ Media, “Will Senator Romney be a thorn in President Trump’s side, or can the two men reach agreement on important issues like immigration, healthcare, and, perhaps most importantly, potential Supreme Court nominees? Further, will Mr. Romney have the president’s back against the slew of investigations expected from the House Democrats and the protracted Robert Mueller ‘witch hunt’? ...

“Democrats have taken control of the House and the NeverTrump brigade is scattered. Where does Romney fit into the reality of 2019 and beyond? Things got ugly on the trail between Cruz and the president, but they had their moment of reconciliation. Is there hope for a Trump-Romney moment?

“The president has reached out to Mitt Romney with congratulations. Time will tell whether Sen. Romney will bury the hatchet and get on board to ensure the success of a Trump administration agenda that is good for America.”

I think Ellis gives Romney too much credit here. The former GOP nominee will soon realize his best chance to influence policy is to work on Trump’s side, and therefore, must either fall in line or become eminently powerless and unpopular like the other RINOs remaining in the senate (minus Jeff Flake and Bob Corker as well as the late John McCain).

With 53 Republicans in the upper chamber, Romney won’t get many opportunities to replace McCain as the party’s biggest contrarian. Here’s thinking he’ll do whatever Mitch McConnell tells him to do. That’s the establishment’s way, right?

If Republican ruling elites are truly terrified over Trump’s threat to shutdown the government, they must accept it’s their own inactions that brought on the confrontation. They can use the coming days to salvage a little dignity and give Americans a Christmas gift -- a big beautiful wall protecting them.

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