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Democrats Raising The Mexican Flag Over America

Mexican flag
In a scene that reminded us of the infamous film of the Japanese invaders tearing down the American flag when they stormed Fort Corregidor in the early days of World War II, a group of hostile invaders stormed the ICE facility at Aurora, Colorado, tore down the American flag, and raised the Mexican flag.

The protest march was organized by immigrant rights groups, and "close the camps" and "let them all in" were two of their rallying cries according to Denver’s FOX 31.

Billed as “Lights for Liberty: A Vigil to End Human Concentration Camps,” Kieran Nicholson and Elise Schmelzer of the Denver Post  report organizers of the nationwide protest aimed to bring a stop to possible roundups in Denver and other major cities across the country and to “shine a light on the horrific abuses of the Trump administration in human detention camps,” organizers said on Facebook.

An estimated 50,000 illegal aliens live in the Denver area, but because the question of citizenship is not on the census no one really knows how many illegal aliens are here.

Nicholson and Schmelzer reported Patty Lampman, of Lights for Liberty, speaking over a public address system while standing in the back of a pickup, told the masses Friday in Aurora that the protest “is a movement” that won’t be stopped “until all these camps (detention facilities) are closed and every child is free.” The crowd roared in approval.

The Friday crowd carried flags and signs; they chanted protests. Demonstration messages included: “Show me what democracy looks like. This is what democracy looks like,” “Keep families together,” “Shut down ICE,” “Close the camps.”

According to the reporting of Nicholson and Schmelzer, Danielle Jefferis, a clinical fellow with the civil rights clinic of the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law, told the crowd that the Aurora facility holds more than 1,500 people, including children.

Jefferis described the facility as a “prison, a concentration camp, a cage” where people are “treated as criminals — animals.” She told the crowd that families are separated here in Aurora, not just at facilities along the Mexican border.

It is worth noting that these things only seem to happen in Democrat-controlled areas, and right on cue, on Friday, all of Colorado’s Democratic politicians began echoing those same open borders talking points.

Colorado's Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democratic presidential candidate, in a letter to the president called on President Trump to “stop the raids.”

Denver’s Democrat Mayor Michael Hancock was part of a conference call with immigration advocates. Hancock said President Donald Trump is using the prospect of a nationwide immigration roundup as a political tool.

At a Denver news conference Friday afternoon, Nicholson and Schmelzer report city leaders wearing immigrant support buttons condemned the planned raids. Hancock said the threat of raids has set the city back years in its efforts to build trust between government and the immigrant community.

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said again that his officers will not aid in the raids, reported Nicholson and Schmelzer. Denver Public Safety Director Troy Riggs said that in the past, immigration enforcement officers would give city dispatch notice of a planned action about 10 minutes before to avoid any accidental conflict between local officers and ICE.

Jamie Torres, director of the city’s Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, said about 50,000 people live in Denver illegally. She said that the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition was organizing immigration attorneys who are volunteering services for those affected by raids.

Editors Note: ICE says the raids are targeting illegal aliens with final deportation orders, meaning they have lost all their appeals.

A photo essay and report by Cullen Lobe of the Colorado Independent shows protestors not only took down the facility’s American flag and Colorado flag, they replaced them with the Mexican flag; an upside-down and spray painted “thin blue line” American flag tagged with “Abolish ICE”; and a third, custom flag with artwork and the message, “f*ck cops.”

We urge CHQ readers and friends to take a look at the video of the destruction of the American flag and Mr. Lobe’s photo essay and then tell us if you agree with Twitter user @memo_cake, who tweeted:

This is a ready-made campaign video for @realDonaldTrump reelection. True Americans find this despicable and outrageous and will demand law and order be restored.

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