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Assault on America, Day 189: Party pooper 2020 Dems belittle national joy and military honors

Trump Jobs Report
Is it possible to run out of things to criticize people for?

You’d almost think so if you listened to the way Democrats pecked at President Donald Trump for his desire to honor the United States military during last week’s Independence Day celebrations on the national mall. Like spoiled children who’d already plunked their final dollars into the ice cream vending machine, Democrats whined and groaned as though Trump was using their own coin to grease the wheels of his reelection campaign.

Of course the ceremony went on and the tens of thousands of onlookers appeared to enjoy and appreciate it despite a steady rain and a balky teleprompter. From a far-away platform Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden protested it amounted to an ego-trip for the president. Daniel Chaitin reported at The Washington Examiner, “[Biden] delivered a speech … that began with a focus on ‘the incredible promise of the American future’ and a history lesson that touched on Presidents John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy before it quickly morphed into a tear against the current occupant of the White House.

“’Three different presidents, of three vastly different eras, united by their faith in the power of the idea that is America. Constant in their dedication to the pursuit of humankind’s highest ideal — liberty,’ Biden said at an event in Marshalltown, Iowa. ‘What, I wonder, will Donald Trump say this evening when he speaks to the nation at an event designed more to stroke his ego than celebrate American ideals?

“’Will he speak to the example America must set to inspire the world? Will he offer a robust defense of the democratic values that have always been our strength in times of crisis?’ the former vice president added in prepared remarks.”

Biden’s answer came when Trump completely avoided politics in his tribute to the American concept, with each military branch receiving its own special highlight and flyover by representative fighting aircraft. Heck, there was even a stealth bomber among the flying machines. In a different, less political age any outside observer would see the occasion as a fitting and patriotic dedication to folks who volunteer to serve the nation, Trump included. The president donates his quarterly salary to various worthy causes -- like care for veterans -- a fact receiving precious little note by people like Biden and the always jealous and spiteful mainstream establishment media.

Instead of commending the spectacle, Uncle Joe and several of his fellow 2020 Democrat presidential candidates spent Independence Day in Iowa speaking to small gatherings, trying to remain visible enough to let would-be party caucus goers know they’re still out there -- despite not really putting much effort into the endeavor. Biden himself is keeping a fairly light schedule these days, apparently already fatigued and desperately hoping to break out of the popularity spiral he’s been mired in since the first Democrat debates two weeks ago.

One Iowa poll even shows Biden’s sunk to third place behind Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren and California (phony) Senator Kamala Harris, who was also in the Hawkeye State over the holiday where she made headlines for calling Trump a “predator” who preys on poor people and the vulnerable. Not content to end there, the Golden State goofball labeled Trump a “coward” too.

The scenes in small town middle America on the Democrat campaign trail were quite a contrast to Trump’s appearance in front of the Lincoln Memorial in DC. Ever the showman, Trump certainly orchestrated a well-planned and entertaining performance. Democrats griped about the cost of the event, but since when is paying homage to America’s military traditions in poor taste or a waste of money? And why shouldn’t a president spend his time speaking to the people about very appropriate subjects on a national holiday? If the citizens are going to be “in town” anyway, why not add a special quality to the occasion?

If Obama or Bill Clinton had done the same thing Democrats would’ve championed them as great defenders of freedom and the “democratic values” Biden touched on in his own speech.

With the nation already saddled with mountains of unsustainable debt, what’s the issue with devoting a trifling of dollars to make Americans feel good about the country? Should Trump have canceled the holiday, citing budgetary concerns? If he had, would Democrats have given him credit for the move? Or would they all be like Biden and dredge up reasons to claim it was another instance of the New Yorker’s outsized “ego” and vanity?

And what specifically did Joe mean by “times of crisis” anyway? Sure, there are many, many crises all around us -- but they’re not the ones Biden was referring to. For example there’s the ongoing southern border crisis where waves of illegal invaders cross, the vast majority seeking asylum -- not from oppressive political circumstances in their home countries but because they’ve learned a warm welcome and a fistful of bucks is waiting for them if they manage to break through the golden door’s under-supported defenders.

After a visit to vastly overcrowded detention centers last week brainless airhead Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compared conditions at the border to “concentration camps,” but can’t it be said the illegal aliens lodged in those “camps” chose to be there? I don’t know for certain, but couldn’t they just as easily opt to go back to where they came from if they don’t like the quarters and vittles? The border patrol would likely even give them a ride home.

There are other “crises” abroad, too, but isn’t this eternally true? Trump recently concluded his visit to the Far East and became the first president to set foot in North Korean territory, a clear sign that the “crisis” (in terms of relations between America and the NORKS) is much less severe -- or non-existent -- than ever before. Trump’s administration has also largely avoided major military commitments in “hot spots” around the globe, a nod towards staying out of crisis-mode.

What about the economy? Last week’s jobs report was nothing short of encouraging, showing America’s employers are still optimistic about the future and are providing opportunities for people who want to work. And the Democrats? They think the sky is falling. Byron York wrote at The Washington Examiner, “Democrats [must convince] millions of Americans to vote against their economic interests, to choose a Democrat over the president, during a time of economic satisfaction...

“[Their] message could be characterized as: Yes, the economy is growing, unemployment is low, and wages are rising. But America under a reelected Donald Trump would become a racist dystopia in which all the beliefs Americans hold near and dear would be under constant siege. How could any decent person vote to reelect the president?

“Beyond that, Democrats hope educated voters will be susceptible to anti-Trump social pressures, to being shamed out of voting for the president. The idea is that those voters will focus on their objections to the way Trump has conducted himself in office — the tweets! — and not on the economic results of his presidency. Indeed, a number of polls have shown that a significant group of voters who are happy about the economy still plan to vote against Trump.”

So some polls would suggest. But as was the case in 2016, current tallies seemingly do not represent the real story -- there are no doubt a healthy number of voters out there who appreciate Trump and the job he’s doing yet refrain from publicly admitting as much due to fears of social chastisement -- or worse. Every week there are testimonies of Trump supporters being assaulted by wacko lefties who possess neither common sense nor a talent for self-control.

Wearing a MAGA hat in public requires courage. Meanwhile, leftists feel emboldened and supported to wear anti-Trump/anti-American paraphernalia -- or burn Old Glory -- yet showing pride in our president and his policies can get you labeled a racist, sexist, homophobe or some other vile moniker by people with an agenda. This isn’t to argue everyone should instantly like Trump or everything he does, but after four years of the left’s relentless bashing of him, conditions on the ground should factor in there somewhere.

Besides, not all polls are harbingers of doom for the president. One particular survey released over the weekend showed Trump with his highest approval rating yet. A majority still disapproves of his job performance, but the numbers are moving in the right direction. (It should be noted the same poll showed Biden beating Trump by double-digits next yearsomething’s not right here).

Taken together with the 2020 Democrat field’s near complete lack of substance or realistic policy proposals and Trump should feel rather satisfied at this stage of his reelection campaign. His opposition’s endless kvetching over “normal” things like Independence Day celebrations will eventually take its toll on the citizenry. Patriots don’t like faultfinders…and no one wants a pooper at a national party.

Plus, the ratings from Trump’s extravaganza broke records. Enough said.

So yes, it does seem possible to run out of things to complain about, especially if you’re talking about President Trump, the American economy and the successful recovery from eight years of incompetence and malfeasance under Barack Obama. Americans are starting to pay attention -- what will they see?

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