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Assault on America, Day 176: First ten Dems debate, the winner is caffeine & anti-depressants

Democrat Debate Liz Warren
Watching the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates (or ten of them, at least) “debate” each other on Wednesday night I was paralyzed by a question rattling around in my brain -- Is there one proposal from any of these people that could objectively be considered a good idea by Constitution revering liberty-lovers?

Over the course of two hours I didn’t discover one, which defines where we’re at a year and four-plus months ahead of the crucial 2020 national election. American voters will ultimately supply the answer, but we won’t hear about it until the votes are tallied and a winner determined.

For now, Americans are stuck with a collection of practically indistinguishable liberal Democrat politicians “debating” policies that will never see the light of day much less become the law of the land. Even if any of them manage to beat Donald Trump, the foundations for their ideas are so flimsy they couldn’t possibly support the weight of reality and common sense.

The government’s awful fiscal situation alone precludes most of the Democrats’ fantastic schemes from ever being considered, an inconvenient truth that received precious little deference from the program dreamers. Democrats must believe there’s a mythical place known as the U.S. Treasury with unlimited assets and supplied with sustenance by wealthy people who don’t care if their money is confiscated without their consent.

There simply aren’t enough dollars to fund boondoggles like the Green New Deal (advanced by practically all of them, though not necessarily by name), Medicare for All (again, they all like the concept if not the actual legislative proposal, though only two (Liz Warren and Bill de Blasio) indicated they were in favor of completely ditching private insurance) and some sort of expensive federal fix for the student loan debt situation. And that’s not even mentioning slavery reparations, an irrational notion growing in popularity in Democrat circles.

They also all favor federal funding for abortions…with no restrictions. Sad... and sick.

Seeing the first ten Democrats (Sen. Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren, Texas intellectual lightweight "Beto" O'Rourke, Sen. Cory Booker, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Gov. (Washington) Jay Inslee, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, former Maryland Rep. John Delaney and Rep. Tim Ryan) go at it was a little like observing a dress rehearsal for a college debate competition with the questions purposely worded as so absurd that the participants had to employ all their persuasive skills to pose a believable response.

The infamous “laugh test” got a thorough once-over from the Democrats in Miami. How can they keep a straight face on some of this stuff? Several of them spoke for lengths of time in Spanish… “Beto” being the most obvious panderer. How can anyone promise the moon without means to get there?

That’s what American politics boils down to these days, with one-of-a-kind outsider President Donald Trump entertaining the heck out of people like no chief executive before him -- but still getting things done. Beneath Trump’s bluster is real meaty policy substance -- and that’s the biggest reason why Democrats hate him so much. If Trump truly were the incompetent dolt he’s portrayed to be by the opposition party and the media, everyone would be begging him to run again in hopes of an easy victory.

The very first debate question concerned the economy (and went to Sen. Warren) and the fact over 70 percent of Americans are satisfied with it -- what would she do to improve it? Warren’s answer was essentially, ‘yeah, the corporations and the rich are benefitting but no one else is.’ Every other candidate echoed “Pocahontas” -- but their follow-ups were barely distinguishable.

All ten Democrats on Wednesday night seemed confident they could beat Trump, dismissing the duly elected president as an illegitimate scofflaw who theoretically couldn’t win a race for local dog catcher (but he beat Hillary Clinton, didn’t he?). If Trump were truly as heinous as the 2020 Democrats make him out to be, he should already be on trial and sent to prison to fulfill Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s prophecy of putting him behind bars.

It didn’t take long for the hate-Trump-all-the-time savagery to begin, as Sen. Klobuchar was the first to mention Trump by name, about a minute and a half into the program. By and large the competitors avoided directly mentioning Trump, mostly referring to him as “this president” and bashing him as well as his policies.

Seeing as the vast majority of Americans (or at least those bothering to tune in to this glitzy high-tech snooze-fest) were introduced to most of these Democrats for the first time on Wednesday, one wonders whether there’s breakout potential among any of the unknowns. It was easy for regular political observers to spot “Pocahontas” Warren and “Beto” in the center of the group, for example, but once you moved left or right of those two it was sometimes hard to remember exactly who was speaking (thankfully MSNBC supplied captions!).

The moderators (Lester Holt, Savannah Guthrie, Chuck Todd, Rachel Maddow and José Díaz-Balart) did their best to make it relevant, but to be frank, 80 percent -- or more -- of these people have zero chance of advancing. Why were they there?

At the far left end of the stage was New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, perhaps best discernible by his 6’5” height. Yeah, that’s it, the “tall guy.” Then there was Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, up until now most noteworthy for having challenged Nancy Pelosi for the House Democrats’ top leadership post a few years back. But he’s as plain as a board. Better cross him off the list.

Then there was Julián Castro, the only “real” Hispanic on stage (“Beto” would have us believe he’s a minority but no one’s fooled). So yeah, Castro’s the authentic brown skinned guy. Next to Castro was Sen. Cory Booker, the only viable African-American male candidate (though he’s not very dark, is he?) -- enough said. Booker’s hairless scalp and frequently bugged out eyes and exaggerated facial expressions aren’t going to help him, either. You can almost see the political cartoons already.

