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Assault on America, Day 195: Today’s warped Dems wish everyone was a needy illegal alien

Border facilities
Many times in American politics we wish a subject would just go away.

Case in point is the non-stop back-and-forth over immigration -- illegal and otherwise -- in the United States today. When Donald Trump made his fateful journey down the Trump Tower escalator four years ago to announce his candidacy for president, he based a big part of his opening pitch on the need to deal with our hopelessly broken and corrupted immigration system. The media and Democrats often revisit how Trump was particularly hard on Mexico that day.

“The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems,” Trump explained. “… When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. ... They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Trump’s softened his “let’s get tough but compassionate” message ever since, but the gist is the same. He’s also suggested it’s not just Mexico that’s illicitly exporting its own population across the northern border -- it’s central American countries (particularly Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador), and, in larger, almost frightening numbers, immigrants from other distressed parts of the world, too. They’re coming because the border is viewed as lightly defended, but also because they recognize there’s a bitterly divided American political class, one-half (or more) of which openly welcomes -- and wants to financially support -- anyone who manages to reach the line, knock on the proverbial door and utter “I’m here seeking asylum.”

Some say the strangers are simply seeking a better life -- but if this were true, why are liberals so up in arms whenever it’s proposed to deprive them of eventual citizenship and benefits until they reenter and go through a legitimate, specified process? Democrats demand legalization first and to grant them citizenship at the earliest convenience (remember pay a fine, pay taxes, complete applications and boom! A green card?). Millions of “new” voters equate to dozens more Democrats in Congress and a friendly, abortion-loving smiling face in the White House.

We’re talking the end of the country here if we destroy our sovereignty.

To say it’s a joke is an insult to jokes. The system doesn’t work, Democrats don’t care (it’s almost like they’re cheering on the inevitable collapse of the nation’s defenses) and the people actually charged with holding the line have reached their mental and physical limits. Anna Giaritelli reported at The Washington Examiner, “[L]ess visible are the 14,750 rank-and-file U.S. Border Patrol agents who are forbidden from speaking with the media. They make up around 75% of the 19,500 agents on payroll as of late June, according to the agency’s union, the National Border Patrol Council. Several agents, all union representatives themselves, said their fellow agents may not be making a scene, but many are not OK.

“’If there’s going to be a front page headline about what’s happening on the border as it pertains to Border Patrol agents, it should be, ‘Exhausted,’’ said Wesley Farris, second vice president for the El Paso chapter. ‘That’s what we are — exhausted — in every avenue. Exhausted mentally. Exhausted physically,’ Farris said.

“’Some of the things that they have to see and deal with are horrible,’ said the union’s Yuma chapter president, Mario Campos. Agents ‘find people that are deceased — in way greater rates than normal. Normally, we get things that are significant events like this that happen throughout the year, but because of the huge influx, it happens more often.’”

And it’s not just one localized region either. If it’s happening in El Paso and Yuma, which are not exactly right next to each other, it must be occurring at all points along the border. That’s a lot of miles and hundreds if not thousands of access points. And the agents have to watch ‘em all.

It doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to consider what it must be like to be a border patrol agent. While many ordinary Joes would describe their situations as thankless jobs, there probably isn’t another position in America worse than what the thousands of men and women charged with patrolling the border go through. Conversations around the proverbial water cooler likely involve the human atrocities they’ve each witnessed during their previous shift -- the criminal drug smugglers, the exploited children, the naked acts of barbarism, the soulless human traffickers.

Trump merely called them murders and rapists. Maybe he was holding back.

And no, the hurt doesn’t have anything to do with the “concentration camps” attested to by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates. Those losers view pictures or snippets of video and make value judgments based on what they purportedly saw. One wonders if their opinions would evolve if they were forced to serve a few weeks in the border patrol agents’ boots. It’d be a form of tough love that would benefit society immeasurably.

Good luck finding liberal volunteers for the program though. Our culture regards being a college basketball head coach as a hard job -- but what about being tasked with managing thousands of mysterious human beings arriving everyday with no papers, no possessions and no means to support themselves, a good percentage of which are sick and in need of professional care as a matter of law? What if we dumped a big group of these needy outsiders on the front lawns of Democrat politicians and handed out tents, stakes and hammers to them? Then we’d set up mobile kitchens with trucks full of supplies following closely behind. Would we get action then?

Border patrol agents don’t even receive this much expediency. No wonder their union leaders talk about increased instances of PTSD and alcoholism among the frontline forces. The most unfortunate souls in the illegal immigration controversy aren’t the ones dwelling in detention centers for a few hours, days or weeks -- it’s the folks who receive trifling pay for overseeing the sorry circus.

Politically speaking, it’s no longer a question of whether a wall is necessary. For most of Trump’s tenure Democrats argued a physical barrier wasn’t called for because other means (electronic surveillance, etc.) could adequately stem the flow of illegal humanity. They were lying -- and they knew it -- most of them previously having voted for funding at some point in their political careers when the executive leadership was more amenable to their political leanings.

Democrats aren’t even talking about a wall anymore -- the topic is so yesterday. Party members acknowledge there’s a problem with too many people crossing the border illegally and being quartered in overcrowded camps, but instead of shoring up the possible measures to slow or stop the penetration, Democrats complain the aliens are being mistreated upon entrance and require additional accommodations to make them comfortable. It’s more than just “humanitarian aid” -- it’s an all-out assault on America’s laws, customs and dignity.

Perhaps worst of all, Democrats play on good citizens’ emotions and sense of benevolence to bolster their own political cause. Shameful. They aren’t interested in bargaining or compromise -- it’s total victory or bust. What do they have to lose by doing nothing?

Out in California they are doing something about it…they’re upping the ante. The Associated Press reported, “California has become the first state to offer taxpayer-funded health benefits to adults living in the country illegally.

“Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law on Tuesday that makes low-income adults age 25 and younger eligible for the state’s Medicaid program regardless of their immigration status.

“State officials expect the plan to cover about 90,000 people and cost taxpayers $98 million. California already covers children ages 18 and younger regardless of immigration status.”

There’s an income qualifier included in The Golden State’s latest gratuitous giveaway, which must be great news to California’s already over-burdened middle-class taxpayers. That’s right, rich “undocumented persons” under 25 don’t get free doctors! The Democrats’ hatred of the wealthy even extends to illegal aliens. You heard it here first!

Be patient, bleeding hearts -- Newsom and his Democrat colleagues promise they’ll try and cover a larger pool of illegal adults in the future. Here’s thinking they’ll succeed! And does anyone naively believe it’s only 90k people and less than a hundred million bucks to do this? Take bets that the real tally is ten times those figures -- or more.

Imagine you’re a would-be illegal alien in central America or other economically blighted worldly spot and you get word that one of the 50 United States will give you free medical treatment (among other benefits) if you find a way to smuggle yourself and your kids into the country. It just makes the border patrol’s job that much more difficult -- why not just fashion a giant human magnet at the border and switch it on?

No matter how much we wish it, the illegal immigration issue isn’t going away. In today’s toxic political environment, the only thing that can be done is to try and plug the enormous gaps in the balky border system -- or to vote in politicians who see reality and crave to do something about it.

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