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Assault on America, Day 160: Biden honeymoon about to be buried under avalanche of facts

Biden and Hyde
With only two weeks remaining until the first Democrat primary debates of the 2020 nominating cycle it’s clear Joe Biden is enjoying a honeymoon period. Ever since the Obama vice president formally announced his campaign for president a month and a half ago (on April 25), Uncle Joe’s been safely atop all registered Democrat national voter polls with a lead hovering around (or exceeding) 20 points.

Perhaps most notably, Biden consistently commands a solid third of support in a field with over 20 declared candidates, one that includes several big names in today’s Democrat party. There’s 2016 runner-up Bernie Sanders, longtime liberal bomb-thrower Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, Corey “I am Spartacus” Booker and California up-and-comer Kamala Harris, a contender who would appear to check all the right boxes for race, gender and socialism obsessed Democrats -- female, minority and very, very liberal.

Of course there are also a couple young and attractive relative newcomers to freshen up the stodgy “progressive” Democrat atmosphere, Texas’s “Beto” O’Rourke and the biggest surprise of the race so far, South Bend (Indiana) Mayor Pete Buttigieg (Boot-edge-edge for the pronunciation challenged).

Yet pundits still view the 76-year-old Biden as the ultimate compromise choice for Democrats, largely because he’s akin to a “Little Red Riding Hood” candidate -- he’s not too liberal, not too conservative (!) and not too nutty (unlike most of his fellow party competitors)… therefore, he’s just right! The already well established media narrative holds that the Delaware pol who first was elected to a political office in 1969 (to the New Castle County Council) and established his charter membership in the DC swamp at the start of Richard Nixon’s second term in 1973 (as a U.S. senator at age 30), is in reality a cool-headed “moderate” who will bring the party and country back to the kumbaya good time days everyone loved so much under his old boss, Barack Obama.

Who knows, if Biden is elected president, he might even reinstitute Obama’s tradition of handicapping the annual March Madness NCAA basketball tournament (with his own bracket) for national news cameras. He’s a ham, right? Politics is never stuffy in Uncle Joe’s world.

But there are also signs some Democrats worry about Biden being so far out in front this early -- and the fact he’s not exactly representative of the type of candidate who’s enjoyed success for the party in recent decades. Simply stated, Joe’s too gray. Emily Larsen wrote at the Washington Examiner, “Many Democratic primary voters consider 76-year-old former Vice President Joe Biden the most likely candidate to beat President Trump. But history shows that Democrats win presidential elections with younger, charismatic, ‘hope-and-change’ nominees like John F. Kennedy or Barack Obama, not older, experienced ones like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

“In three of the last seven presidential elections, Democrats won against Republican candidates more than 20 years their senior.

“Bill Clinton was 46 in 1992 when he beat President George H.W. Bush, then 68. In 1996, Clinton won reelection at 50 against GOP nominee Bob Dole, then 73. At 47, President Barack Obama beat Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who was 72 during the 2008 election.”

Okay, since you asked, the 51-year old Obama bested the 65-year-old Mitt Romney in 2012, so the logic still works there too.

Age alone won’t likely deprive Biden of his party’s nomination, but there’s no denying his abundance of “experience” will be a factor the more time goes on. How could it not? Already renowned as one of the political world’s biggest truth-challenged blowhard exaggerators, it would surprise no one if Biden suddenly shared his personal recollections of D-day (which commemorated its 75th anniversary last week) with gray-haired veterans groups, though he was only one-and-a-half years old at the time and news travelled a lot slower in those days.

Democrats love stretching the truth -- they all do it! Remember how Hillary Clinton alleged her mother named her after Sir Edmund Hillary (first climber of Mt. Everest) even though it’s basically chronilogically impossible? HRC also lied about encountering sniper fire as first lady during a 1996 trip to Bosnia. And what about “Pocahontas” Warren and her fantastic claim to be Native American despite being pale as a banshee? Great stories all!

