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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Yes, SNL liberals, It’s a Wonderful Life with President Donald Trump

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What if Donald Trump had never been president?

Every year at Christmastime many Americans partake in an annual ritual of viewing the holiday movie classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” For the small percentage of folks who’ve avoided the showing and reshowing of the ultimate Jimmy Stewart feel-good story of the 20th century, it’s about a discouraged man with a beautiful wife and children who’s sent a tremendous gift from heaven -- the ability to see what life would’ve been like had he never been born.

As might be expected around this time of year Saturday Night Live (NBC) took the theme of the story and inserted President Trump into the main character’s role (played by unfunny and obtuse ultra-leftist idiot Alec Baldwin) and he “visited” with several of the people in his life to see how things might’ve turned out differently for them had he not beaten Hillary Clinton and won the 2016 election.

On the whole it was an amateurish attempt at humor, but worthwhile just for the discussion it generated.

Kyle Balluck reported at The Hill, “’Saturday Night Live’ envisioned a world in which President Trump was never elected in its latest cold open, titled ‘It’s a Wonderful Trump.’

“Alec Baldwin, in a takeoff of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ reprises his role of the president as Clarence, played by cast member Kenan Thompson, comes down from heaven to show Trump what the world would be like without him in the Oval Office…

“Clarence tells Trump that Hillary Clinton won the election, noting that she only had to ‘visit Wisconsin once,’ and that her emails were discovered and ‘they were all Bed Bath & Beyond coupons.’ ...

Okay, okay. Very funny. Click on Balluck’s article and you can view the entire scene, which somewhat surprisingly does contain a couple funny anecdotes. Baldwin’s overly contrived Trump facial expressions ruin his takeoff on the actual man… it’s just not what Trump looks like in real life. Other comedians have done a superior job of portraying Trump and made their caricatures a lot more humorous. Good comedy is hard to find but it’s mostly achieved through authenticity. Baldwin fails in spades in this regard which isn’t good considering he’s been portraying Trump for a couple years now.

SNL also rounded up a few famous celebrities to interact with the cartoonish Trump during the skit; actor Ben Stiller (of “Meet the Parents” fame) did his best to impersonate former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, but just like with the real life “controversy”, it’s a nothing-burger. Outspoken Trump critic actor Robert De Niro played Robert Mueller… like Trump would be shocked to see a special prosecutor or something.

In total the cold opening mostly fell flat though the multitude of Trump haters probably saw it as hilarious. The skit did bring up an interesting intellectual question -- what would life truly be like if Trump had never been president?

There will undoubtedly be several looks back at Trump’s first two years in the coming weeks, something media pundits are fond of doing just before New Year’s. The answers are infinite -- and of course, hypothetical. Starting with the Supreme Court, there would certainly be two liberal ideologues now seated as the Court’s newest associate justices, men or women who would definitely vote in lockstep with the solid bloc of four Democrats put there by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to savage the Constitution in favor of ends-oriented rulings at every opportunity.

What remained of religious freedom after Obama would now be gone. Cake bakers in Colorado (and other places) would be compelled by law to service same-sex weddings and other events contrary to their deeply held and honest beliefs. Churches and other traditional religious institutions would be forced to provide birth control and insurance coverage for abortions pursuant to Obamacare (even though it’s been overturned).

As a tribute to her biggest supporters President Hillary would have the East Room repainted in colors of the rainbow. LGBTQ families would throw a big bash on the White House lawn. George Soros would accept a special commission as U.S. envoy to the newly created state of Homosexualia -- located on the Australian subcontinent, paid for with funds extracted through Justice Department extortion from wealthy Republican donors.

The United States economy would still be in the tank (leftover from Obama’s reign), weighed down not only by Obama-era regulations that stifled individual creativity and risk-taking, but additionally saddled by thousands of additional pages of rules from President Hillary Clinton’s bureaucratic minions. Needless to say, there would never have been tax reform or any semblance of a rate cut. Instead, Clinton would’ve demanded a significant tax hike on businesses and the wealthy. Paul Ryan (who wouldn’t be stepping down as Speaker) and Mitch McConnell would reluctantly accede to the higher taxes in order to avoid a government shutdown.

The media wouldn’t have had Trump to kick around after Election Day 2016, so they would’ve altered their focus and moved on to investigating and castigating conservative members of Congress. The Freedom Caucus would’ve been depicted as Clinton’s (and America’s) greatest enemy along with a handful of GOP senators such as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Lindsey Graham would’ve never come out of his RINO shell and would still be making deals with the Democrat administration to allow in as many unvetted Muslim immigrants as possible.

ISIS would still be controlling a big chunk of Iraq and Syria, with Clinton drawing more “red lines” but not enforcing any meaningful sanctions on nations for ignoring them. The U.S. embassy in Israel would still be in Tel Aviv. President Hillary would explain that moving it to Jerusalem would cause far too much instability in the Arab world and would probably never be accomplished. Her Secretary of State, Huma Abedin, would discuss with the Iranians the possibility of annexing Israeli territory as payback for decades of Israeli oppression of the Palestinians and other Muslims.

The Paris Climate Accord would still be in effect and the United States coal industry would be in its final death throes, the victim of overzealous regulators in search of means to lower the earth’s temperature by a half degree Celsius by the year 2050. To lead by example President Hillary would have installed a giant windmill on the closed portion of Pennsylvania Avenue where numerous birds are found dead every day, the unfortunate casualties of “green energy”. The executive mansion’s windows would have been replaced by solar panels, even the north facing ones.

