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Assault on America, Day 182: Would Portland's authorities care if Antifa killed someone?

Andy Ngo
Americans groaned last weekend as a gay Asian man was verbally hounded and beaten in broad daylight in the middle of a busy metropolis and the police did nothing to help him -- or to nab his multiple assailants, most of whom were curiously decked out in single color clothing and wearing identity cloaking headgear.

Liberals might have you think this type of brutality takes place only in white supremacist-harboring hick towns in Backwardsville, U.S.A., outside of dive bars where ignorant backwoods KKK rubes gather to toss down beers and set upon any “diverse” newcomers who randomly and unwittingly wander into their establishments seeking directions to the nearest interstate.

Unfortunately for the convenient leftist narrative, however, this fantasy isn’t close to the truth. The left’s anarchist strike forces (mostly if not all white-skinned) perpetrated the crime…and the establishment mainstream news media doesn’t seem to care about the escalating violence and the obvious “hate crime” potential here. John Gage reported at the Washington Examiner, “Dueling demonstrations in downtown Portland, Oregon, turned violent … as at least one journalist and police were hit with milkshakes, eggs, and punches.

“The violence comes nearly one year to the day that similar chaos broke out in the city when a right-wing group skirmished with anti-fascists, leading to injuries and arrests.

“Video from the event on Saturday shows Andy Ngo, an editor at the publication Quillette, getting hit and pelted with a milkshake. Protesters said ‘get the f--k out of here,’ ‘go home Andy Ngo,’ and ‘f--king owned bitch’ as they silly stringed and threw punches and objects at Ngo. Ngo posted bloody images of himself later, saying he had been taken to the emergency room.”

One can only fancy the pain Ngo bore while the black clad Antifa human jackals circled and assaulted, the man feeling helpless and alone as no saving angel with a badge intervened. The cowards anonymously inflicting the wounds are still presumably at large, too, unknown except to their own kind. How proud their parents must be to have their progeny threatening and injuring a man armed only with an electronic recording device. Afterwards the scum probably returned to their comfortable subsidized living quarters and watched themselves in news reports -- if there were any -- satisfied that they’d sent a guy to the hospital because he believes in something different than they do.

Everyone should think like them, right? -- and for those who don’t, let the flogging commence!

The political situation in Oregon’s a mess and doesn’t require restating here. Simply summarized, radical leftist Democrat lawmakers overran the legislature and moved to pass an arcane cap-and-trade law that would subject the citizenry to unfathomable levels of government mandates. Republicans left town (to prevent a quorum) to stop the madness. And then all heck broke loose in the state’s largest city (but it’s actually been going on for some time) in part because the left feels societal transformation isn’t progressing fast enough.

Andy Ngo took the brunt of the Antifa goons’ hatred this time but his place could just as easily be taken by anybody today -- or at least anyone who speaks out against the prevailing leftist attitudes. It’s more than an innocuous disagreement over taking down a historic statue or arguing that the earth’s not deteriorating at the rate the alarmists claim it is -- if you’re attempting to document what they’re doing, as Ngo reportedly was, they’ll make you pay for it in blood. Or with your life. Wait until Antifa kills someone -- what then? Is that what it will take for police to intercede?

Some liberal social media commentators claimed Ngo asked for the treatment by regularly showing up at Antifa assemblies, taking video of the violence that invariably results and then sharing it on his social media accounts. Antagonists claim Ngo’s only spreading sensationalism and finally got what was coming to him. But whatever happened to the old adage that a picture (or in this case, images) doesn’t lie? There are two sides to every story but if you see black hooded freaks sledge hammering store windows, harassing motorists or instigating a brawl, what are folks supposed to assume, that they’re collecting donations for the poor?

Are they there to pass out literature and engage in persuasive conversation? Did Antifa bring “milkshakes” to the Portland melee by accident or self-defense? Do urine bombs make themselves and then fly unpropelled as if by magic? Who buys the goons’ clothing? How come they’re all decked out as though they’re members of an avenging army? Who are their leaders? Can’t our eavesdropping federal agencies determine who’s behind all of this?

