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Assault on America, Day 41: Do Dem leaders love fanatics enough to sacrifice everything?

Chucky and Nancy
Do as I say, not as I do… or in American politics’ case, do as my party leaders say, not as I promised to do during my campaign.

Such is the dilemma of the modern liberal politicians, a collection of confused louts who can’t get anything straight once they win elections and actually start governing. Democrats were giddy with delight upon learning they’d swamped the GOP in last year’s midterm balloting yet now they’re clueless as to what to do with their newfound authority.

As negotiations over a potential immigration compromise appear headed for inevitable failure Democrats clearly didn’t receive the message from citizens who held their noses and agreed to award Nancy Pelosi one last shot at the Speakership (while keeping Republicans in control of the Senate with a slightly bigger majority cushion). These voters probably wanted Republicans checked but not completely stifled. They liked President Donald Trump’s policies, after all, just sought additional movement on issues such as healthcare and immigration which the Paul Ryan-led party establishment couldn’t/wouldn’t give them.

They’re not getting it. Instead, Democrats are serving up a platter full of unsightly (stupid white outfits during the SOTU?) partisanship, rancor, nastiness and outright unpleasantness. And gridlock. Now some of the nuttier Dems are returning to their default “impeach Trump!” aims. What’s wrong with this picture? Can’t San Fran Nan keep her kooks in the corral?

Cristina Marcos reported at The Hill, “House Democrats are facing the prospect of another floor vote on impeaching President Trump, the first since they took control of the chamber. Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) announced this past week that he will call for a third vote on impeachment that is sure to divide Democrats.

“He previously forced House floor votes in 2017 and 2018, under a GOP-held House, that put fellow lawmakers on the record about impeachment. This would be the first time the House would vote on impeachment under a Democratic House, and a decision to not move forward would invite criticism…

“Green's argument, as with his past impeachment efforts, is that Trump should be impeached for inflaming racial tensions in America. He linked Trump to the political crisis in Virginia, where Gov. Ralph Northam (D) is refusing to resign over a racist photo from his medical school yearbook page, and state Attorney General Mark Herring (D) has also admitted to once wearing blackface.”

While it’s no surprise any Democrat would blame Trump for racism it’s hard to envision how the president could possibly be associated with the pathetic situation in Virginia where the reigning Democrat governor and attorney general are on politically correct “trial” for donning blackface in their semi-formative years and the African-American lieutenant governor is himself on the hotseat for increasingly suspicious sexual assault allegations from the early 2000’s.

Needless to say Green and his cohorts in the Congressional Black Caucus would have a hard sell in arguing Trump should be removed from office over trumped-up accusations of racism. Democrats can and do play the race card all the time but there aren’t any provable assertions that Trump is anything less than colorblind in his day-to-day governing operations. They cried foul a month ago when Trump and Vice President Pence spent only a few minutes on a wreath-laying ceremony at the MLK memorial (on a frigidly cold day no less), but would that stick in anyone’s craw for longer than a few seconds?

Or how about Trump’s singling out kneeling and fist-raising NFL flag protesters during his first year in office? Was it racist just because most of the offenders had darkened skin pigment?

Marcos’ article indicates Democrat leaders Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer aren’t onboard with Green’s high crimes and misdemeanors imputations and neither are a good share of the most rabid leftist Democrat opportunists, many of whom want to see Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s upcoming(?) report before they pounce, thinking they’ll get the heretofore missing meat for their impeachment hoagie. It’s certain to be full of baloney, isn’t it?

Meanwhile the party’s engaged in an increasingly losing battle with Trump and congressional Republicans over border wall funding, with Democrat leaders apparently deadset against the rank and file’s more accommodating desire to forge some sort of compromise. A few days short of the February 15 negotiations deadline -- and another potential government shutdown -- Democrats are hoping against hope to draw attention away from their hypocrite (Virginia) struggles and crazy nutjobs like Green and his impeachment fantasies.

Democrat leaders (Pelosi and creepy “Chucky” Schumer) cling to the notion that the public will tolerate more gamesmanship from them even after Trump’s State of the Union address was a resounding polling sensation last week.

Unfortunately for Democrats the party’s presidential candidates aren’t helping Pelosi’s and Schumer’s cause either, largely because they’re talking about a lot of the same things Green and his unhinged gaggle are hoping to pin to Trump. It won’t work -- and it may even help assure four more years of Trump’s Make America Great Again restorative push.

Establishment media political analyst Josh Kraushaar wrote at the National Journal, “Anyone tracking the positions of the leading 2020 Democratic presidential candidates would think there weren’t any moderates left in the party. Sen. Kamala Harris of California reiterated at a nationally televised town hall last month that her co-sponsorship of Bernie Sanders’s Medicare-for-all legislation would mean the abolition of private insurance. Five leading candidates endorsed a Green New Deal that imposes a top-down revolution of American society to mitigate the impact of climate change.

“But when you look at the polls breaking down the actual Democratic electorate, you’ll find limited support for such socialist-minded schemes. Broaden out to the overall electorate, and it’s easy to see how Democrats could be giving President Trump a lifeline to a second term despite his widespread unpopularity...”

Kraushaar compares the current Democrats’ leftward lurch to the Tea Party’s influence on the post-2010 Republican House and the GOP’s failure to halt Obama’s insistence on fully funding Obamacare and the rest of his disastrous agenda. It’s a poor analogy, however, since if John Boehner and the rest of the Republicans had only acceded to the longings of the grassroots (instead of the big government demands of the swamp) they would never have been placed in a difficult position to begin with.

Republican leaders didn’t allow Tea Party-driven legislators to keep their campaign promises to reduce government and restore a basic separation of powers. These members sought to put an end to nationalized healthcare and allow states to forge their own insurance solutions.

As a result Republicans acquired a reputation as do-nothings, a stigma they certainly didn’t shake during Ryan’s tenure. Despite the GOP’s winning control of the Senate in 2014, the party still wasn’t able to place an effective hold on Obama’s “pen and phone.” Fed up grassroots conservatives then joined with former Democrat working class populists to create the Trump wave (starting in 2015). And here we are almost four years later…and Democrats -- and Republican establishment leaders -- still haven’t absorbed the lesson.

It’s not to say some or most Democrats would be willing to concede a point and allow Trump a political victory on the wall, but at least it might pave the way for movement in other areas. They won’t do it though -- Democrat leaders are too self-interested and shortsighted.

Politics doesn’t need to be as complicated as today’s Republicans and Democrats make it out to be. The representative republic our constitution lays out should function to do the will of the people. President Trump is trying to do his part… will Democrat leaders stop the obstruction?

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