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Assault on America, Day 2: Democrats thumb nose at America by choosing Pelosi as Speaker

Pelosi and gavel











Welcome to the new normal, which come to think of it, really doesn’t feel much different than the old normal.

Yesterday marked the swearing-in of a new Congress, which included re-elevating 78-year-old ultra-liberal maven Nancy Pelosi to the Speaker’s chair after an eight-year hiatus as Minority Leader. In going with the swampy Washington flow and tapping Pelosi for a second go-round as the Democrat House head honcho, many members of the new majority disregarded their first promise to the American public -- to choose a new leader if they won enough seats to retake control last November.

These incoming Democrats swore they’d dump Pelosi to foster an improved legislative outlook -- one that could actually accomplish something and appeal to traditional Democrat working class constituencies -- and also to boost prospects of defeating President Donald Trump in the sooner-than-you-think 2020 presidential election.

Alas, it was not to be. Turns out Pelosi had paid off way too many underlings over the years for them to betray her when her second chance coronation materialized. On Thursday Democrats seemed to take their weak-kneed capitulations in stride, treating Pelosi’s return to dominance as an inevitability. Almost like the initial entrance of the monster in a film advertised as a horror movie, America visualized the reappearance of the California congresswoman with the speaker’s gavel in her hand. And yes, the frightening scene was just as shocking when it actually transpired.

Will Pelosi’s presence mean smooth sailing for the new Democrat caucus? Don’t count on it. Mike Lillis reported at The Hill, “Pelosi will … face the challenge of uniting a diverse and divisive Democratic Caucus, one that runs an ideological spectrum between a small but growing contingent of Blue Dog moderates, who are urging bipartisanship, and a large and energized group of liberal lawmakers determined to punch back against Trump…”

That’s no joke. Most Democrats recognize they are where they are today because Pelosi represented the best shot at embarrassing the outsider Republican president. And despite campaigning on anti-Trump platforms most of them entered Congress with a belief they’re there to make a difference some way, somehow, including immediately denying Trump his signature achievement through refusing to fund (or even consider) the desperately needed border wall.

Who cares if it’s best for the country to get illegal immigration under control. Resist! Resist!

I’m not sure who Lillis was referring to by telling of “a small but growing contingent of Blue Dog moderates” because there’s really no such pack donkey in Washington any longer. Some Democrat pols claim they’ll “vote their district” when the occasion calls for it but imagine them melting like butter under a red-hot knife when Madame Pelosi pounds on their office doors demanding votes to pass her latest priority.

It's never a matter of principle for Pelosi -- it’s the difference between scratching another notch into her legislative bedpost or being exposed and embarrassed before the whole country. Pelosi doesn’t appreciate looking hamstrung and weak and nothing gets political leaders fired (by their own members) faster than failing to control everything within their purview. If you don’t believe it just ask John Boehner. San Fran Nan doesn’t need to light up a cig or guzzle a chalice of Merlot with the deposed Republican leader to understand the truth.

The rabid leftist faction of her caucus -- which essentially includes almost all the Democrats under Pelosi -- will demand she not only #resist in the extreme, they’ll want her to show American liberals and other goody-hungry Democrat voters that they can bring home the bacon…or whatever is the liberal vegetarian tofu-eating equivalent of the action.

The extreme ideological orientation of the new majority and its sheer size has some likening them to 2011’s conservative Republican class. Lillis additionally reported, “...Yet some Republicans are already comparing the Democrats’ enormous incoming class to the conservative Tea Party wave that ushered in a Republican majority of 2010. That election brought a number of unconventional lawmakers to Washington, many of whom attacked GOP leaders from the right flank and led directly to the resignation of former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) in 2015.”

The comparison doesn’t work here. First off, 2010’s Tea Party wave election was significantly larger (GOP gained 63 seats then compared to 40 for last year’s Democrats and Republicans gained two senate seats in 2018 -- Democrats were minus six in 2010) and more ideologically driven as frustrated grassroots conservatives fervently awoke from their political slumber in response to Obama’s -- and Pelosi’s -- gross overreach in pushing through Obamacare (among other flagrant oversteps).

There was no such simmering anti-Trump angst last November no matter how much the media insists there was. The economy was promising and there was relative peace abroad. Americans were spending money and confident. The rest is a ruse.

Make no mistake, independent voters and “moderate” Republicans in so-called swing districts didn’t sign-up for Pelosi, open borders, universal amnesty, weakening of America’s national defenses, Medicare for all, “free” college tuition for anyone who wants it (including illegal aliens), new shackles on the producers in the American economy or higher taxes. They also didn’t choose the greater Democrat agenda… if indeed there is one out there somewhere.

No, they decided on a new House because GOP leaders demonstrated through two years’ worth of feckless incompetence and purposeful malfeasance that they cared a lot more about big donor special interests’ desires than they did about the public’s simple wish list (national security, financial security and individual liberties). Perhaps some of these discontented voters also hoped for a counterbalance to Trump himself, though there’s very little evidence they sought to restrain Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda.

The conservative/populist platform retains strong support even though Trump is intensely disliked by about half the country. The president has a ton of verifiable achievements to run on next year (here’s a list of 205) and Democrats will counter with someone like Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (if you haven’t seen her saying “hold on a sec. I’m gonna get me a beer,” it’s a must-click) or another out-of-touch wingnut as their party presidential standard bearer.

An ancient Democrat senator thinks Joe Biden’s the one to do the job. Tal Axelrod reported at The Hill, “Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) urged former Vice President Joe Biden to run for president in 2020, saying he would be the ideal candidate to face off against President Trump.

“’Joe was chairman of the Judiciary [Committee] when he came to this place, I’ve watched him as vice president, I’ve seen him operate, I’ve seen him perform,’ Feinstein told Politico. ‘He brings a level of experience and seniority which I think is really important.’”

Seniority is vital to Democrats. For them it isn’t what you bring to the governing table it’s how you feed your lard to the suckers (uh, voters). Pelosi’s gut churning return to lead them is proof positive of what Democrats care about.

Don’t expect Americans to greet “new” Speaker Nancy Pelosi with smiles and embraces. Pelosi hasn’t changed from a decade ago when she was one of the most despised politicians in the country. Lovers of limited government should see her as a worthy antagonist -- and then oppose everything she does.

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The most despised politician

Plopsy is still the most despised. The democrap party is broke. So expect giant taxes, to get an idea, look into Kamala Harris' rent bill. I'd say Pres. trump should declassify everything now and send all the criminals (it includes some Republicans) running as fast as they can. Transparency should boost his ratings even more than the democraps will. They haven't thought the impeach thing through, it doesn't necessarily mean he leaves office if they succeed. It DOES mean a revolution and snowflakes are no match.