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Assault on America, Day 7: Style over substance is the way of the new Democrat House majority

Brenna Spencer











It’s often mentioned Democrats think with their hearts and not their heads, but if brand new Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets her legislative way folks might start saying the upstart House majority does its brainwork with another part of their anatomies instead.

People in the know figured a 29-year-old self-described socialist would bring a new way of doing things to the lower chamber but who could’ve ever predicted change would arrive this swiftly or that the always pliable American media would grant Ocasio-Cortez’s kook-fringe proposals serious exposure, analysis and consideration just days after taking office.

Tyler O’Neil reported at PJ Media over the weekend, “In an interview Thursday evening, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) called for a top tax rate of 70 percent, pushing a ‘Green New Deal’ that she admitted is ‘radical.’ ‘You're talking about zero carbon emissions, no use of fossil fuels within 12 years?’ CBS correspondent Anderson Cooper asked Ocasio-Cortez in an interview for 60 Minutes.

“’That is the goal,’ the newly minted Congresswoman admitted, calling her plan ‘ambitious.’ Cooper asked how such a plan could be possible, and Ocasio-Cortez said, ‘It's going to require a lot of rapid change that we don't even conceive as possible right now.’”

Congratulations, Allie! You finally said something that made sense!

The “change” Ocasio-Cortez described isn’t doable now primarily because, despite her social media dulled fantasies, there simply isn’t political will to trash the contemporary American economy in favor of a pipedream “Green New Deal” or any other notion likely conceived of during her oh-so-fun dance routine the new congresswoman is famous for.

In the same interview Ocasio-Cortez admitted her ambitious scheme would demand higher taxes and suggested, as is boilerplate belief in Democrat circles, that wealthy Americans aren’t carrying their fair share of the burden. The tax rate she floated was “60 percent or 70 percent,” clearly indicating the Bronx-born airhead pulled the figure out of the blue and decided it sounded plausible -- and sellable to the most gullible among us (i.e., the ones who don’t pay any taxes).

Is America ready to hand over its future to a 29 year-old “educator and community organizer” (and former bartender) who’s composite life experience amounts to a few years of talking with people on the streets and taverns of New York City?

Since the woman is already sworn-in there’s no need to delve into the mindset of people who voted for such an intellectual lightweight, but the saddest part is considering how acceptable Ocasio-Cortez’s way of thinking has become in 21st century America. Here she was, a neophyte House member known more for her good looks and irrational utterances than anything else, being granted expensive and scarce airtime on a national TV news magazine to drone on about an idea that never should nor could become enacted law reality.

On a deeper level, why is it Ocasio-Cortez is so sought after by the establishment news media? Why didn’t they equally fixate on upstate New York Republican Elise Stefanik (elected at the ripe old age of 30 in 2014) when she became the youngest woman to ever serve in the House (and has now been replaced by AOC)? Could it be because Stefanik’s more mainstream views aren’t as “sexy” to the sensation-craving reporting class? Is it due to Stefanik’s “white” ethnicity? Was Stefanik’s life story simply too boring?

Dismiss Ocasio-Cortez’s youth and inexperience (and her ton of stupid statements and historical inaccuracies) for a moment to ponder what her ideas would mean if she and San Fran Nan Pelosi could ever corral a majority of the House, 60 votes in the senate (and thus overcome a potential filibuster) and the president’s signature on a bill proscribing these measures. Government would effectively regulate and control just about every aspect of the economy to impose and enforce the abolition of carbon emissions.

It means practically every household in the country would need a new heating system and water heater. Almost all current automobiles -- yes, even hybrids -- would have to be supplanted by fully electric vehicles. Massive windmill farms would crop up wherever the wind blows regularly (and some places it doesn’t) and U.S. air travelers would marvel at the coast-to-coast use of solar ranches dotting the landscape. “Wow, look at that! The reflection alone lights up the sky!”

An army of federal regulators would emerge to snoop through every home to ensure no carbon combusting systems are still in use. Woodburning fireplaces would be outlawed as well. A black market for petroleum products would materialize. The overwrought Justice Department would stop enforcing the current laws and take after fossil fuel addicted scofflaws.

Millions now employed in the country’s oil, gas and coal industries would be thrown out of work and displaced, clogging cities with hungry newcomers and triggering another housing crisis and massive unemployment. Illegal aliens would initiate a colossal wave of reverse migration since there’d be no jobs for them -- and they’d take their Democrat votes with them. The hundreds of billions in wealth generated by energy companies and businesses today would evaporate, including the enormous tax windfall governments enjoy from these sources.

Gas taxes would dry up. How would government sustain itself? Or build new roads? What about infrastructure? Can you tax already pricey green energy production too?

Tax rates on the rich would head through the roof -- 60 or 70 percent? -- but the wealthy would hardly suffer. They’d simply hire lawyers and accountants to move their money offshore and avoid Ocasio-Cortez’s IRS gestapo’s reach. Homelessness would proliferate. Poor folks would huddle on street corners holding signs declaring “Will don a solar panel for food.”

Perhaps next time Anderson Cooper and the producers of 60 Minutes should consider what “changes” would look like before they grant access to another national TV audience for Ocasio-Cortez to spout her nonsense. What she’s advocating is not only ridiculous, it’s dangerous.

Meanwhile, completely sane constitution-revering young women are stalked and condemned by the politically correct class. Toni Airaksinen reported at PJ Media, “When Brenna Spencer posted her graduation photos on Twitter back in April, she posed wearing a hot pink ‘Women for Trump’ shirt and a black handgun tucked into her skinny jeans…

“[The photo] went viral. Not just ‘viral’ in some abstract way, but the tweet racked up 17,000 retweets and 114,000 likes, and more than 10,500,000 people interacted with it in some way. The tweet also showed up on nearly 20 million Twitter feeds, according to Twitter.

“The blowback was swift. According to messages obtained by PJ Media, Spencer was sent a handful of death threats, and even dozens of menacing tweets invoking death or suicide. Some urged her to kill herself, and many more invoked violence.”

Mere harassment wasn’t enough for the haters; some used Google Streetview to reveal where Spencer and her family lives and spur on rabid nutcases to endanger her life.

Spencer’s photo definitely makes a statement in the same way Ocasio-Cortez’s ramblings do, though it’s doubtful she’d be invited to share a studio with Anderson Cooper anytime soon. Spencer’s views make a lot more sense -- but since when does the media care about that?

As long as there’s a Democrat pretty face and an American establishment media to exploit it, expect more fawning and groveling over someone like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Style over substance or practicality is the way of the left -- the crazier the idea, the more they love it.

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