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Assault on America, Day 8: Chuck & Nancy creep show falls flat before scared national onlookers

Chucky and Nancy










“Three, two, one… action!

The TV camera’s red light shone brightly and both Nancy Pelosi and Charles “Chucky” Schumer realized they were live before the country. The House Speaker’s and Senate Minority Leader’s overworked and stressed office staffs must’ve hastily erected a half dozen American flags as a backdrop and set up an inadequately tiny lectern with the congressional seal for the two to cower behind as they self-righteously made their anti-border wall pitch on Tuesday night.

The two Democrats huddled close together as if they were surgically joined at the hip and arms. Side by side, creepy “Chucky” and Nancy looked like receptionists at a funeral home barring access to the viewing rooms. The semi-darkly lit capitol hallway didn’t help brighten the mood either.

Whoever thought to position President Donald Trump’s political antagonists in this way certainly doesn’t possess any staging talent. Coming just a few minutes after the president concluded his appropriate and well-worded pleas for a border wall (from the grandeur of the Oval Office), the Democrats’ response looked amateurish, slipshod and petty by comparison.

To be fair, no setting could make these two aging and washed-up political hacks look human and vivacious. Pelosi and “Chucky” are fitting representatives of the decaying and dying “old” Democrat party. Freddy Gray impartially observed at The Spectator, “The President had just appealed for unity and Chuck & Nancy called him divisive. Both leaderships are divisive, obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t have a government shutdown. They accused the president of ‘misinformation’ but were unable to specify what he said that was wrong. They didn’t take on the speech. They just rehashed the Democratic talking points of the day.

“Trump’s speaking style is pedestrian. But Pelosi’s is patronizing and Schumer’s is soporific. The President is better than Nancy at reading from a teleprompter, which is saying something. Together, their joint response to Trump’s speech was stilted and strange. And everybody knows they have both supported equally tough border security before, when it wasn’t put forward by Donald Trump. Say what you want about Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, at least she hasn’t been in politics long enough to be such a glaring hypocrite.”

Ouch. It was immediately evident “Chucky” and Nancy made a public relations mistake of gargantuan proportions by pulling such a stupid stunt -- but who would’ve thought it would be this bad? Here they were, on national TV, looking like two very aged lovers touching each other literally and figuratively before the whole world. Pelosi’s overdone makeup and “Chucky’s” zombie-like demeanor only added to the unintentionally comic effect.

In contrast, Trump spoke concisely, briefly and soberly, a very un-Trump-like performance for a president who’s frequently chided for loutish, brash and spontaneous utterances, even by his admirers. Unlike his Democrat opponents, however, Trump knows how to set up his addresses for maximum effect. Trump probably didn’t position the lighting himself but he still appreciates media presentation power and instinctively grasps how to speak for maximum benefit.

Trump kept it pithy, too. Instead of delivering his typical campaign-type call to action Trump stuck to the facts and kept his emotional appeals to a minimum. And why not? The border statistics are shocking enough and don’t call for embellishment. When over 70,000 Americans died in a single year due to drug overdoses (as they did in 2017) -- and about 90 percent of heroin and other illegal substances enter the country via the practically wide-open southern border -- one doesn’t need exaggerate the point.

The Vietnam War statistic provided all the mental imagery Americans require, too. Trump said, “Every week, 300 of our citizens are killed by heroin alone, 90 percent of which floods across from our southern border. More Americans will die from drugs this year than were killed in the entire Vietnam War.”

These are silent victims, too, mostly unknown to anyone except those around them who suffer the stress and debilitating trauma of watching a loved one or friend destroy him or herself one day and one drug fix at a time. Societal costs are extremely hard to measure under the best of circumstances, but when considering something like drug dependency the human toll is definitely much higher than the measly $5.6 billion the president is seeking for the border wall.

There’s more -- how many days off work do relatives and friends of addicts spend to care for them? How many savings accounts were drained to pay for the afflicted one’s lost income or treatment bills? How many credit card payments were skipped because there’s no money to pay them?

There are other more quantifiable costs too. How about the hundreds of millions or billions devoted to treatment for hooked individuals? How expensive is it to incarcerate the convicted felons who control the drug trade? What percentage of law enforcement resources go to tracking down and arresting these soulless criminals? What percentage of the justice system’s time and personnel must be set aside just to cover the war on drugs each year? It takes a virtual army of prosecutors and judges to stop even one offender. Where are “Chucky” and Nancy on this matter?

If a wall is truly “immoral” as Pelosi insists, what’s “moral” about allowing this human slime to invade the country, exploit our laws and ruin people’s lives to enrich themselves? Where’s the vengeance for the victims of illegal aliens who feel powerless to stop the continued injustices? How many have to die before the public wakes up to the reality and demands creepy “Chucky” and out-of-touch San Fran Nan account for their psychobabble contrarian nonsense?

Liberals love to claim “it’s worth it if only one life is saved” whenever gun registration laws or other liberty-depriving measures are the topic du jour, but what about all the lives directly impacted by the lack of an imposing physical barrier along the southern border? Don’t these people count? Who’s more important, illegal border crossers or American citizens suffering from uncontrolled migration?

Why doesn’t the establishment media ever cover the other side of the story?

Don’t count on getting the truth from “Chucky” and Nancy. They’re too busy slandering the president to care about people. “Chucky” said on Tuesday night, “Most presidents have used Oval Office addresses for noble purposes. This president just used the backdrop of the Oval Office to manufacture a crisis, stoke fear, and divert attention from the turmoil in his Administration.

“My fellow Americans, there is no challenge so great that our nation cannot rise to meet it. We can re-open the government and continue to work through disagreements about policy. We can secure our border without an expensive, ineffective wall. And we can welcome legal immigrants and refugees without compromising safety and security.

“The symbol of America should be the Statue of Liberty, not a thirty-foot wall.”

That’s your opinion, “Chucky”. Trump offers real solutions, Democrats counter with hyperbole and obstruction. It could be “Chucky” is jealous because Nancy gets all the media glory these days... but he's got plenty of power on his own. Both are holding America (and their federal employee constituents) hostage because of political matters.

This one’s a no-brainer. As amply demonstrated by Democrat leaders on Tuesday night they can’t even effectively convey their side of the argument, much less win on the merits. Regardless of how people feel about Trump they should separate fact from fiction on the border wall and the government shutdown.

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