In Asia, NORK dictator Kim Jong-un would still be holed up in Pyongyang munching cheese and accelerating his nuclear program without fear of payback from the Americans. Next door neighbor China would continue dumping billions worth of cheap junk on the U.S. consumer market because President Clinton believes in “free trade.” South Korea and Japan would defer beefing up their militaries to confront their respective invasion threats and beg Hillary to send more money and troops to protect them.

Clinton would be the toast of Europe today and continental leaders would guffaw behind her back as they continued to slice their defense budgets despite her pleas to do their fair share to support NATO. Friendly socialist strongman Vlad Putin would be credited by the media and Democrats with suggesting a détente and would seize all former Soviet satellite republics under the approving eye of Hillary and Bill. Unseen to all but those in the know, Putin’s cronies would arrange big payoffs to the Clinton foundation as a quid pro quo for tacitly agreeing to an uncontested Russian expansion.

With a beaming President Hillary looking on the military would anoint its first transgender commander (biological male turned female) who promises a taxpayer-paid for sex change operation for any troops who signed-up and serve for at least half a year. Bradley “Chelsea” Manning would act as military liaison to capitol hill and lobby for more “inclusiveness” in the armed forces. The Pentagon would close and relocate to a bifurcated national headquarters -- one half in West Hollywood and the other in Washington DC’s Dupont Circle. New California Governor Gavin Newsom would resign his post in 2019 and become Clinton’s national security advisor.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch would be completing her investigation into Trump campaign violations from 2016 and together with FBI Director James Comey and CIA head John Brennan would conduct a joint press conference with Special Prosecutor Eric Holder to issue indictments for Donald Trump Jr. and the rest of the Trump family members. Paul Ryan would announce his approval of the legal sanctions and caution future Republican nominees against running tough campaigns against Democrats.

Twitter, Facebook and other social media giants would be granted free license by federal regulators to target and prosecute conservative speakers for racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia… you know, all the things that make one “deplorable.” Federal prisons would grow exponentially to accommodate the violators, jailed without due process. Who needs it? They’re guilty, right?

First “lady” big bubba Bill Clinton would lead Oval Office tours for fat cat Democrat donors where he’d relive the glory days with Monica Lewinsky, making sure to highlight the exact spot where the intern received her stain on the infamous blue dress. When Bill’s out of the room President Hillary shrieks at her Secret Service detail to restore yellow crime scene tape across the entrance to the library and scour the entire place with harsh chemicals to sanitize it (even 20 years later).

FBI elicit lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page would now be cohabiting out in the open and legally married…and beginning divorce proceedings, having both already cheated on their new spouse.

The world itself would be a more dangerous place; America would be in the last vestiges of irreversible economic decline and Democrats would declare an end to free speech and all opposition to President Clinton.

This would be the setting for a Donald Trump-less America, the fallout from him never having been president. Is this a “Wonderful Life?” You decide.

Our world is full of unintended consequences, those unforeseeable events that inevitably result from poor planning and policies not well thought through. For example, it was recently revealed that a “Green New Deal” would require increased environmentally destructive mining. John Siciliano reported at The Washington Examiner, “Moving the world to 100-percent renewable energy under a Green New Deal, or the Paris climate accord, will require at least a twelvefold increase in the not-so-green practice of hardrock mining, according to a new study backed by prominent environmental consultants...

“Transitioning to a global renewable energy system devoid of fossil fuels will place a strain on the supply of certain metals required to manufacture solar panels and wind turbines, according to the study, requiring twelve times today's production by 2050...

“Specifically, the demand for so-called ‘rare earth metals’ such as neodymium, terbium, dysprosium, and praseodymium stands out as a potential problem for moving to a global energy system dominated by renewables. The metals are required for their conductivity properties.”

Want some even better news? Many of these metals come only from China and there currently is no United States capacity to mine them. Siciliano’s report indicated the Trump administration ordered a study to determine where these resources might be found within the U.S. territory, but starting up a new mining operation is tremendously expensive and the permitting process can take a decade or longer.

In other words, as the nation moves to wean itself of fossil fuels it will become even more dependent on a world competitor/enemy to aid in the transition. Do you think the Chinese don’t recognize this? Lax environmental laws and aggressive top-down government policy by edict allows the Chinese to do everything cheaper and faster over there.

This is not to say America should ditch environmental protections in the proverbial round file but it’s a factor when considering possible long-term solutions for “climate change” -- that whatever they end up being will be expensive, take a LONG time and ultimately may not even make a difference in terms of carbon emissions.

Consider this the next time you see Leonardo DiCaprio or some other brainless celebrity bozo warning of the catastrophic effects of uncontrolled climate change. We may not even be able to address the problem now (see mining) even if we wanted to.

Would our people riot in the streets like they’ve done in Paris? Who knows? There are lots of considerations here and sometimes doing too much too quickly only makes the problems worse.

Life without Donald Trump as president wouldn’t be as clear cut wonderful as liberals would have you think. Saturday Night Live can do all the ridiculous skits in the world and it still doesn’t change the fact we’re living in a complex place and it requires capable people to lead. Trump fits the bill.

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