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Far-Left Billionaire Whacko Tom Steyer Enters Democrat Primary

Tom Steyer Runs
In case you thought Democrats couldn’t get any crazier or further to the Left, think again,

Reversing a commitment he made in January of this year, Leftwing California billionaire Tom Steyer yesterday morning announced his bid to join the two dozen Democrats running for president. In a four-minute video released by his campaign titled “Fundamental Change,” Steyer said that he wishes to “push power down to the people” and away from corporations.

Steyer has been a co-conspirator with Leftwing billionaire (and Nazi collaborator) George Soros in a variety of anti-constitutional causes and campaigns, including Andrew Gillum’s failed race-baiting campaign for Governor of Florida and the Astroturf campaign to impeach President Trump.

But Steyer’s signature issue is global warming.

Brittany Shepard of Yahoo News reports that during the 2014 midterm elections, Steyer lavished $74 million on the campaigns of candidates who promised to take action on global warming. According to Forbes, he funneled $67 million of those funds through his PAC NextGen Climate Action.

“You know, you look at climate change. That is people who are saying, ‘we’d rather make money than save the world,’” Steyer added in his video according to Ms. Shepard’s reporting. “That’s an amazing statement, and it’s happening today. And there are politicians supporting that.”

According to Ms. Shepard, Steyer has stepped down from NextGen and from his campaign to remove President Trump, Need to Impeach.

Were Steyer a junior member of Congress, such as Rep. Eric Swalwell, his campaign would be over before it even began, and he’d be out within three months of announcing, just like Swalwell.

But Tom Steyer is not just any Leftwing whacko, he’s a Leftwing whacko with billions of dollars to spend who's among the top five Democratic donors in the country (Forbes pegs his fortune at $1.6 billion) and he has threatened to spend up to $100 million to win the Democratic Party’s nomination for President.

And, he has an already built mailing list of over 8 million Far-Left activists who have signed-up for Need to Impeach and his anti-global warming campaigns. Although he will have to jump through some hoops to acess them, that is a formidable list with which to start a campaign for president.

Yahoo’s Ms. Shepard predicts that Steyer is unlikely to clear the Democratic National Committee’s threshold for the upcoming debates in Detroit, and reports Steyer asks visitors to dial-up his website to chip in small dollar amounts to help secure his spot on the third debate stage, which requires 130,000 individual donors and a showing of 2 percent in four qualifying polls — no easy task for a little-known late starter.

But if Steyer spends $100 million on the nomination, that can buy a lot of name recognition and mail to generate small dollar contributions.

And Steyer has one other thing going for him; his virulent, pathological hatred for Donald Trump.

It is worth recalling that mention of President Trump was largely absent from the first Democratic debate, which focused mostly on Democrat plans to buy votes with “free” stuff from the government. With Steyer on the stage and in the campaign that is unlikely to remain the status quo, because he hates Trump so much, he just can’t help himself.

When Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, “He’s just not worth it” in response to a question about impeachment, Steyer quickly counter-tweeted:

"He’s just not worth it?"

Is defending our legal system “worth it?"

Is holding the President accountable “worth it?"

Is doing what’s right "worth it?"

Or shall America just stop fighting for our principles and do what's politically convenient?

For the Democrats already in the presidential race, Steyer’s entrance presents a unique conundrum.

Steyer’s announcement video, with its anti-corporation message, is clearly aimed at cannibalizing support from Senator Elizabeth Warren, who came out of the first debates largely unscathed having by the luck of the draw been seeded with a group of lightweights on the first night of the two rounds of debate.

Likewise, for those, such as Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, and Governor Jay Inslee, who have made action on climate change centerpieces of their campaigns, Steyer’s entrance will suck a lot of air out of their message.

Steyer is also far to the Left on abortion.’s Steven Ertelt reports that last summer, as the Democratic Party debated welcoming pro-life Democrats, he announced that he would donate money only to pro-abortion candidates.

“We do not work for a single candidate who is not pro-choice,” Steyer said at the time. “I think people like to have litmus tests. We are explicitly pro-choice. We work a lot with Planned Parenthood, we work a lot with NARAL. We are absolutely committed to it.”

Got that? Litmus test on abortion for President Steyer equals no pro-life judges, Supreme Court appointments or executive branch officials – even if they are otherwise solid Democrats, like pro-life Democrat Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3).

What’s more, few candidates will be inclined to attack Steyer, who, with a bankroll of $100 million, will have no need to wait to raise the money for a counterattack.

The Democratic Party wisemen in Washington can’t be happy with Tom Steyer’s announcement, because this means that President Trump and the Capitol Hill Democrats’ failure to impeach him will take center stage in the campaign. And it will be that much harder for Democrats to move to the center for the general election while Steyer is pushing the other Democrats running for President even further to the Left on global warming and abortion, while ramping-up the anti-free market rhetoric and policy proposals.

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