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Fr. Frank Pavone: President Trump is 'The Most Pro-Life President We Have Ever Had'

Fr. Frank Pavone
Writing in the aftermath of President Trump’s in an op-ed published on, our friend Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, made a powerful case that Donald Trump is the most pro-life President we have ever had. We thought CHQ readers might benefit from excerpts from Fr. Pavone’s insight into the pro-life views and record of President Trump.

Wrote Fr. Pavone:

With me was one of my fulltime associates here at Priests for Life, Evangelist Alveda King.

At the Amway Center in Orlando, we were present with a capacity crowd of 20,000, and about six times as many people had requested tickets. And just as many of us experience at the March for Life, everyone around us in the crowd was positive, upbeat, smiling, helpful and kind.

And the crowd reflected the ordinary, hard-working, family-loving, patriotic people of faith who can be found all across this great land…

Four years ago, what a Trump Administration might be like was an unknown. The polls and pundits said he would not and could not win – until he won. And now we know what that meant.

His rally recalled the progress that has been made, including America’s increased respect around the world, the improved trade deals, the record-breaking economic growth and job creation, the historically low rates of unemployment,  the improved treatment of veterans, the important improvements to healthcare, the increased strength of the military and of our borders, the transformation of the federal courts (with the addition of some 114 new conservative federal judges including two Supreme Court Justices), the re-directing of billions of dollars away from the abortion industry both in America and worldwide, the enhanced protections of conscience and religious freedom, and much more…
Within the pro-life movement, even those who were initially against Trump are heard to declare now that he is the most pro-life president we have ever had.

Hence the crowd last night agreed that the new campaign rallying cry would be “Keep America Great!”

Last night’s rally made it clear that this election will not simply be a choice between candidates. We can’t be comparing just individuals. Rather, it’s a choice between two worldviews, between two very different futures for America. The President emphasized this repeatedly in his remarks.

Prior to the public rally, Alveda and I were in a private reception with the President and Vice President during which they both shared remarks as well, and acknowledged and encouraged the work of the pro-life movement. We were able to greet them on behalf of so many with whom we work each day to make America pro-life again. They are aware of the work the pro-life movement does, and are fully committed to do their part to make that work succeed.

Moving forward, then, as they launch the re-election campaign, let’s re-launch our own efforts to educate and mobilize the pro-life vote.

Let’s expose the extremism of the Democrat platform and policies on abortion, especially late-term abortion and even infanticide.

Let’s make sure people in our movement are registered to vote, are aware of the elections taking place in their state, and have the relevant primary and general election dates marked on their calendars…

Even more important than Fr. Pavone’s recitation of President Trump’s accomplishments, especially on life issues, was his call for Americans to listen to the President’s words without the biased media filter and most importantly, to pray for President Trump.

Wrote Fr. Pavone:

The president’s message must be heard and understood by every voter who cares about America.

Exercising our political responsibility in an informed way requires us to go to the original sources in order to understand the candidates’ positions.

Don’t let the fake news decide for you what you do and do not hear from the President, or what he and his Administration stand for.

Instead, listen to the President himself as he speaks at these rallies.

He will speak about the great progress that has been made to make America safe and strong, both materially and morally.

He will speak about the ideals and principles in which we believe – including the right to life -- and how we can secure them and pass them on to future generations.

And he will speak about the dangers posed by the radical Democrat party.

Use the links below to watch these rallies, pass them along to as many others as you can so you can motivate your fellow citizens! And please join with us at Priests for Life to make America great again!

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