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Assault on America, Day 114: Pocahontas Warren’s bizarre student loan payoff ploy will flop

Liz Warren
“Your latest poll and fundraising numbers are in, Senator, and they’re not where we’d hoped they’d be,” cringed a nervous campaign staffer to Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, expecting the eminently volatile woman to react the same way she always does when confronted with less than favorable news, namely by shooting the subject a piercing glare, nasty frown and a spiteful “You’re outta here” retort.

But this time Warren just sighed dejectedly, placed her arm gently on the kitchen counter and dipped her head in beaten frustration. Then the far less than 1 percent faux Native American removed her glasses and vigorously rubbed her eyes as though trying to crush some life back into them, the wrinkle lines beneath her eyelids expanding and contracting under the strain of others’ impossible to satisfy expectations.

“We need something to set us apart from the nutty diehards,” Pocahontas whispered softly to no one in particular, referring to her fellow 2020 Democrat committed socialists (which describes pretty much all of them, right?). The 69-year-old Warren somehow discovered new energy at the thought of making another foundation-less public campaign proposal -- anything to draw media attention away from her unflattering DNA test and New Year’s Eve “I’m gonna get me a beer” candidacy introduction.

“Education! That’s it!” Warren suddenly erupted, frightening those within earshot.  “We’ll tell everyone we’re gonna pay off their student loans, and the super-rich greedy slouches will pay for it all!”

Delusional? Perhaps. But not everything about this fictional incident is fake. Jack Crowe reported at National Review, “Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) rolled out a policy proposal … that calls for the use of public funds to pay off hundreds of billions of dollars in outstanding student loan debt. Under the proposal, the government would pay off some $600 billion in outstanding student loan debt over the next ten years using revenue derived from a so-called ‘ultra-millionaire tax,’ an annual 2 percent tax on wealth over $50 million plus an additional 1 percent on wealth over $1 billion...

“The Democratic presidential contender’s plan, which aims to eliminate $1.25 trillion in total student debt over ten years, also calls for a $100 billion increase in federal student aid that does not have to be paid back. It also asks states to partner with the federal government to make public two and four-year universities completely tuition-free.”

No doubt Warren’s plan was devised by fairies, unicorns and other make-believe children’s fantasy characters. You have to love the way she throws around these “proposed” figures like squares on a Monopoly board. Sure, here’s another hundred billion, Mr. Rich Uncle Pennybags!

Wait. There’s more. Again, Crowe reported, “Debt-relief for lower-income Americans would be prioritized under the plan: Every person with a house-hold income of under $100,000 would be eligible for $50,000 in debt forgiveness, regardless of whether their loans were held in the private or public sector. Relief would then taper off by $1 for every $3 in income above $100,000 before eventually subsiding totally at $250,000.”

You gotta hand it to Warren -- she’s offered something for just about everyone here, save for the upper stratosphere of the rich and successful. To the Massachusetts senator, a standard brainless liberal politician, it’s a simple calculation -- since the only ones who’d supposedly be injured by the scheme are so wealthy they already feel no financial pain, all the beneficiaries would be left over to vote for her!

And because they’re aloof and ignorant behind their walled fortresses (a.k.a. homes), the leftist super-rich will still contribute to her campaign -- so it’s a win-win for Democrats!

Who cares that all that confiscated and redistributed wealth (which will subsequently be sprinkled upon elitist institutions with enormous existing endowments in the hundreds of millions or even tens of billions) won’t be available for other, more productive purposes in the private sector. Imagine sucking a trillion-plus bucks from the U.S. economy -- money that could’ve otherwise been invested in risky and potentially beneficial enterprises, creating millions of jobs for college graduates… and anyone else looking for work.

Instead it’ll grease the largess pipeline to people who already mostly live off the public dole (university administrators and faculty). It’s brilliant! Speech squelching colleges will line up to bestow honorary degrees in benevolence or some trumped-up pseudo-science (Doctor of Giveaway Magnanimity?) upon President Pocahontas. Or how about a Nobel Peace prize for bogus philanthropy (with other people’s money, of course), the first American politician ever to receive one?

Warren’s plan is crazy on so many different levels it’s difficult to know where to start dissecting it. Perhaps most glaring is the insinuation that the federal government should assume responsibility for paying off debt that the borrower never contemplated would be picked up by another party. The alleged $1.25 trillion that’s owed to creditors by the nation’s students and graduates was signed-for by millions of individuals, none of whom ever reasoned, ‘Gee, Uncle Sam’s gonna swoop in and help me out here.’

If that were the case, many a soul would then think, ‘I should’ve gone to that expensive ultra-swell private school instead of the bargain basement public institution like I did. And why did I work so hard to help pay some of the expenses? If I’d only known then what I know now.’ Why go to a state college when you might receive a free public ride at Wellesley?

In essence these already over-inflated colleges and universities will feel no pressure whatsoever to work with alumni to ease their debt burden (not that they do it anyway, but how else will these schools ever use those ginormous endowments?). This in turn will make the cost of education soar because future borrowers will figure President Pocahontas (or her ilk) will grant financial amnesty to them if they can’t pay back what they loaned out.

The line of humans with hands outstretched at the Federal Treasury’s gates won’t stop with student loans either. Why should one kind of debt be granted special preference over another, especially when a high percentage of Americans didn’t even go to college? Warren’s plan heavily favors people (college graduates) who by percentage already make higher salaries than their hard-working but less educated fellow citizens. Why subsidize one but not the other?

How about mortgages? There’s tons of debt there, too. The same constituencies who’d love it if Mama Pocahontas appeared at their front doors with big bags of cash will definitely insist on federal help in other areas too.

If the government is to do anything about student debt -- or education in general -- wouldn’t everyone be better off by being given greater choice in where their kids go to school (before college, of course)? The way it is now, many parents can’t even opt for safer schools when their kids are being bullied. Don’t Democrats care about these helpless families?

As if Warren’s great American student loan scam weren’t bad enough, the Bay State senator is injecting pot into the national discourse too. Nicholas Ballasy reported at PJ Media, “Sen. Elizabeth Warren … argued that cannabis use should be legal nationally and the criminal records of individuals convicted of ‘minor marijuana crimes’ should be expunged...

“’We need to open doors for women and people of color in the cannabis industry. we need to defend the rights of indigenous communities to use marijuana for cultural or medicinal reasons. We need to allow veterans to access medical cannabis through the VA system and we need to eliminate barriers to medical cannabis research,’ Warren said.”

Knowing Pocahontas, she’ll propose to supply free pot to all of her college loan forgiveness beneficiaries as well. Why not buy off more votes by making everyone high and therefore even more receptive to the Democrats’ grand programs?

Some Republicans are with Warren on the marijuana cause. We’re yet to hear the end of this issue, one way or the other. But it should be noted there isn’t even close to a political consensus on her crackpot federal student loan payoff scheme. With the national debt rapidly approaching $22.25 trillion already, there’s absolutely no stomach for passing what amounts to another huge federal entitlement with no hope of paying for it. There just aren’t enough rich people to realize Pocahontas’ chemically-aroused dreams.

Elizabeth Warren is buried in the lower echelon of 2020 Democrat presidential candidates, which should result in a host of crazy proposals intended to gain traction with the party base. Be it with paying off everyone’s student loans or nationalizing marijuana, “Pocahontas” is flat out of her mind.

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Warren is already irrelevant. After the election, other than for the audacity and stupidity of her unsustainable arrogance and whacked political ideas, she will be forgotten. So, good riddance before she even gets started!