On the other side, to “Beto’s” left was Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, yet another practical unknown. If more information leaks out about her sorry reputation among her staffers, perhaps Amy will be known as “the mean lady,” or “wicked witch of the Midwest,” -- this year’s version of the always cantankerous Hillary Clinton. Next to Klobuchar stood Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who will definitely receive consideration for most attractive female Democrat candidate of 2020 (a Democrat candidate calendar?). Yeah, she’s recognizable… we’ll leave it at that.

Rounding out the Wednesday Democrats were Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (who threw a big shout-out for unions, abortion and climate change!) and former Maryland Rep. John Delaney, two white-bread guys who probably won’t last long enough in the race to enable Americans to easily spot them (MSNBC almost forgot to include Delaney in a preview). They have none of the Democrats’ most important selling points these days -- primarily because they’re male and Caucasian. Add the fact that neither is particularly significant for anything and they don’t even get a “good at socialism” chit. Strike three, you’re out!

At least Bernie Sanders stood out from the beginning four years ago. One, as the only possible alternative to Clinton and two, as a man who wasn’t even an official member of the party (he’s a Democrat Socialist, technically an independent). It was enough for disgruntled Democrats to latch onto, to the point where he was a real threat to the pre-determined winner.

Breakout potential for this current group? Too early to tell, but probably not. Several of them seemed to disappear as the debate moderators focused on the poll leading middle of the stage contenders (especially Warren), the ones supposedly with a legitimate shot to actually win delegates and challenge Biden and Sanders for supremacy in the Democrat Party. Uncle Joe and Bernie won’t get their chance to lie and bloviate until tonight so it’s not like we can contrast any of the nameless/faceless people against the “big guys.”

It’s also exceedingly hard for non-Democrats to determine exactly what liberal voters want out of a candidate. It’s doubtful “tall guy” de Blasio will rapidly rise. No one cares about being a mayor of city (no matter how large and prominent) unless you’re young and gay like “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg. If you doubt it, just ask Rudy Giuliani.

Likewise it’s taxing to envision Ryan, Castro, Klobuchar or Gabbard vaulting into high poll numbers. What for? In terms of fundraising they’ll be swamped by the more recognizable candidates. With much of the grassroots energy behind Sanders and the establishment’s millions of bucks going to Biden, how will these lightweights stay buoyant? It’s not like they’re independently wealthy and famous like Donald Trump was, either. Trump’s name alone drew crowds. Will the same happen for someone like Bill de Blasio or Jay Inslee? How about Julian Castro?

We already know the answer -- “No.”

Therefore, Elizabeth Warren was the debate “winner” by default, the only candidate with enough intellectual credibility, demographic attributes (woman, check, Native American -- check!) to gain anything from this type of media theater production. It’s not like any of them said anything earth-shattering, unusual or groundbreaking. They’re Democrats -- they’ve already promised everything in the world, so what else is left?

“Beto’s” clownish hand gestures and boyish looks won’t help him gain stature. He might’ve wowed some Ted Cruz-hating leftist crowds in Texas (last year) but the national audience is a much harder sell. Heck, “Beto” doesn’t even have a job right now. Who would trust him with negotiating treaties with Kim Jong-Un and China’s Xi Jinping? Maybe “Beto” could teach them the skateboard or reflect back to his days in a punk rock band. Gravitas? NOT!

For better or worse Warren sounds like she knows what she’s talking about, is fluid with descriptions and comes off as well versed in policy. Her populist message will appeal to some of those who found favor with Trump, though he had real world experience to back up his claims. Her awful rotten personality aside, the unlikeable granny is formidable in a multi-candidate forum; if for nothing else, she’s scary enough to maintain a presence. Several of the others just shrank as the minutes went on. Not “Pocahontas.” She was on fire from the outset.

Warren would frighten foreign heads of state with her piercing bird of prey stare and shrill voice too. At any moment her head might spin around Exorcist-style. Wonder if she can already do it?

One particularly interesting part of the evening was when the talk turned to Iran and foreign policy, though here again, the contenders mostly confined themselves to bashing Trump for making the world more dangerous, pulling out of the Obama Iran deal and bringing us closer to war. The Democrats indicated they’d try and renegotiate a return to the terms of Obama’s signature capitulation. Wise?

Immigration touched off a somewhat lively exchange but the gist was… all of them basically believe illegal aliens should be allowed to stay and not only be given basic necessities, they should be treated like welcomed new citizens! Open borders! No wall! Ole’!

In a nutshell, Democrats are -- for abortion on demand (with federal funding); anti-Second Amendment; anti-ICE; pro nationalized healthcare and most definitely, anti-Trump. Mercifully, none of them offered a coherent, concise message that’s marketable to a national electorate. They’re all losers.

The highlight of the evening was the audio problem about halfway through the program. MSNBC cut to commercials… which were preferable to listening to the Democrats. Here’s hoping maybe the entire Thursday forum will be cancelled because the sound machines weren’t cooperating.

All in all, the only thing that was conclusively proven on Wednesday night was the Democrats will struggle to nominate a candidate who can match the prominence of Donald Trump. Trump may not be universally popular, but everybody knows him -- more than can be said for this sorry bunch of Democrat wannabes.

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