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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Democrats’ reckoning a safe bet in a certain to be tumultuous 2019

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The clock struck midnight on December 31st and the old day instantly became a new one. Likewise, the previous month turned at the same moment and of course 2018 exited and 2019 began with much fanfare. Some marked the occasion with large civic commemorations/celebrations, others with smaller private gatherings and viewing of the “dropping of the ball” in New York’s Times Square on TV and still others hit the hay early as though it were just a regular night.

For a minute or so Americans united in observance of the passing of one year and the coming of another. Curiously, everyone agrees that 2018 was a heck of an interesting year and 2019 promises to be equally (if not more) fascinating on the political front.

Roger L. Simon wrote at PJ Media, “2018 was The Year of Living Hatefully -- one of them anyway. Practically no one was happy. Or if they were, they didn't show it. All they wanted to do was vilify the opposition or even their neighbors.

“Democrats hating Republicans (see the new movie "Vice") and vice versa were just the tip of a rancid iceberg. Never Trumpers hate Trumpers and the reverse, Sanders supporters hate Beto supporters, Antifa hate the bourgeoisie, the Proud Boys hate Antifa, FOX hates CNN and MSNBC hates FOX...It goes on and on. Families and friends split from each other. People shut up at work for fear they'll be fired. Thanksgiving is a festival of hostility, Christmas (when we're allowed to speak its name) is only slightly better…”

It certainly seems Simon’s right though if you’re passing time at a fairly non-controversial secular activity like your son’s little league baseball game or some other sporting event the hostility is usually directed at an easy-target -- the umpire -- or at the professional level, the other team. The farther we get from politics the friendlier the territory for a civil discussion about kids’ activities or the house’s balky septic system or how bad the traffic’s getting in typical commuter arteries.

You can still go to a restaurant or a movie theater and not be accosted by crazed leftists as long as you’re not famous and agree to leave your MAGA hat at home, apparently. Freedom of speech is fine if you suppress your personal opinions long enough to go back home and vent frustrations on the back patio where no one’s within earshot.

There’s some bad news for Democrats in all of this -- the government’s been shut down for over a week and no one seems to care about it, other than the usual establishment media sources that always portray the border crisis as not a big deal but if federal workers sit idly at their homes for a few days (knowing they’ll be paid anyway) civilization as we know it is about to end... at least according to the talkers.

Has anyone outside the Washington beltway even noticed the government’s not “functioning”? A family member in my household was speaking to another family member across the country the other night and they didn’t portend to know anything was different about the government. The immense amount of clamor surrounding American politics is largely being tuned out or thought of as background noise by the populace. “Oh horrors! The federal bureaucracy isn’t at their desks! Will the sun rise tomorrow?”

Like with every other government stoppage in recent times the sun not only rose this morning, it revealed that life goes on outside the media’s bubbles and Washington’s reach. Folks could even be happy they’re being given their own end-of-the-year respite from Uncle Sam’s minions. Ever consider that?

Simon thinks much of 2018’s rancor in the “Year of Living Hatefully” is/was in part due to our society and culture’s continuing disassociation with God and religion. There’s definitely some truth in his theory as anyone who attends services regularly probably hears messages of reconciliation and forgiveness and a call to treat their neighbors as yourself (unless it’s Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s place). A lot of that’s been lost in today’s establishment media world with non-stop social media sensationalism spurred on by hired gun ideological pundits whose sole mission is to get as many people on the other side ticked off as possible.

It’s true President Trump fans the flames… but he didn’t start the fire. And he doesn’t lash out unless someone says something nasty or “fake” about him, his administration or his family. Even a liberal Trump opponent should concede he doesn’t respond differently than they’d do if the situation involved them personally. Did Obama take criticism sitting down? Hardly.

What to do? Simon offered his own prediction for the new year -- and a possible solution. “As for whether 2019 will be any better in this regard -- most likely not. Signs point to it being even worse. But we are not prisoners of the zeitgeist of an era, this or any other, at least not totally. We have some freedom and we can disconnect ourselves from the misbegotten rage around us. That doesn't mean we don't work for a better world. It just means we do it with the right spirit, with love, not hate, corny as that sounds.”

It doesn’t sound corny, not at all. If you study history, for example, you’ll realize political disputes have always had a way of setting people apart; what we’re going through today isn’t any different than what humans have experienced since the beginning of time. My family spent Christmas week in Williamsburg, Virginia, where President Thomas Jefferson reiterated (paraphrasing), “We shouldn’t let differences of opinion be seen as differences in principle.”

Sadly, in America now it’s evident there are not only differences of opinion but of principle also. The disparity between the contemporary Republican and Democrat parties may be smaller than presented by the “experts” -- both favor big government and big budgets, they just disagree on how much spending and where it should go -- but the GOP leadership of the 21st century is increasingly becoming detached from the hopes and demands of the people who vote for Republican candidates.

Democrats don’t have this same issue. All Democrats fall into a very narrow category now -- they’re universally for open borders, massive social spending (Medicare for all, free college tuition, green energy, regulating most aspects of the economy to ensure “fairness,” a.k.a. special privileges for perceived minorities, sexual orientations and gender classifications) and abortion on demand. There may be some degree of Democrat variance on some of these matters but put a gaggle of Democrats on a boat and the only ones being thrown over the side are the token few arguing for keeping a semblance of traditional values and spending restraint.

