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Humorless Liberals Pan Trump Appearance At Faith And Freedom Coalition

Trump and Faith and Freedom
President Trump’s appearance at the opening of the Faith and Freedom Coalition 2019 Road to Majority Policy Conference in Washington, D.C., yesterday provided another reminder of how humorless and intolerant the Left is.

One of the standard applause lines in President Trump’s remarks to Christian conservatives is to remind the audience of his commitment to religious liberty, saying "shameful attempt to oppress religious believers ended the day I took the oath of office."

"We're saying Merry Christmas again," the president said, reminding the audience that businesses were taking down signs before he came into office, but now people are using the phrase again.

The President also reminded the audience that his administration has chosen not to enforce the so-called “Johnson Amendment,” a law prohibiting churches and pastors from advocating for political candidates or risk their tax-exempt status.

As CBS News reported, the President said that will remain the case "unless they speak against me, in which case I'll bring it back," adding that he's "only kidding."

"Our great clergy is now able to speak without fear of retribution, and I'm very proud of that. I said I was going to do that, I'm very proud of it. They can speak -- unless they speak against me, in which case we'll bring it back," the president said to laughter. "We'll bring back that Johnson amendment so fast."

"I'm only kidding, I'm only kidding, they're gonna take it seriously," the president added, motioning to the press. "They're gonna go out -- 'We have breaking news.' They're gonna say 'see I told you, he wants to be a dictator, I told you that!'"

And, true to the President’s prediction, CBS News added this ominous paragraph to their article on Trump’s speech:

The president has not undone the law, like he sometimes claims he has, but rather told the Treasury Department it can enforce at its own discretion — leaving the possibility that the Trump administration could only penalize churches that oppose the president.

Maggie Garrett, (@maggiefgarrett), Vice President of Public Policy at Americans United for Separation of Church and State quickly tweeted:

Usually when Trump says things like this, he means them. It reveals the real reason he wants to repeal the Johnson Amendment - so conservative evangelical mega-churches will endorse him. It is *always* just all about him. #JohnsonAmendment

Not to be outdone, lefty spiritual practices guru and author Diana Butler Bass (@dianabutlerbass) tweeted:

Switched on the so-called "Faith & Freedom Coalition," only to see Trump and Bill Bennett comparing their wives' looks. That's pretty much the state of the religious right.

And now Trump is praising himself for saving believers from the shameful oppression they had suffered.

Seth Hanlon, (@SethHanlon), Senior Fellow at the American Progress and a Former Special Assistant to President Obama for Economic Policy tweeted:

Kidding about bringing it back, or the whole part?? Either is troubling...

Hanlon followed up with this tweet:

Not a joking matter.

But also, lest we forget Trump's lesser-known crimes: He keeps repeatedly showing that he knows 501(c)(3) law very well, which is key to establishing criminal liability for signing false Trump Foundation returns. …  @EOTaxProf

And professional wealth manager Georgia Pangle (@GeorgiaPangle) chimed-in with this virtue signaling tweet:

I cannot believe this is our country! President in power can discriminate against religious groups who oppose him and his policies? Are we in 1950’s USSR?

During his speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition President Trump vowed to keep fighting for life, and his promises kept so far include a lot more than softening the Johnson Amendment’s restrictions; he has ended federal funding for fetal tissue research, gotten over 120 fairly conservative judges confirmed and reinstated the Mexico City policy, which drew cheers and applause from the crowd, including chants of “Four more years.”

Of course, the Democrat faux outrage on Twitter and the ominous warnings from CBS News about the Johnson Amendment miss an important point – Donald Trump’s approval among Evangelical Christians is now at 83 percent, and self-described Evangelicals accounted about 25 percent of the presidential electorate in 2016.

Democrats are increasingly hostile to pro-life Americans, supporting abortion and infanticide and doing their upmost to drive Christian believers from the public square. And joking about the Johnson Amendment aside, that’s the bedrock reason for Donald Trump’s popularity among Evangelicals that no Democrat has a prayer to change, no matter what they say during tonight’s debate.

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Humorless Liberals Pan Trump

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