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Assault on America, Day 180: Democrats are more than an obstacle to sanity, they’re a burden

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The dust is settling from last week’s first-in-the-cycle Democrat presidential primary debates, with media commentators and party activists still buzzing about the various “performances” of their favored candidates. Post-forum polls probably would indicate the contenders would all stack-up well against President Donald Trump if the election were held today.

But it’s July 1, 2019, a full year before Democrats and Republicans even hold their national nominating conventions. Needless to say, we don’t know who the Democrat participant will be, haven’t been informed on his or her VP choice or what their platform will sound like (though we understand from experience it will be chock full of big government socialistic programs and slavish deference to the liberal social agenda).

We’re also only half a year into the “new” Democrat House majority’s term, with much left to be determined as to whether Congress can get anything done -- or if they’ll just pontificate, investigate, yelp and moan away all opportunities to accomplish something. Voters will have little patience for the political gamesmanship if the stonewalling and grandstanding continues.

Then there’s the matter of President Trump and his eventual exit -- be it in early 2021 or four years hence. The day is far off, yet Democrats are spreading paranoia over the prospect of Trump unilaterally and unconstitutionally extending his presidency. Stupid? You decide.

Jordan Fabian and Saagar Enjeti reported at The Hill, “President Trump said … that he is joking when he suggests he might serve more than eight years in the White House, comments that have riled critics who worry there might not be a peaceful transition of power if he loses his reelection race...

“The president then referenced his tweet from Friday featuring a mock cover of Time magazine with a line of Trump campaign signs for each of the next four years until 2048, saying it ‘drove people crazy 'cause they don’t think it’s kidding.’

“Asked if he is joking, Trump replied: ‘Of course. But it drives them crazy.’”

The notion of Trump insisting on remaining in office when it’s time to step down is almost as absurd as Democrats and their media pals throwing a hissy fit over his refusal to state plainly whether he’d immediately accept the outcome if he lost the 2016 election (which all the polls indicated was an almost pre-determined conclusion). Trump was pulling their proverbial legs back then and doing it now too with jests about refusing to go peacefully in the night.

At the time -- the subject was posed in the closing minutes of the third and final presidential debate with Hillary Clinton in October, 2016 -- Trump was attempting to get a rise out of his media enemies who already were accusing him of being an authoritarian disruptor (in a negative way). Don’t forget, Trump was the one claiming the election might be rigged and was leaving open the possibility of a challenge. Remember? President Obama then assured the country and the world that no tampering was possible with the voting machinery. How quickly things change!

Of course Democrats and Trump haters changed their minds once Trump prevailed in the Electoral College and prepared to take the oath of office on Inauguration Day. By then the “Russian collusion” narrative was growing like a weed in summer, spread by the embittered Chardonnay-soaked hag Hillary and her gaggle of sore loser establishment swamp advisers who couldn’t explain what had just happened. To them, it was inconceivable that a brash outsider with a colorful personal history could just waltz onto the American political scene and walk away with the highest office in the land.

The problem is Trump isn’t the despot liberals predicted he would be and he’s certainly not a civil war inducing Latin American-type dictator who’s planning to rally the military behind him in hopes of postponing ouster from office. Here’s thinking that should Trump win a second term and serve an additional four years, he’ll be ecstatic to turn over the nuclear codes to Mike Pence or whomever the country elects to follow-up on his extraordinary, groundbreaking presidency.

But that’s a long way off. The realities of the moment suggest Democrats are merely searching for another way to paint Trump as unstable and capable of anything, including a potential stubborn rejection of the constitutional transfer of power. Nonsense. Trump’s shown no signs whatsoever of doing anything unusual to hold onto his presidential chair. If anything, Trump’s insisted he doesn’t “need” the job and would be more than happy to return to private life, play golf and run the family business.

Before that happens, there’s still much to undertake. By appearances, Trump’s border policies are already working. Michael Van Der Galien reported at PJ Media, “From the very first day Donald Trump could call himself ‘president,’ we've heard leftists and establishment conservatives say that his aggressive diplomatic style -- of negotiating with other governments -- won't produce anything useful. Trump was just angering them, and by doing so, he would actually end up undermining America's national interests...

“CNN correspondent Nick Valencia reports that Mexican Secretary of Defense Luis Sandoval has announced that he'll send nearly 15,000 extra troops to the Mexican border with the United States. Their number one job? To ‘curve the migration flow.’

“An additional 2,000 National Guard troops ‘have also been deployed across the country’s southern border with Guatemala & Belize,’ Valencia adds.”

It seems practically unfathomable Trump could be so successful on the immigration front with no help from Congress. Without any extra-legal actions Trump cut off the migrant dilemma at its source -- meaning stemming the waves of “undocumented” human beings using Mexico as a land bridge from central America to reach the promised land of los Estados Unidos.

It’s not exactly the same as building the wall, but it’ll definitely aid the border patrol. If the people can’t reach the line in the first place, walls become less vital. All Trump had to do was threaten to hike tariffs on our southern neighbor and they leaped to aid in the effort like jumping beans in a sombrero. The heretofore uncooperative Mexican government understands the economics of the situation and wouldn’t dare risk angering the great orange man up north.

Mexican economic viability is extremely dependent on goodwill from the American political leadership. There was a heck of a lot of leverage there all along if only previous presidents -- both Democrat and Republican -- were willing to use it. Instead of doing whatever it took to achieve real results the wishy-washy apathetic leaders took the easy way out by bowing to special interests. In this, George W. Bush was just as guilty as Barack Obama.

Amnesty was never the answer, and still isn’t. Time will tell whether the Mexicans’ stepped up internal enforcement results in fewer attempted crossings, but it can’t hurt to know there’s at least an awareness and acknowledgement that something had to give. Trump was likely never serious about drastically boosting tariffs on Mexico -- unless they did nothing. Then Trump would’ve tried another tack. It’s not hard to figure out.

Fewer attempts will save lives, too. Stephen Dinan and Gabriella Munoz reported at The Washington Times, “Bodies are piling up at the U.S.-Mexico border as the summer heat and the press of both countries’ immigration policies take a toll, adding new urgency to the debate on Capitol Hill about what, if anything, should be done to stop it.

“American officials recovered at least seven bodies over the last week, including three young children who appear to have died of dehydration in the sweltering Texas weather.

“Mexican media, meanwhile, reported on a father and his 11-month-old daughter whose bodies were recovered on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande on Monday, a day after they were sucked under by the current, while the girl’s mother watched helplessly.”

None of this would’ve happened if U.S. immigration laws were stringently backed by the DC swamp elites and they’d erected a wall -- as they promised -- years ago. The incentives to make the trip would’ve been drastically reduced and no doubt some of these people would’ve stayed in their home countries rather than risk almost certain failure.

And they’d still be alive today.

Dinan and Munoz’s article also reported on the continuing struggle between House Democrats and the Trump administration over increasing funding to deal with the severe border crisis. Democrats are okay with money that eases the humanitarian strain but won’t offer a dime to the executive branch to actually enforce the deportation laws. What a bunch of hypocrites!

If liberals are always so concerned with how the international community “views” us, don’t they care about how awful it looks that one major American political party won’t even cooperate in dealing with illegal immigration?

Last week Democrats demonstrated they’ll stop at nothing to defeat President Trump next year, including raising phony concerns that he won’t leave office when the time comes and also by withholding money to simply execute America’s immigration laws. All in all, a shameful display.

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