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Assault on America, Day 197: Will Joe Biden’s fib obsession lead to calls for Hillary to run?

Hillary Clinton
It’s hard to believe, but the gaggle of 2020 Democrat presidential candidates completed their first round of “debates” three long weeks ago. In the time since the eclectic group of leftist dreamers exited the stage there’s been a whole lot of pundit bluster, a few minor shifts in the polls and much speculation on which one of them, if any, could beat President Donald Trump next year.

Former Obama vice president Joe Biden remains comfortably ahead in national opinion surveys, which is hardly unexpected considering nothing happened during the two-night Miami slug-fest to dislodge him from the widespread Democrat belief that he’s in the best position to challenge the Republican incumbent. Electability is everything to Democrats these days (unless you’re talking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her anti-common sense kook crusade in Congress). Whether it’s true or not, many Americans see the longtime Delaware pol as a typical ordinary Joe, a folksy foil to the gold-plated Trump.

Biden’s image doesn’t match reality (turns out he’s making plenty of post-politics dough too), but impressions are impressions. They’re hard to dislodge when people don’t care about -- or pay attention to -- the facts.

Nevertheless, we’re beginning to see credible evidence that Uncle Joe isn’t quite as invincible as he might seem. Marc Thiessen wrote last week at Fox News, “To win back the presidency, Democrats must retake states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio where once-reliable working-class Democrats opted for Trump in 2016. The rationale for Biden's campaign is that he is the candidate best positioned to win back these ‘forgotten Americans’ who voted twice for him and President Obama. In fact, he may be the worst candidate to try to do that…

“…Trump is going to portray Biden as a Washington insider who enriched his family while backing all the disastrous trade deals that destroyed so many American manufacturing jobs. Trump will tell working-class voters that Biden's family got rich while you lost your livelihoods — until I brought your jobs back.

“Biden is perceived as electable for one reason: because the rest of the Democratic field has gone so far to the left. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. With most of the other leading candidates embracing socialism and open borders, Biden looks like a winner by comparison. But Biden's electability is a myth. Trump will be just as happy to run against the swamp creature as anyone else.”

Thiessen’s correct, but not necessarily just because Trump will expose Biden as a lying corrupted swamp creature. The truth is, Biden comes off as hollow and shallow because he shifts issue stances so often. Uncle Joe’s acquired a well-deserved reputation for flip-flopping and gaffes during his nearly five-decade-long political career. His memory is spotty and his tongue outpaces his brain. Listen to him long enough and you’ll literally witness it taking place.

It's almost like Biden’s never perfected the art of giving short speeches. Ronald Reagan built a political career based on condensed thoughts inscribed on notecards, which he often referred to when an occasion arose (some of the notecards are on display at the Reagan presidential library -- fascinating to see them). Biden is too arrogant, lazy and blusterous to do something so simple and disciplined as commit time-tested principles to memory. He’d rather dribble first and apologize later, something he’s become very proficient -- and practiced -- at doing.

Joe runs his mouth with his brain in neutral, which will prove to be a very dangerous habit. Often times it looks like his words are past his lips before he’s even processed them, like when he praised working with segregationists during his early tenure in the senate (taboo to the uber-race sensitive Democrat party which demands retroactive adherence to political correctness) or blurted out how he continues to support the abortion-restricting Hyde amendment (before taking it back). Biden’s forged a livelihood from papering over his airy intellect by seeming to be a friendly, relatable guy, but it won’t be hard for the Republican campaign’s brain trust to blow holes in his contradictory and hypocritical record.

The Joe Biden of 2019 ain’t the one who came to Washington as a (relatively) young man with young kids from a moderate border state in the early 70’s. Biden’s raised his sails to catch the prevailing leftists winds now -- and they’re blowing him all over the oceans. Just in the past couple months alone Joe’s reversed course on several positions to make himself more palatable to the Democrats’ socialism-loving primary voter base -- and he won’t be able to steer back towards the center once he’s done clearing the party’s field of fire.