In contrast, ruling class Republicans don’t agree on anything. They’ll give lip service to border security yet won’t appropriate the money and fight for a border wall. They’ll claim to be pro-life and pro-family yet won’t battle Democrats to kill federal funding for Planned Parenthood. They assert they’re in favor of free markets yet time and again the establishment props up farm and corporate subsidies and the dreaded anti-capitalistic Export/Import bank. GOP leaders swear they intend to reduce the size of government yet session after session (and several times during the year) they’ll join with Democrats to pass continuing resolutions which delay tough spending decisions for another term.

A difference in principle? Heck yeah! A difference in opinion, not really. Instead of carving the fat out of the hopelessly bloated federal budget they just allow everything to slip by. Voting to “keep the government open” through continuing resolutions is the ultimate act of political cowardice. Refusing to eliminate any program isn’t governing. A hard choice involves making somebody (other than your special interest lobbyists) mad.

The only people Republicans are infuriating these days are their own voters. President Trump isn’t cut from the same capitulation cloth as the McConnells, Ryans, McCarthys, McCains and Flakes of the political universe -- and take a gander at the hornet nest he’s stirred up.

Democrats just drive by and wave. Ever the hypocrites, it’s okay for them to erect high walls around their own homes and estates yet decry any attempt to seal our southern border with a big impregnable barrier. Trump highlighted the duplicity the other day. Naomi Lim reported at The Washington Examiner, “President Trump poked fun at the Obamas on Sunday for building a brick and metal fence around their home in Washington, D.C.

“Trump made the lighthearted remark, referencing the addition the former first couple made to their rental property in the nation's capital last year as a security precaution after they left the White House, while making the case that the country needs similar structures along its southern border.

“’President and Mrs. Obama built/has a ten-foot Wall around their D.C. mansion/compound. I agree, totally necessary for their safety and security. The U.S. needs the same thing, slightly larger version!’ Trump tweeted.”

It's doubtful the Obamas took kindly to Trump making light of their security precautions to drive home a larger point about the country’s haphazard care of its own property lines. But just like with most subjects -- like public education -- liberals consistently argue “do as I say, not as I do.”

If liberal congressmen and senators are such passionate supporters of public school systems, why don’t they send their kids to DC schools? And if Democrats are so convinced walls are “immoral” (Nancy Pelosi’s word), why do they always burrow behind large indestructible barriers to carry on their own lives? Or, if they’re so opposed to the citizenry arming themselves, why is it okay for them to hire big armed security guards to protect them and their families?

If they believe a nutcase is out there somewhere lurking to attack them, couldn’t the same be said about threats to this country from across the southern border?

Walls are meant to keep people out (not lock them in, unless it’s a prison), which is obviously what the Obamas intended for their own construction (the wall must not have been there prior to their occupancy of the home). As Trump suggested, it’s only natural for people of the Obamas’ stature to fear for their safety. What’s so different from anybody else? It’s true that not everyone who breaks into the country illegally is here to do harm -- but certainly some of them do.

Build the wall, deter people from breaking the law, protect our citizens and then have the conversation about what to do with the “DREAMERS” and others present without legal sanction. The solution sounds too simple, which is why Democrats want nothing to do with it. As has been well noted recently, practically every Democrat who’s now convinced a wall is the embodiment of evil voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006.

Perhaps that’s why Americans felt 2018 was a great year for them personally yet didn’t believe it was beneficial to the country. The media’s relentless negative depiction of the Trump administration contributes to the public’s dour impressions of America’s direction, and hypocritical Democrats don’t help matters.

Just like Democrats pretended to be for traditional marriage in 2008 (Obama?) they feigned believing in border security too. Make no mistake, Democrats haven’t seen an illegal alien they don’t approve of, especially those primed to someday gain voting privileges. If Democrats had their way, they’d station day workers on every corner -- except near their own properties. They build big high walls with electronic surveillance when their persons or possessions are at issue. “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Democrats sometimes hide in exotic places, too. Naomi Lim reported at The Washington Examiner, “President Trump is ready to deal with Democrats to end the partial government shutdown but won't do so until they come back from vacation, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Sunday.

“’First the Democrats have to come back, [House Speaker-designate] Nancy Pelosi needs to come back from Hawaii, less hula, more moola for the [Department of Homeland Security], Customs and Border [Protection], funding our border security,’ Conway told ‘Fox News Sunday.’ ‘They need to come to the table and do their job. A fully functioning democracy demands that both parties come to together, and that the Congress and the executive branch work together.’

“Reports surfaced Friday that Pelosi, D-Calif., was spending the New Year's holiday period at a Hawaiian resort rather than trying to reach an agreement on a funding package that could pass both the House and the Senate given congressional Democrats do not appear willing to provide any more than $1.6 for border security.”

Pelosi would rocket to the moon if it would isolate her from criticism over her lack of urgency on budget negotiations. Creepy “Chucky” Schumer’s the one holding up the entire process (check out Chucky’s 2009 comments on illegal immigration), but why should Pelosi be immune from accusations of neglect of duty?

The always festive New Year’s celebrations were the calm before the storm where 2019’s political battles are concerned. 2018’s strife only figures to worsen now that liberals feel empowered to act on their aims. Democrats happily wall themselves off from reality -- an impossibility in 2019.

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