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Assault on America, Day 173: Hollywood liberals make hay over illegal aliens’ beating hearts

Georgia Abortion Law
Can you be pro-life and pro-immigration law enforcement at the same time?

Not according to Hollywood liberals trying to make points concerning the new trend of states with conservative legislatures passing laws protecting unborn babies’ lives. Lawmakers from these states -- perhaps best embodied by Georgia and Alabama -- likely never anticipated being attacked and insulted by a collection of brainless and soulless entertainers and movie studio heads from across the country, but that’s precisely what’s happening these days.

Since actress Alyssa Milano’s absurd “sex strike” didn’t catch on with real folks the way she’d hoped last month, now the former Melrose Place star has taken to calling pro-life believers hypocrites for siding with President Donald Trump on the immigration issue. Douglas Ernst reported at The Washington Times, “Actress and liberal activist Alyssa Milano says pro-life Americans who would deny anyone seeking [asylum] in the U.S. are hypocrites because they ‘have heartbeats.’

“The actress who demanded that journalists refer to ‘fetal pole cardiac activity’ instead of fetal ‘heartbeats’ when talking about pregnancy equated limits on immigration with abortion [last week].

“’Asylum seekers have heartbeats,’ she tweeted. ‘So take your fake ‘pro-life’ hypocrisy and shove it where the sun don’t shine.’”

Well, Milano’s right -- so-called “asylum seekers” do indeed have heartbeats -- strong ones, in fact, enabling them to cross hundreds if not thousands of miles of hostile unfamiliar foreign territory, enduring near-impossible weather conditions as well as lack of food, water, shelter and sleep in order to reach the U.S./Mexican border, then to be willingly apprehended by the American border patrol and detained for a period of time (and/or released) pending legal dispensation.

Along the way those illegal alien beating hearts probably interacted with paid leftist agents who provided them with the precise wording to recite to American authorities so as to pose as an “asylum seeker.” Dimwitted dolts like Milano obviously don’t read news reports on the crisis situation at the border, with children dying (and in some cases their bodies being left behind while migrant exploiters continue on to the promised land), highly contagious diseases being spread by non-immunized individuals and overcrowded conditions in detention centers which foster further pain and suffering -- and taxpayer cost.

What about the rapidly beating hearts of the Mexican drug cartel scum who operate out of sight, sometimes waiting for days watching for an opening to smuggle their deadly cargoes onto American soil? Or those of the ruthless coyotes who demand thousands of dollars per person to transport these unfortunate souls across the line? There are plenty of living beings taking part in the illicit human migrant trade -- all with beating hearts -- and conservatives aren’t being the least bit hypocritical in working feverishly to keep them out.

Being pro-life means just like it sounds. In nearly all cases the baby with the ‘fetal pole cardiac activity’ (Milano’s words) will keep growing until he or she reaches the requisite size and is born into the world. Those who believe in the sanctity of life simply request that the child be given the chance at life, which isn’t too much to ask considering the mother and father made choices of their own (again, in most cases) to create the neonate. What’s Milano got against these little people anyway?

Why is “choice” a bad word only when it involves saving a life?

Besides, who knows what Milano and her ilk really believe about illegal immigration anyway. Being unaware of Milano’s own personal situation it’s not fair to accuse her of outright hypocrisy, but most of her pampered entertainment industry cohorts live quite comfortably on the backs of hardworking people who are paid low wages to keep their masters happy. Do you think Milano or her husband cut their own lawn or buy their own groceries in between meetings and media protest appearances?

No matter. What’s truly sad about Milano’s latest diatribe is her utter contempt for living and developing human beings in utero. Assuming she’d even be open to exposing her personal views on life and immigration, would Alyssa feel differently if a pregnant “asylum seeker” was the one carrying the baby? Should illegal alien women be specially permitted to come to America to exercise their “reproductive rights” to abortion (and would Milano put up her own money to pay for it)? Does the actress feel an adrenaline rush when a woman snuffs her helpless child?

The feminist notion that abortion -- the ending of a human life -- is “compassionate” to women is completely irrational. Just like men, illegal alien females break the law to come here, understanding exactly what they’re doing, perhaps without fully comprehending the risks involved in making the journey. If they drag their children along it’s the opposite of benevolent -- it’s cruel.

In contrast, babies in the womb are the very definition of innocent, entirely at the mercy of others to give them life and nurture from the moment of conception onward. It’s a tragedy that any life hangs in the balance based on a thumbs up or thumbs down from adults with ideological agendas. Who’s the hypocrite now?

The issue won’t be resolved by Milano or her kind, that’s for sure. Folks with her mindset only deepen the cultural divide with each uninformed and mean-spirited tweet. President Trump sides with the living, those Americans who appreciate human rights but abhor illegal immigration. And polls show conservative Hispanic voters are sticking with him despite his intense rhetoric and border wall advocacy.

David M. Drucker wrote at The Washington Examiner, “When Trump … descended the escalator to the lobby of his iconic New York skyscraper and announced his first campaign, he riffed that Mexicans ‘with lots of problems,’ including rapists, were crossing the southern border. Many Republicans, establishment and otherwise, were mortified. They fretted that nominating Trump, never mind electing him, would permanently doom the GOP with Hispanics.

“It hasn’t worked out that way. Available polling consistently shows Hispanic support for the president at around 30% — about the same as it has been for many Republican politicians post-George W. Bush and pre-Trump. Indeed, Some party insiders focused on improving Hispanic support for the GOP now contend that he has room to grow with this cohort in next election.”

It's curious how the punditry automatically assumes Hispanics weigh a politician’s immigration views above everything else when survey after survey suggests the group is more concerned with issues everyone cares about -- the economy, jobs and pocketbook matters. Further, not all Hispanic voters are the same. Cubans in Florida, for example, traditionally support Republican candidates in much greater percentages than Mexicans and central Americans do.

Age bracket matters too, as second-generation Hispanics prefer Republicans in significantly larger numbers than those who’ve most recently arrived. The longer these people are in the country the more likely they are to choose a limited government perspective. Family oriented and hard-working, these folks worry about the growing annual federal budget deficit and national debt as well as the long-term solvency of the big entitlement programs.

It seems once Hispanics reach the middle class, they likely see Democrats for what they are -- as irresponsible welfare peddlers squandering their children’s future. Besides, if they’re already here legally and are American citizens they don’t feel threatened by law enforcement.

In his article Drucker noted how demographic trends in states like Texas should concern Republicans if their favorability among Hispanics does not improve. But President Trump is working hard to resolve the illegal immigration crisis even if Democrats prefer treating Hispanics like they’re ignorant bloc voters who all fear large scale deportation of everyone with brown skin.

Hispanics stuck in poor communities with gang problems and rampant crime can also relate to the president’s efforts to catch and deport criminal illegal aliens. Common sense would indicate that Trump and Republicans will make headway into these constituencies -- it’s just a question of whether there’s enough time for the policies to work before Democrats regain power and resurrect the failures of previous administrations, Republican and Democrat alike.

Hispanics are business owners and entrepreneurial, too, just like everyone else. Trump constantly talks about giving self-motivated people the tools to succeed while Democrats drone on about higher taxes, more business-hindering regulations and “climate change.” Do you think Hispanics as a group really hedge their votes on same-sex marriage and Democrats’ mission to expand abortion rights to the moment of birth?

Liberals like Alyssa Milano should be careful about attaching the “hypocrite” label to anyone, much less those who are pro-life protectors of the unborn. Neither the immigration issue nor the culture war will be decided by outspoken Hollywood actors. American voters will notice, too.

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