As Thiessen pointed out in his piece, the rust belt’s working class voters won’t be returning to ‘ol Uncle Joe because he’s adopted policies completely untenable to the group. Trump’s pro-American trade emphasis, determined drive to limit illegal immigration and non-interventionist foreign policy appeals to people who work with their hands. And they don’t want to pay for illegal aliens’ healthcare or college educations for wealthy kids either.

Union members don’t much care for the Democrats’ Medicare-for-all pipedreams either. Negotiating luxurious health benefits packages is one of the unions’ major functions; if private insurance is eliminated it takes away a prime reason for unions to exist. Who would’ve ever thought -- a Republican president receiving a huge share of union votes? Union leadership will always slavishly follow Democrats, but what about the guys and gals on the assembly line?

Biden’s said he favors keeping Obamacare (which would preserve some private insurance) but it’s unclear what he’ll come out in favor of if/when the race starts slipping away from him. Biden’s “principles” on every topic evolve faster than chameleons change colors. And it’s not even mentioning his more than questionable #MeToo problems (with creepy touching, hair-sniffing and swimming naked in front of female secret service agents).

If she’s worth her salt, the next female debate moderator should ask the candidates, “By show of hands, who thinks it's permissible for a president to parade around nude in front of government security agents who’re required to be present?” We haven’t seen the last of this perversion issue -- it’s just been pushed to the side by more salient matters of late.

Of course, there’s always the chance Biden will be overtaken by one of the crazed socialism-lovers in the Democrat field (which pretty much describes most of them). If it happens, would Hillary Clinton drag herself out of her Chardonnay-induced coma and mount a late bid? If so, one of her former aides would take extraordinary physical measures to prevent it. Tim Pearce reported at The Washington Examiner, “Hillary Clinton’s former communications director [Jennifer Palmieri] said she would ‘ankle dive’ at the former secretary of state to keep her from running for president again...

“’If Hillary Clinton ran for office again, I would do an ankle dive at the door and not allow her to do it because I love her too much,’ Palmieri said. ‘I want her to be the president, but she is going to be the woman that showed us that it is all broken.’

“Clinton struggled to come across as authentic and capable during the election, even though Clinton billed herself as capable of performing the job just like a man.”

Huh? Hillary’s never struggled in the slightest to come across as authentic. On the contrary, Clinton was far too genuine in sharing her true self with voters, appearing to be an entitled, selfish, nasty hag without a platform who based her candidacy solely on her status as an ex-president’s wife who knew the ins and outs of Washington and could therefore deliver gobs of goodies for the Democrats’ favored constituencies.

Sounds like a dream Democrat candidate, doesn’t it? Hillary’s all-witch-all-the-time example is being emulated by a host of 2020 Democrat women, namely Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar and Kirsten Gillibrand. You could lump Marianne Williamson in there too, though the “Oprah guru” is too extreme even for today’s Democrat voters. The only female Democrat who seems original in the slightest is Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard -- and that’s because she’s served in the military and speaks candidly about national security and avoiding wars.

Gabbard rose a couple points in the post-debate polls -- likely enough to qualify for the next round of Democrat debates -- but make no mistake, she’s got no way to break out in this field full of glory hogs and socialist wannabes.

Hillary Clinton would create instant waves by even hinting she’s thinking about joining the fray. Palmieri would need to rehearse her “ankle dive” if that were the case -- especially since the 2016 nominee would almost certainly attract double-digit support from the get-go. And here’s thinking most of her voters would come from Joe Biden’s pool, seeing as he’s the establishment candidate in the Democrats’ disorganized scrum.

If/when Biden starts sinking in the polls later this year there will be demands for a Clinton “savior” candidacy. You heard it here first. Is she the only one truly angry enough to do the job?

Whether or not Hillary Clinton eventually decides to enter the 2020 presidential race, Joe Biden’s fate depends on how long he maintains the appearance of viability. Once Democrat voters see through the former Obama VP’s ruse the end will come quickly. Will Hillary then pick up the pieces?

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