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Assault on America, Day 12: Since when is David Hogg qualified to assess national emergencies?

David Hogg










Most people agree, life’s experience and the simple passage of time makes everyone wiser and more prepared to take on the unforeseen dilemmas of human existence.

And then there’s the political left and its adherents who prove just the opposite. Case in point is last year’s teen wingnut hero David Hogg, the outspoken Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (in Parkland, Florida) student who, in the wake of senseless tragedy, grabbed national headlines by trashing all gun owners for the sins of a few unbalanced individuals -- the very definition of an opportunist preying on the faultless to attain his proverbial fifteen minutes of fame.

Hogg has been in and out of the news ever since, mostly for beclowning himself in the media and demonstrating just how little he knows about the Second Amendment -- or any other salient hot button political matter. Aris Folley reported at The Hill, “Parkland, Fla., school shooting survivor and outspoken gun control activist David Hogg slammed President Trump on Tuesday for saying he may ‘call a national emergency’ to build his long-desired U.S.–Mexico border wall.

“’If we really want to start talking about the national emergency like the president likes to talk about, 40,000 Americans dying annually from gun violence is a pretty damn good one to start off with,’ Hogg said during an appearance on CNN on Tuesday...”

Before we get started on the substance -- or lack thereof -- of Hogg’s whiny dribbling, why the heck is CNN even having this guy on one of their shows? Hogg is probably best remembered for his role in organizing/leading the mindless bunch of morons chanting and wigwagging wildly during the “March for our Lives” demonstrations across the country last March.

In case you’ve forgotten, at that time tens of thousands of people pretending to be concerned about safety -- or something -- gathered in various locales to cheer on self-important and star-crossed teen speakers and Democrat pols lecturing about how good law abiding citizens are awful, simply for seeking to preserve their God-given constitutional right to bear arms.

This misguided conglomeration of the misinformed no doubt felt wonderful about themselves and their civic activism as they raised fists and swore unholy oaths. They pledged to never forget about the issue -- this time -- and demanded in no uncertain terms that Congress and President Trump “work together” to make America safer by ensuring no more unhinged jacka--es like Nikolas Cruz ever slip through the proverbial cracks to snuff innocent kids again.

The do-gooder fever burned bright and uninhibited until it was subsequently revealed the nation’s existing kook detection system had worked as intended where Cruz was concerned -- and local law enforcement (led by politically correct Democrats, of course) and even the FBI had plenty of warnings and were well aware of the youth’s threatening nature and failed to do anything to stop it. Cruz snapped, over a dozen high schoolers and a few teachers died and the left went crazy, spewing venom at inanimate objects that fire projectiles at high speeds.

Never let a good crisis go to waste, remember? (As a side note, the media still credits Trump for inspiring Cruz’s rampage, including this story about how the would-be murderer placed a MAGA hat in his Trump-hating mother’s casket and snapped a photo of the unfunny joke.)

Hogg’s equating criminally perpetrated gun deaths to the situation at the border is completely off base. Consider the vast majority of gun homicides are committed by criminals using illegally obtained firearms and there’s no comparing so-called “gun violence” to the national emergency of unwanted immigration. Besides, as commander in chief Trump can build a wall (or barrier) between the United States and Mexico, but he couldn’t possibly decree that all guns should be confiscated.

As president there’s nothing much Trump personally can do about firearms laws other than perhaps veto unwise bills Congress sends over. It’s like comparing apples to oranges… but to leftists like Hogg and his followers it’s all part of the same basket of discombobulated fruit.

Naturally, just when all of America’s attention is homed in on the government shutdown and the immigration crisis that’s inspired it, CNN allowed Hogg to spout more nonsense. Also from Folley’s story at The Hill, “Hogg said Tuesday that gun control should be considered a ‘nonpartisan issue’ considering ‘the fact that both Democrats and Republicans die from gun violence.’

“’Bullets don’t discriminate and neither should our legislators,’ he added.”

In saying so Hogg proved he’s a master of the non sequitur as well as having skillfully ingested the leftist handbook on how to make inane arguments sound reasonable. If the gun issue is viewed as “partisan” in America today it’s because one party favors the law-abiding citizen’s right to self-preservation and protection over government’s ability to confiscate and trample on those rights. And the other party…doesn’t.

It’s curious how Hogg’s combined the gun rights and immigration issues because both these matters amp up the conservative base to the nth degree and also expose the wide chasm of distance between the swampy establishment (of both parties) and the people “out there” who do most of the working and living and dying in this country.

Ordinary people get a lot more animated about preserving precious liberties than they do about tax rates (which is the GOP establishment’s cause célèbre). 2010’s tea party movement wasn’t fueled by folks hoping to save a few bucks -- or at least not solely. Americans were up in arms back then because the government was compelling them to do something they didn’t ask for and shouldn’t have been forced to swallow (buying health insurance).

In short, liberty-minded conservatives are bullish on gun rights and advocate for building a border wall as security measures. What may not have been a national emergency twenty or even ten years ago has now reached that level of urgency because half the political class -- a.k.a. Democrats -- adopted a position where they unapologetically welcome illegal aliens and stifle law enforcement to better their own political situations.

Democrats are the ones making it a partisan issue. It’s well documented how many of them voted for wall/barrier/fence funding at some point in their political careers and these are the same losers who now swear it’s “immoral” to protect our nation.

Needless to say, Democrats are also working overtime to restrict gun rights these days. Susan Ferrechio reported at The Washington Examiner, “House Democrats on Tuesday [introduced] a bipartisan bill to expand background checks for gun purchases, following on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Day One pledge to tackle gun violence...

“’Our Democratic majority will press relentlessly for bipartisan progress to end the epidemic of gun violence on our streets, in our schools, and in our places of worship,’ Pelosi said. ‘Enough is enough.’

“Democrats have placed gun control at the top of their legislative agenda. ‘We will make our communities safer and keep our sacred promise to the victims, survivors, and families of gun violence by passing common-sense bipartisan background check legislation,’ Pelosi said...”

By “bipartisan” House Democrats mean a handful of wishy-washy RINO GOPers will join with most or all them to pass something that’ll never become part of the federal statute book. Gun rights groups claim -- and they’re right -- that existing laws would adequately do the job if they only were vigorously enforced.

Democrats don’t care about law enforcement because if it’s done properly, they’d have no reason for being. Whether it’s enacting unnecessary gun purchasing restrictions or refusing to vote to secure the border, Democrats’ platform tramples on what many Americans hold sacred.

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