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Assault on America, Day 63: Only in Democrat- land is calling someone ‘decent’ a downer

Biden Decent Guy
Sticks n’ stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

It’s a saying etched into every child’s mind, a mantra passed down from loving parents seeking to comfort their son’s or daughter’s hurt feelings yet simultaneously steer them away from an eye-for-an-eye-type retaliation that would land them in the principal’s office. Of course, if American politicians took this simple principle to heart there wouldn’t be nearly as many interesting and sensational quotes to report on the evening news.

How would MSNBC fill their time slots?

It goes without saying President Donald Trump usually doesn’t adhere to the old adage, as words definitely appear to inflict harm on the man’s fragile ego, often resulting in a tersely worded tweet or curt rejoinder during a press appearance. Trump’s made no secret of his contempt for the liberal mainstream establishment media, frequently berating them with accusations of “fake news” and labeling news outlets as “the enemy of the people.”

But when a person says something nice about someone, shouldn’t he or she be given credit rather than drawing nitpicking and disparagement? Just ask former Vice President Joe Biden, who recently endured a wave of negativity for offering mild praise of current VP Mike Pence. Caitlin Yilek of The Washington Examiner reported on Biden’s unfortunate foibles with his base, “Former Vice President Joe Biden, who has directed sharp criticism at President Trump, invited sharp criticism himself Thursday when he called his successor in the No. 2 office a ‘decent guy’ during a speech in Omaha…

“Liberal activist and actress Cynthia Nixon was quick to take issue with Biden’s description of Pence. ‘You’ve just called America’s most anti-LGBT elected leader ‘a decent guy,’ she tweeted at Biden. ‘Please consider how this falls on the ears of our community.’

“Biden told Nixon that she was right. ‘I was making a point in a foreign policy context, that under normal circumstances a Vice President wouldn’t be given a silent reaction on the world stage,’ he said. ‘But there is nothing decent about being anti-LGBTQ rights, and that includes the Vice President,’ he wrote.”

Poor Uncle Joe. He was just trying to be the same back slappin’ good guy he’s always been by stating publicly that Mike Pence is “decent” -- and then one of his rabid anti- civility Democrat constituencies jumped all over him for the perceived slight. This is precisely the type of stupidity that’s destined to surface in question form during an upcoming Democrat presidential debate, where the (presumed) polling front-runner in the center of the stage, Biden, will be called upon to clarify how he suggested any Republican/conservative with non-politically correct views is a respectable human being.

Can’t you see and hear it now? Perhaps something like this:

“CNN’s Anderson Cooper: Vice President Biden, several months ago you drew criticism from LGBTQ groups for mentioning during a speech that Mike Pence is a ‘decent guy.’ Do you still believe it, and if yes, as a gay man myself, how can you justify complimenting one of the most notorious and abusive social conservatives in America?

Joe Biden: Thanks for that great and entirely relevant question, Anderson. As I’m sure you’re aware, I was one of the first to commend you on coming out of the closet and hope all LGBTQ beings feel similarly empowered to follow your lead in ignoring the haters like Donald Trump and Mike Pence and proudly live and trumpet your lifestyles before the world (Democrat audience applauds).

In fact, I’ve been praised a number of times for how much I love gay guys. Me ‘n Barack, we’d hang out at parlors all the time when Michelle and Jill were outta town. I considered it an honor!

And no, I misspoke on the Mike Pence thing. You know his wife worked at a school that was ardently anti-gay, he’s consistently fought for traditional marriage -- therefore denying LGBTQ people of their fundamental, constitutional rights -- and everyone’s heard about how pro-life he is. Heck, if old man Trump ever kicked-the-bucket and Pence got to be president, Roe v. Wade would be history! So, I’d like to sincerely apologize to everyone for being so careless as to suggest Mike Pence is a decent good man. He’s a hater -- and just one more reason why Donald Trump needs to be defeated by one of us Democrats here tonight!

Again the audience explodes with approval. By bashing Pence and Trump, Biden shored up his liberal leftist bona fides and maintained his lead in the Democrat primary polls. Bernie Sanders then questioned Biden’s commitment to the cause, arguing that climate change is the single greatest threat to the LGBTQ mission. Corey Booker chimed in, saying, ‘Hey, you guys haven’t been called gay as many times as I have,’ and the forum erupted in discord.”

You never know, it could happen this way.

Okay, back to reality. It’s a tragic shame when Biden, or anyone else, is taken to task for simply saying something agreeable about a man like Mike Pence. If Pence isn’t the textbook definition of “decent” I’m not sure who else would qualify for the term in today’s world full of compromised politicians who view wedding vows and biblical principles as mere guidelines to be followed and just as easily cast aside. Democrat groups would never fault Biden for saying Bill Clinton was a “decent guy” … but they have issues with Mike Pence?

Biden’s troubles on this matter further expose how awkward it will be for any Democrat to walk the tightrope and please the fervently Trump-hating #resistance base and still maintain some semblance of national electability. What flies well in New York, Hollywood and San Francisco won’t get off the ground in middle America. And that’s where Biden needs to excel if he’s to have any shot at beating the up and coming gaggle of green Democrat socialists who will promise voters the world to attract a couple extra percentage points of support in the early states.

Plus, Biden hasn’t even officially declared himself a candidate yet, but apparently all his campaign wheels are in motion regardless. Amie Parnes reported at The Hill, “Joe Biden has a campaign-in-waiting as soon as he decides to launch a White House bid.

“In recent weeks, the former vice president's longtime advisers Steve Ricchetti and Mike Donilon have led a string of meetings with potential aides to fill out the campaign if Biden makes a decision to enter the race, sources tell The Hill.

“Many of the positions would be filled by long-running Biden aides, a number of whom worked in the White House during the Obama administration and are acutely familiar with his style.”

Style? It’s more like a spiel, isn’t it? Biden’s been around the block so many times his name recognition matches that of any politico in America, which is certainly a double-edged sword where he’s concerned. By the sound of Parnes’ article, Biden’s entire clique of former tag-alongs is itching for him to make it a formality. It’s almost as though these people have been sitting around stewing and lingering for two years until Uncle Joe finally gives the go-ahead.

For his part, Biden still maintains he’s pondering a run and a decision announcement is forthcoming. This is standard politician-speak for “I’m definitely gonna do it but I don’t wanna appear too anxious. Besides, it’s fun to watch all the amateurish early-jumpers making jacka--es of themselves and all-but take themselves outta the running. I mean, Elizabeth Warren saying ‘I’m going to get me…um… a beer’ on social media. Priceless!

Common sense indicates President Trump doesn’t have much to fear from Joe Biden or any challenger in 2020. Whenever a presidential hopeful must explain why he called someone “decent” to his potential backers, it’s not a harbinger of electability. Such is the dilemma of Democrats today.

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