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Will Rep. Ilhan Omar Get The Rep. Steve Stockman Treatment?

Ilhan Omar
News has broken the Muslim Democrat Rep. Ilan Omar has been accused of converting campaign funds to personal use.

Molly Prince of the Daily Caller reports Omar is facing a probe into her campaign spending after complaints alleged that she misused contributions for personal use, according to a report published on Monday.

Ms. Prince wrote that the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board is investigating Omar after Minnesota GOP State Rep. Steve Drazkowski filed two complaints alleging she spent nearly $6,000 in campaign funds for personal use while she served in the Minnesota legislature, reported WJLA. Some of the improper expenditures include payments to Omar’s divorce attorney and spending on travel to Boston and Estonia.

“I had observed a long pattern,” Drazkowski told WJLA according to Prince’s reporting. “Representative Omar hasn’t followed the law. She’s repeatedly trampled on the laws of the state in a variety of areas, and gotten by with it.”

The campaign finance allegations come on the heels of a separate incident where the freshman congresswoman had to return $2,500 in speaking fees, according to Molly Prince’s analysis of reports from The Pioneer Press. Omar accepted payment from Normandale Community College and Inver Hills Community College in 2017, despite Minnesota House rules barring lawmakers from accepting speaking fees from entities with business at the Legislature.

The accusation against Rep. Omar bear a striking resemblance to those leveled against our old friend Rep. Steve Stockman, and that prompts us to wonder if Rep. Omar will face the same kind of “justice” meted out to Stockman.

Stockman was the subject of a three-year witch hunt that included going through Congressman Stockman’s email and text messages, breaching his attorney-client privilege, surveilling him in Washington, DC, Houston and internationally, wiretapping his phone and having the TSA detain him and copy documents when he reentered the country was only the beginning.

Once he was arrested, in a continuing effort to intimidate and wear Stockman down, he was denied the insulin necessary to treat his diabetes and subjected to a constant barrage of political intimidation, including having the media tipped-off to the sealed indictment against him.

The indictment included a laundry list on specious charges, including alleged campaign finance violations never taken-up by the Federal Elections Commission, money laundering, fraud, conspiracy, and a host of other alleged violations for which there was little evidence and practically no defense against him on the basis of coerced testimony from a former associate.

And Stockman’s FBI persecutors weren’t even subtle about the motivation for his oppression, saying (according to witnesses), “You know Lois Lerner is our former colleague,” and taunting him with comments such as, “I hate the Wall,” and “I’m from Jefferson County, my Dad was friends with Jack Brooks [the liberal Democrat Stockman defeated].”

If all of this sounds familiar it should, because those are the same heavy-handed tactics used against American citizens caught-up in the witch hunt conducted against President Trump.

Even though he will appeal his unfair conviction, today, Steve Stockman, the unyielding foe of government corruption and overreach sits in a federal prison unable to work or even help his wife Patty raise the money necessary to pay for his appeal – and that’s part of the corrupt strategy being pursued by those who want to him out of public life – spend four years harassing the target and siphoning-off his resources, so that he is unable to defend himself.

Will these same tactics be used against Rep. Ilhan Omar, an avowed anti-Semite who is also alleged to have engaged in immigration fraud, in addition to the alleged campaign finance violations that have now surfaced? Somehow, we doubt Rep. Omar, who checks all the boxes for getting celebrity justice (Muslim, African, liberal, Democrat, woman, etc.) will get the same treatment from the FBI that Rep. Stockman got.

PS - Steve Stockman is an old friend, a fellow limited government constitutional conservative, and the victim of a corrupt government vendetta. we urge you to go to the Conservative Legal Defense and Education Fund’s Patriot Defense Fund website and make your most generous donation to assist in Steve Stockman’s legal defense.

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