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Where Are The House GOP Leaders On The Border Wall?

Adam Kinzinger at border
As it has been for the past two years, President Trump is on the ramparts fighting the new Far Left Democrats virtually alone as House Republican “leaders” have not just been AWOL but invisible as Trump fends-off the Democrat attacks on the border emergency declaration and other policy fronts.

Democrats have readied a resolution disapproving Trump’s Declaration of a National Emergency at the southern border for a vote today, but so far House Republican “leaders” have mounted no serious or even visible counterattack to the sustained battering Trump has received at the hands of Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the #NeverTrump foreign policy establishment.

About the only House Republican support Trump has received, outside the usual core group of the House Freedom Caucus and other limited government constitutional conservatives, such as Rep. Louie Gohmert, is from a very surprising source – Trump-sceptic Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger (IL-11).

Kinzinger, a lieutenant colonel in the Air National Guard, was on the border as part of an Air Guard deployment and had a very interesting dialogue with CBS “Face the Nation” moderator Margaret Brennan upon his return.

“Does it constitute a national emergency?” Brennan asked Kinzinger during his appearance on Face the Nation last Sunday.

“Yeah, I think it does. I went down there kind of undecided. I put on my lieutenant colonel hat, was apolitical — but obviously I’m looking at this, getting the information I can. And I think that if this was just an issue of immigration, it wouldn’t constitute a national emergency. But what I saw was really disturbing,” Mr. Kinzinger replied according to reporting by Jennifer Harper of The Washington Times.

Kinzinger said his team discovered a woman essentially lost in the desert after being abandoned by her “coyote” escort; the Border Patrol ultimately came to her rescue. They also encountered a would-be immigrant with 70 pounds of methamphetamines. Rep. Kinzinger described those incidents as just a “very small picture” of the total challenge.

“Am I understanding that you believe the president’s declaration of a national emergency is constitutional, and that you will not vote to try to block it?” Ms. Brennan asked.

“I won’t try to block it,” Mr. Kinzinger replied, and agreed that it was OK to “bypass the purse strings of Congress” to ensure border security. “If this was just about immigration, I would disagree. I do think this is a security threat. It’s a security threat with the amount of drugs coming over the border and the human trafficking that I’ve seen,” Mr. Kinzinger said, noting that it is more “compassionate” to handle border security “the right way,” and with a working immigration system.

Wow, why couldn’t House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy have gone on Face the Nation and defended the border wall with that much vigor?

The only other House Republican we could find vigorously defending the President’s Emergency Declaration was Florida’s Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL-1) who was on Fox on Saturday blasting Nancy Pelosi for pushing the resolution of disapproval through the House.

“This would be what we would call a show vote in Washington,” Gaetz said according to reporting by Breitbart’s Jeff Poor. “It’s a vote that won’t result in any change to law or policy, but it allows Nancy Pelosi to virtual signal to the radical left about their open border-abolish ICE agenda. I would be very disappointed to see Republicans break rank, but at the same time, we have to acknowledge this is an emergency. We just seized enough Fentanyl at the border to kill over 115 million Americans. And that’s just what we caught… There are enough drugs and gangs and violent people crossing our border to do great harm to the families of the United States of America. And that’s why this is an emergency. That’s why the president has taken appropriate action. And nothing about this vote will do anything other than signal to the far left of the Democratic base that Democrats believe in open borders.”

But House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise and the rest of the GOP “leadership” team couldn’t roust up their staff to put out a statement or pitch an appearance on one of the networks’ Sunday magazine shows in advance of today’s vote to say the same thing?

We think Senator Lindsey Graham’s weekend comments to Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo ought to serve as a model for House Republican leaders who still do not seem to grasp what today’s border wall votes are all about:

To my Republican friends: it’s clear to me they’re not recognizing President Trump won. They’re not having the same attitude about barriers under Trump as they did Obama. You’re basically marginalizing the Trump presidency by not standing by the president, because the Democrats are not playing fair with President Trump.

Senator Graham went on to tell Ms. Bartiromo that President Trump did not “have any choice but to declare a national emergency” and that the president “had all the legal authority he needs to do it.”


We urge CHQ readers and friends to call your Senators and Representatives TODAY. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) tell them there is a national emergency on our southern border and they should vote NO on the Democrat resolution disapproving the President’s Declaration of National Emergency. Tell them you support President Trump’s call for a wall on our southern border and the President was right to use his Article II constitutional authority to declare a national emergency and have the Pentagon build the wall and other needed security enhancements on our southern border.

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Wake up, America! RINOs ARE NOT Republicans!

How long will it take Republican voters to understand RINO Conservatives are NOT Republicans! Ryan, his apprentice Golden Boy McCarthy, Scalise, Flake are as much Republican as Pelosi and Schumer. Let's put it this way: Anyone taking money from Soros "non-profits" (slush fund to buy off Congress) is officially a RINO. Their inactivity is essential to pulling off the intended coup against not just Trump, but the American people. They may look like they're doing nothing, but their actually doing exactly what their masters are telling them to do. And it's not just being controlled by foreign entities - but by domestic Special Interests who want open borders and cheaper foreign labor. That's why they're not interested in DACA - that would legalize them so they would be under US labor laws, and that's the LAST thing Special Interests want. Better to hide them in Sanctuary cities to keep them illegal and cheap.

Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the Obamatrade TPP bill: Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) got $5.3 million, Mike McCarthy (R-CA) got $2.4 million, and Steve Scalise (R-LA) $1.2 million. Paul Ryan made 2.2 million dollars voting for the TPP. In the Senate, Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made $9.2 million, John Cornyn (R-TX) $5.3 million and Orrin Hatch $4.2. Marco Rubio pocketed $3.9 million for voting for it, and fellow presidential candidate Lindsey Graham “earned” $3.4 million. Arizona senator John McCain received $51,700 in the first quarter of 2015. Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina received $60,000 in corporate donations. Eighty-one-year-old senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, received $35,000. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina received $67,500 from pro-TPP corporations. This is how the Globalist Conservatives operate. These people are not working for America's best, they're working to become as rich as possible before term limits are passed.

RINO liberal leaders

We have one political party in our country and it is the Liberal Party. RINOs pretend to be an alternative to the democrats but it is a phony act to be used as a reason to beg for more and more money.
With the completely out of control cheating in all elections by the demoncrats any votes for conservatives are completely negated and the RINO party leaders most certainly aren't going to complain about their comrades "winning???" elections. Watch the DVD "The enemies within" by Trevor Loudon to learn the names of some of the communists who are running our government.
The enemies of the American people, known as the communist corporate press, have been working for many decades to brain wash Americans who do not seek the Truth from other sources into believing that our Republic needs to be replaced with a socialist/communist form of government If the LYING corporate press communists are successful in destroying our form of government, all but a handful of communist party leaders will control everyone and we will all be powerless slaves to the government with absolutely no freedoms whatsoever.