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Assault on America, Day 34: Trump should use SOTU bully pulpit to highlight best of America

Trump State of the Union
One week late, President Trump will deliver his State of the Union Address tonight to a joint session of Congress. Most people already anticipate much of what he’s going to say but will tune-in nonetheless just to see the facial reactions and body language of the “who’s who” of American politics to Trump’s words. And now that Democrats control the House, will female party members show up in all white outfits like they did two years ago?

The SOTU has become just like the Oscars in that sense, with onlookers more interested in apparel choices and emotional feedback than the substance of what the president actually utters. That’s 21st century American culture in a nutshell. It’s a shame, since the country is pretty divided now and we could all benefit from a little political sanity these days.

Every president perfunctorily mentions that the state of our union is strong… but is it really true today? The Editors of the Washington Examiner wrote, “There are plenty of positive indicators. Unemployment is still below 4 percent. Economic growth has averaged 3 percent over the past year and a half. Median wages are finally rising in real terms.

“These things matter, as many others do, but they sit on the surface. The health of the republic does not begin and end with the economy. The health is not identical to wealth. What lies beneath is rotting, and good surface conditions cannot persist for long around a rotting core.

“At the core of our country right now is far too much discord amounting to hatred. We have lost the ability to debate civilly. We are losing shared customs and shared culture. Our values are diverging so dramatically that we increasingly believe opposing views are not merely incorrect but intolerable and can be held only by those who are fools or are evil. Recent weeks bear this out.”

Well, it’s hard not to see evil in politicians who basically advocate infanticide in order to please perceived radical elements of their own political constituencies. If that’s not evil I’m not sure what else would qualify. Likewise, equating the erecting of a sterile and inanimate barrier -- or wall -- along the border between two countries to an act of historic barbarism (like Nazi Germany) isn’t all that peace inspiring either.

If we as Americans can’t act civilly now it’s because many, many people don’t want to calm down, let another person speak and then present the facts to bolster their own arguments. It’s much easier for the weak-minded to grasp an opportunity to score points, fire off a few heat-inspired tweets and wait for the fallout to hit the ground. It’d be easy to suggest both sides are equally at fault but it certainly doesn’t seem that way. With liberals in the media and greater American culture taking off so savagely against the Covington Catholic boys a couple weeks ago it’s hard to see a bright foundation for future comity.

Trump will certainly devote a major portion of his speech to recounting the policy changes his administration’s instituted to foster the encouraging economic numbers we’re experiencing. Reasonable minds can differ but facts are facts; assuming the government’s statistics are accurate the unemployment rate’s as low as it’s been in a half century and workers are making more money, too. Energy production’s at an all-time high and these high-paying jobs are fostering a sense of security in many regions of the country.

Blue states could just as easily share in the energy windfall but their political classes won’t allow it. Political pressure and thinly veiled threats hold elected lawmakers hostage to the fringe. If someone merely suggests going against the machinations of the climate change crowd celebrities and leftist billionaires go ballistic. Community organizers employ their Saul Alinsky tactics to intimidate citizens into passivity.

“Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have,” Alinsky once said. Today’s modern Democrat party adheres to the radical’s rules and disagreeing with them can mean ruin and public debasement for those principled folks who value their own opinions. Lifelong reputations are shattered. If you don’t believe it, ask Brett Kavanaugh.

Liberal politicians bicker and moan as though everyone’s doddering along a San Francisco street dodging piles of human feces and dirty hypodermic needles. If you listen to Democrats long enough, you’d almost believe we’re darn near the end times unless they win more elections and return to power. To them, every non-minority is inherently racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic. Look out the window and there’s a hooded KKK goon or Nazi goose-stepping idiot making his way across your front lawn.

Donald Trump is the face of their opposition. In different times rational people might at least concede he’s tried to appease the political opposition to reach compromise -- at least legislatively. Trump’s recent “compromise” proposal on immigration was a terrific example of a businessman probing his counterparts for a “getting to yes” moment.

It didn’t work. Nancy Pelosi and creepy “Chucky” Schumer wouldn’t have it. They let federal employees suffer through a month-long work stoppage to please the #resistance. Couldn’t they just appropriate the money and everyone take credit?

These are the same people advocating expunging every aspect of America’s past; instead of assessing the mindset and inconsistencies of the time they impugn the motives of the Founders. That’s not healthy for any culture and the deterioration we’re seeing now is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

President Trump will touch on some of these themes tonight and Democrats will remain in their seats without response or empathy. It’s sad. Afterwards the various news pundits will examine the content of the speech and likely dismiss Trump’s goodwill overtures outright. If the culture is indeed rotten there’s no better place to look than the media.

Barring some unforeseen meeting of the minds it looks as though political gridlock is here to stay. Cultural divisions aren’t healing either. Debra Heine reported at PJ Media, “A chef at a Silicon Valley restaurant has put out the word that patrons wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap are not welcome in his establishment and will not be served.

“J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, who describes himself in his Twitter profile as a full-time dad, feminist, and atheist, is a chef-partner of the Wursthall restaurant in San Mateo, California. He called the red MAGA hats ‘symbols of intolerance and hate’ comparable to a swastika or white hood...

“Ironically, a pinned tweet on Lopez-Alt's Twitter profile features a restaurant tee-shirt, which he's hawking for $30 each with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the American Civil Liberties Union -- which, of course, is famous for protecting the First Amendment rights of American citizens.”

What a hypocrite. But not surprising. Republican members of Congress should all show up wearing red “Make America Great Again” caps tonight and dare the Democrats to call them racists to their faces. What better way to make a point.

If he’s smart Trump will have an abortion survivor, a MAGA hat wearing kid from Covington Catholic and several border patrol agents situated in the audience and highlight their presence during the address. No one remembers what presidents say at the podium but they do recall when Democrats sit silently through ovations for widows and other praiseworthy individuals.

Those hoping President Trump’s State of the Union address will help end the current political stalemate between the parties will be sorely disappointed. Nothing short of complete capitulation to Democrat demands would satisfy the opposition. The future is at stake…will people wake up?

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