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Conservatives Balking At $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Democrats on Infrastructure
Anytime we hear the word “bipartisan” we grab our wallets and check our pocket Constitutions because we know that means Republicans are caving to Democrats on something that takes away our money or our liberty.

So, much as we are generally in accord with President Trump’s agenda and love the way he takes the fight to the Democrats, Socialist Progressive Left and their fellow travelers in the media we are skeptical of the just announced $2 trillion infrastructure plan agreed to by the President and Democrat congressional leaders.

Our concerns start with the fact that they, as usual, put off for later the difficult question of how to pay for it.

According to our friends at NewsMax, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said there was "good will in the meeting" — a marked departure from the last meeting between Trump, Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which ended with Trump walking out in a huff. Schumer said the two sides agreed that infrastructure investments create jobs and make the United States more competitive economically with the rest of the world.

Most importantly, Schumer said, "we agreed on a number."

"Originally, we had started a little lower. Even the president was eager to push it up to $2 trillion, and that is a very good thing," Schumer said.

Added Pelosi: "We did come to one agreement: that the agreement would be big and bold."

Pelosi and congressional Democrats had asked for the meeting with Trump to discuss launching an ambitious building program that's a top priority for the party and has been a rare area of potential bipartisan accord with Republicans. Trump, too, has long promised a big infrastructure plan.

The dozen Democratic lawmakers in the meeting with the president called it a constructive start. They said Trump agreed that infrastructure investments should go beyond roads and bridges and include broadband, water systems, and enhancements to the electrical grid.

Now here’s where we think Trump is getting suckered by Democrats – the Democrats put the onus on Trump to come up with a funding source, and said they would meet again in three weeks, when the president will present his ideas.

The Democrats don’t want to go into the 2020 campaign season being the Party of Raising Taxes, and they don’t want to go into 2020 being the Party of Blowing Up the Deficit, either. So, they are only too happy to tie those two political anchors around Trump’s neck and toss him over the side of the boat.

We also figure that Republican fiscal conservatives who object will find themselves isolated politically, not a good way to regain the House or protect, let alone expand the GOP’s Senate majority.

However, the writers at NewsMax say a compromise could offer political benefits to both sides.

Trump's re-election prospects are tied to a strong economy that would get another boost from new road and bridge projects.

Pelosi has dozens of new Democratic House members who won in competitive districts, and "they need to be able to go home next year and say they've accomplished something."

Committees in both chambers of Congress have started to lay the groundwork for an infrastructure bill through hearings, with Democratic lawmakers hoping to have legislation ready for consideration by June or July.

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will give every House lawmaker a chance to share their infrastructure priorities today – we see that as a thinly veiled return to the bad old days of earmarks and congressional leaders using project money to bribe legislators to vote for bad policy.

President Trump campaigned on increasing infrastructure spending, but we see a carefully laid Democrat minefield looming in this latest “agreement” with plenty of political downside to the President and Republican 2020 candidates if he proposes raising taxes or blows up the deficit before the 2020 election.

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Two Trillion in Infrastructure Spending

Why do we need so much infrastructure spending now? Barack Obama blew through a trillion with just his "stimulus" alone. Can it be that the money never got there? That perhaps instead it ended up in Democrat donor pockets?

Will the same happen here? I think it likely, unless Trump is on to them and steers it to his own people. But he doesn't operate that way.