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Assault on America, Day 170: Desperate Dem candidates crawl over broken glass to draw looks

Corey Booker Reparations
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out as the first Democrat presidential primary debates near (next week) that the party’s leftist candidates will say some pretty dumb and nutty things in the lead-up to them. In a tightly packed field that includes two dozen competitors there isn’t much space to stand out, especially since most if not all of pols agree on the major themes of the campaign.

Nevertheless, there seems to be a lot of back-and-forth about socialism and whether or not the Democrat party represents it or supports it, but there’s no questioning each individual candidate’s unwavering commitment to big government control and concentrating power in as few places -- and in the hands of as few people -- as possible.

Take New Jersey Senator Corey Booker for example, a man who will do and say practically anything to draw media attention to his flailing presidential bid. It’s incredibly early in the process yet Booker’s exhibiting signs of being a very worried man. How desperate? S.A. Miller reported at The Washington Times, “Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker … joined a demonstration by striking McDonald’s workers [in Charleston, South Carolina] who are demanding a $15 minimum wage. ‘This fight against McDonald’s is an American fight,’ Mr. Booker told the protestors in front of a McDonald’s. ‘This fight against McDonald’s is for justice. This fight against McDonald’s is for the American dream.’

“He rallied the striking workers and labor activists as his campaign looks to gain traction in South Carolina, home to the third nominating contest and the first primary in the South. Many of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have taken aim at McDonald’s and allied themselves with the push to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 from the current $7.25.”

To be fair it isn’t just Booker making a spectacle of himself beseeching fast food crews to rise up against their oppressive employer masters. Booker’s senate colleague, Kamala Harris, conducted a similar march in Nevada as well. “Beto” O’Rourke and “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg also got in the Mickey D’s action down south. All were yearning to stir up black and Hispanic voters where minorities constitute a large percentage of the Democrat primary electorate.

Hence, Booker’s was another naked racial ploy. As the Democrats’ lone black male candidate (note: Florida’s Wayne Messam is also black, but who the heck is he?), Booker must view himself as the most likely to retrace the footsteps of America’s most successful African-American candidate of all time, former president Barack Obama. Identity politics has its man in Booker in the 2020 cycle -- what else could he possibly talk about? After all, Beto has his skateboard, Boot-edge-edge has his sexual orientation and Harris has her female gender and similar dark skin tone to Booker’s. What does Corey have to sell? He does have an imaginary friend (T-Bone the drug pusher), but…?

If you’re going to pander to certain voter constituencies, do it openly. Gotta give Booker credit for that at least. The candidate hails from a bluer than blue state and his resume doesn’t suggest a great deal of principled advocacy for any particular cause. Socialism needs a face, right? But Corey’s no Bernie Sanders and he isn’t as well-known or likeable as back slappin’ and hair sniffin’ Uncle Joe Biden either. Even Booker’s signature moment -- his “I am Spartacus” monologue during Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings last fall -- didn’t draw much commentary or credit afterwards.

Kavanaugh was confirmed and Booker’s artificial self-sacrifice was forgotten or dismissed. And looking at things objectively, he’s no Obama either. Corey’s not married (though he claims an unnamed girlfriend -- imaginary too?) and he therefore can’t even offer a camera-worthy spouse and cute kids to help him market himself to a national audience. Say what you like about Michelle Obama, but she was a heck of an asset for Barack’s campaign in 2008, especially with Democrat primary voters. Heck, Booker doesn’t even have a “husband” like Buttigieg does to draw the homosexual adoring media’s glorification.

Besides, would Booker really impress people by claiming the McDonald’s workers’ strike is an American cause for justice in pursuit of the American dream? Is it anyone’s “dream” to make a few bucks more an hour at a fast food joint while flipping burgers and burning your skin on the scalding hot French fry machine? Even assuming the strike is successful in pressuring management to fork over more money to the “workers,” it only means fewer African-Americans will be working because the franchises will need to scale back on hiring and hours to maintain their slim profit margins.

Democrats have a sure loser in the minimum wage issue. It might play well in places like South Carolina with heavy concentrations of a certain type of voter, but what about the rest of the nation where statistics show employers are desperate to find more help? In addition, automation is starting to replace many of these jobs as it is -- if you’re in a McDonald’s these days and don’t see a kiosk, you certainly will begin noticing them everywhere if the minimum wage goes way up.

Democrats always champion such things, so it’s not as though they’ll gain much in terms of electoral viability. Let Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez be the face of gutter level socialism. Trying to steal her thunder just makes Corey Booker look like an idiot.

Speaking of fools, “Beto” O’Rourke is beclowning himself on the slavery reparations issue again. Naomi Lim reported at The Washington Examiner (also from Charleston, S.C.), “Beto O'Rourke faced pressure to explain his plan for reparations if he is elected president, a day after voicing support for making amends to black Americans for centuries of slavery.

“Yet as the Democrat attempts to court black voters in South Carolina, he was dodgy on details, choosing instead to kick the question to a future date when he said white Americans better understand the history of enslavement in the U.S.

“’I don't think the history lesson is incidental,’ O'Rourke told reporters on Saturday after a journalist cut him off mid-response. ‘I think it's telling everyone, especially white America, which forms the majority, understands the story. In a democracy you're never going to get to a solution.’”

Solution? Huh? Most of America -- including a large proportion of black Americans -- already understands the slavery “solution” was to fight a large and devastating civil war over a hundred and fifty years ago where well over 600,000 Americans perished in discovering the formula. The thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendments to the Constitution formalized the “solution” into law and the Civil Rights Movement and federal Civil Rights Act put the finishing touches on the matter.

Slavery reparations as propounded by “Beto” and the rest of the skin-color obsessed pandering Democrat presidential candidates (and a bunch of congressional Democrats too) is just a payoff to the race-is-everything party voters. Do you really think “Beto” wakes up every morning worried about compensating people for a legal status that was abolished in the nineteenth century? Facts also indicate a high percentage of today’s black Americans are not descended from slaves at all -- or at least from the bondsmen on the American continent.

The practical dilemmas associated with studying slavery reparations are enormous -- and even passing a congressional resolution authorizing a commission to look into it would be a huge mistake. Suppose the bipartisan body concluded that, based on common sense and the impossible complexity of the issue, no such payments could or should be made. Are the proponents -- and their political pushers like “Beto” and Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (and Corey Booker too!) -- gonna be satisfied with the conclusion? Or would they simply ramp up shrieks of racism! and demand further debate on the proposal until the “no way” side relents?

Isn’t this always the way it is with the left? The fact many of the 2020 Democrat candidates are out harping on slavery reparations proves it isn’t going away. As long as there are black voters -- and they choose Democrats at a 90 percent clip -- party politicians will do anything to play to them. (Note: In South Carolina “Beto” also introduced a scheme specifically intended to spur more business opportunities for African-Americans and women. If it weren’t for pandering “Beto” would have no strategy at all.)

Crazy plans are in abundance these days as Democrat presidential candidates hit the campaign trail hard hoping to draw notice from party voters -- and more importantly, the sensationalism hungry media. Corey Booker and “Beto” O’Rourke probably won’t get far, but they’ll sure jump through hoops to get a TV spot.

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