It wouldn’t be hard. But is there the will to do it? They’re terrorists, aren’t they? What if they menaced Nancy Pelosi -- the cops would be on them like flies on… you know what.

Needless to say, many aren’t willing to sit by and give the local police a pass for failing to step in when a citizen was pitilessly assaulted by thugs on an ideological mission. Senator Ted Cruz wants Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler investigated for his role in restraining the police in this and numerous other similar situations. In a sense this is an old story because Wheeler’s allowed Antifa and other leftist fringe nuts to intimidate federal immigration law enforcement officials, too. It’s more than targeting innocent citizens on the west coast -- they’re arrogantly going after the authorities too.

These filth may not be opening fire on the feds but when the powers that be stand to the side and let radicals do all the pestering and bullying, it might as well be the same thing. These losers use the presence of a small crowd of white supremacists as an excuse to come out of the woodworks and “counter-protest,” but they’re really showing up just to cause trouble. And everyone knows it, especially elected leaders who’ve witnessed the drama time after time.

It’s time federal officials stepped in and rounded up a bunch of these anonymous hoodlums, unmasked them, prosecuted them and imprisoned them. Here’s thinking if the violent ones are caught in the act and made to pay (with their liberty) for their excesses the problem will solve itself. Peaceful protest and free speech will always be honored in America, but what these leftist stormtroopers have done has nothing to do with voicing opinions.

And lest you think it’s only the anarchists doing the ideological virtue shaming, it’s not. The haters have even taken to the op-ed pages to condone extreme “resistance” too. Byron York wrote at The Washington Examiner, “The toxicity of the resistance to President Trump has risen in recent days, with the nation's most respected newspapers publishing rationalizations for denying Trump supporters public accommodation and for doxxing career federal employees, while a journalist found himself under physical attack from the so-called anti-fascist group Antifa, which has stepped up its violent activities since Trump's election…

“The president is not always at the center of such demonstrations, but Antifa has become an angry and violent fringe force in the Resistance. It has played an ugly role in a number of events, most notably Charlottesville, in which feelings about Trump have played a role.

“Shunning, shaming, doxxing, attacking. As the 2020 campaign reaches full speed, would it surprise anyone to see all of it increase? And all from people who congratulate themselves for standing against hate. Perhaps our politics will cool down at some point in the future. But not now.”

In his piece York highlighted a few instances where Trump-haters justified denying public accommodation to Trump supporters (the infamous “Red Hen” incident involving Sarah Huckabee Sanders in Virginia as well as the recent spitting travesty concerning Eric Trump) or doxxing border patrol personnel for doing their jobs (basically, publishing their names for public censure and pressure) in addition to the Ngo assault discussed above.

It’s obvious from the frequency and reoccurrence of these senseless events that they’ll keep happening as long as the mindset behind them endures. For those who may not have heard, presidential son Eric Trump was spit-on in Chicago by a waitress who purportedly didn’t agree with the president’s policies. Imagine if Chelsea Clinton received some idiot’s saliva for the perceived slights of her father Bill (or mom Hillary), or if someone spat on the Obama daughters in a public place.

The aggressor would’ve been led out of the establishment in chains, assuming the hastily formed mob (assembled through social media) didn’t tear them limb-from-limb first.

The episode would surely lead the nightly news on liberal network and cable shows. “Experts” would be brought in to explore the health risks associated with getting some unknown person’s spit on your face or clothing. The perpetrators would be paraded before the public and brought up on charges by the Justice Department for assault with a deadly weapon. Rachel Maddow would argue that the guilty needed their tongues and saliva glands removed (to not be a danger in the future) -- and maybe the persons’ families should be charged with hate crimes as well.

There’s virtually no end to the hypocrisy propounded by the left. And it’s not just the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates doing the holier-than-thou value judging -- it’s anyone arguing people deserve punishment for their political beliefs. Where does it go from here? We’re almost afraid to find out.

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