Heck, leave Uncle Joe alone long enough without his handlers’ tight supervision and he’ll probably invent some wild fiction about how he charged the bluffs at Normandy with the rest of the leather-skinned G.I. liberators of Europe, and escaped certain death only due to the heroics of some medal of honor winner no one’s ever heard of. Plunk another quarter in the Biden talking machine and the tale will grow more fantastic by the minute, too.

By the time he’s finished flapping his overheated gums Joe will be the media’s true-life version of Forrest Gump, having been present at all the major historic happenings of the 20th century.

Biden’s not exactly thought of as having a great memory, either. Seeing as he’s been wading in the DC swamp since the early seventies, what if he’s asked to explain his take on the negotiation dynamics of the SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) treaties (though the first was signed in 1972, before he became a senator) and about how he felt about Richard Nixon’s historic visit to China (also in ’72)? We all know Joe loves the Chinese

“Hey Joe, what was (Soviet General Secretary) Leonid Brezhnev really like? Was he as grumpy as he appeared in all those black and white news reels?” Or, “Joe, why didn’t you fight harder to keep the NASA moon landing missions going (the last lunar mission was in December 1972)?”

Biden’s institutional memory should extend way back into most voters’ lifetimes and he’s put thousands of votes on the record which will be laboriously picked over by opposition researchers from both parties. Joe’s “creepy” tendencies were caught on video in recent years but what happens when film surfaces from forty years ago depicting the senator being just as handsy and sleazy back then? How many guy pal hangouts did Biden do with notorious philanderers Teddy Kennedy and Chris Dodd?

Elections are always about the future -- and Biden represents the past in spades (and a lot of it at that). Biden also hopelessly embodies the Washington swamp at a time when populist causes are taking root, not only in the United States, but all over the world. When discussing foreign policy Biden can truthfully say he’s been a first-hand witness to it all. Is that a good thing?

Here’s thinking Biden’s miles-long record and big mouth will soar like a lead balloon when the campaign really starts getting heated. As soon as people begin asking him about the reasons he dropped out of the 1988 race (yes, thirty-one years ago), Joe won’t look so “fresh” any longer.

Donald Trump’s only a few years younger than Joe yet his political past isn’t nearly as spotted. On balance, a positive for the president. Sooner or later, Biden’s sins will catch up with him. Matt Margolis wrote at PJ Media, “Joe Biden is facing brand new claims of plagiarism … after a progressive activist discovered that portions of Biden’s newly released climate platform had been plagiarized. Biden’s first presidential campaign was derailed by accusations of plagiarism, and one might think that on this third try for the highest office in the land that he might try to stick to original ideas instead of copying them from other people and claiming it to be his own.

“Apparently not: at least five parts of the platform were flagged by Josh Nelson, the vice president of CREDOmobile, and The Daily Caller...

“This is Biden's third brush with plagiarism. In addition to the aforementioned plagiarism from his 1988 presidential campaign, Biden was disciplined in law school for plagiarism as well. Were those inadvertent too?”

The Democrat frontrunner either isn’t very good at overseeing his campaign or his youthful staff isn’t aware of just what got Biden in trouble all those years ago. Margolis is right, it doesn’t take all that much to add a simple citation to materials.

And Joe’s flip-flop on the Hyde Amendment isn’t going to help him either.

But it’s doubtful much of anything would get back slappin’ good guy Uncle Joe in hot water with the Democrat base these days since he’s seen as the best shot liberals have to defeat the immensely effective Donald Trump. Biden could claim he authored the Bible and his minions wouldn’t care -- might even hold it against him for mentioning religion.

Now that the real work’s about to start in the 2020 presidential race it’s clear Democrats will have their hands full trying to figure out how to treat Joe Biden. The media is quick to highlight all of Biden’s supposed advantages, but when his flaws start hitting the light of day, watch out.

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