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Personnel Is Policy: Conservative Star Ken Cuccinelli To Join Trump Team

Ken Cuccinelli
Word has begun to leak out that principled limited government constitutional conservative star and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will soon join the Trump administration immigration enforcement team.

Cuccinelli’s exact title and duties have yet to be announced officially, but rumor has it that Ken will “coordinate the administration’s immigration policies.” Whether that will be from the White House or from the Department of Homeland Security has yet to be revealed.

Naturally, I believe that the President would be best served by having Ken Cuccinelli at the White House where he can coordinate face to face with national security aides and the domestic policy team as they work on President Trump’s latest immigration reform plan.

But wherever Ken Cuccinelli’s office is located physically, Ken will be a vital addition to the Trump team.

Cuccinelli’s reputation as a no-nonsense lawyer and law enforcement official is a plus that previous senior immigration officials lacked, but perhaps even more importantly, Cuccinelli has also proven himself to be an adept and creative litigator.

Many outside the conservative movement may have forgotten that as Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli led the fight against Obamacare. Cuccinelli was the first AG to file suit against Obama’s disastrous attempt to take over the US health care industry, and it was Cuccinelli’s thinking outside the box approach to fighting Obamacare and his persistence in picking Obamacare apart brick-by-brick.

And that same kind of methodical, persistent, attention to the details of immigration law is what it is going to take to put on the President’s desk policies and departmental action that will enforce our immigration laws and protect American sovereignty in the face of Leftwing judicial activism and Democrat obstruction.

Ken Cuccinelli also has another advantage that some of the previous senior immigration officials lacked – he’s not going to apologize for being a conservative and believing that President Trump is right, and that American sovereignty is worth protecting.

Cuccinelli not only is a favorite of many constitutional conservatives, but he’s perfect to carry out Trump’s immigration agenda. He has synergy with Trump as a no-nonsense immigration hawk. Like Trump, Cuccinelli is a strong law-and-order Republican; yet, both showed wisdom leading the charge to pass and enact the bipartisan, landmark criminal justice reform bill called the First Step Act.

Among the assets Trump would find with Cuccinelli is his ability to clearly articulate conservative positions even in a liberal-dominated television environment. As a CNN analyst, Cuccinelli was always outnumbered, but he never backed off articulating the principled conservative side of things.

The former Virginia attorney general knows how to run an agency and carry out policy. As a superb constitutional attorney, Cuccinelli easily articulates the bases of the correct positions on issues such as national sovereignty, birthright citizenship and proper criminal detention.

Trump’s trusted senior policy adviser Stephen Miller and Cuccinelli are on the same page when it comes to the policies overseen by DHS, so there would be little if any internal dispute about the Trump agenda. This is particularly important for those who understand that personnel is policy.

No doubt the Cuccinelli appointment is going to generate a lot of flak from the Washington political and media establishments. But that is particularly why Cuccinelli is a perfect fit for Trump. Both understand the value and importance of being disruptors, and both are seen as threats to the “Swamp.” It’s part of their charm.

And President Trump has shown wisdom in bringing Cuccinelli into the Administration without a bruising confirmation battle.

When Ken Cuccinelli’s name first surfaced as a potential nominee for Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed opposition to Cuccinelli, who as president of the Senate Conservatives Fund led primary challenges to K Street-controlled, establishment Republicans.

McConnell and other establishment Republicans claimed that Cuccinelli would be difficult to confirm, and while they have a political grudge against Cuccinelli, it is not one based in Cuccinelli’s fitness to advise the President on immigration.

Personnel is policy and getting Cuccinelli on the team – and avoiding the Republican betrayals that sank Steve Moore’s nomination to the Federal Reserve Board – was a wise move.

Americans are afraid we are losing our country to the radical left and an invasion of illegal immigrants. By adding Ken Cuccinelli to his team, President Trump is sending a strong signal that he and his Make America Great Again agenda are in charge, no matter what the Swamp may want.

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