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Conservatives Oppose Trillion Dollar Spending Boondoggle

US debt 22 Trillion
In April of this year the U.S. government set a new all-time record for the amount of money it collected through taxes in a single month, but at the same time, the budget deficit grew because government spending grew even more than its record revenue.

Craig Eyermann, a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and the creator of the Government Cost Calculator at, documented the federal government recorded a $160.3 billion surplus in April 2019 as revenues for the month jumped to an all-time high. But even with a flood of tax receipts, the deficit at that point in the fiscal year was running 37.7% higher than a year ago.

At the same time the Treasury Department reported that the deficit for the first seven months of the budget year that began Oct. 1, 2018 totaled $530.9 billion, compared to a deficit of $385.5 billion for the same period in the previous fiscal year.

The Trump administration projected in March that this year’s deficit will hit $1.1 trillion, up from last year’s deficit of $779 billion – a figure comparable to the Obama-era deficit.

After months of urging congressional and administration negotiators to prioritize reductions in spending, the conservative leaders of the Conservative Action Project have come out in opposition to the recently announced irresponsible bipartisan budget deal.

The agreement eviscerates the remaining budget caps by more than $320 billion over the next two years. It does so without any spending offsets—despite the more than $1.1 trillion in cuts proposed by the White House. It also contains a two-year suspension of the debt limit, without any restriction on how much Congress can spend.

The national debt is at a record-breaking $22 trillion. A deal of this magnitude, without any real efforts at reducing discretionary spending or managing entitlements, is the height of fiscal mismanagement.

In numerous election cycles, voters have made it clear that they do not support these types of trillion-dollar boondoggles that put Washington priorities ahead of responsible problem solving.

The House Freedom Caucus, Republican Study Committee, and leading conservatives in the Senate have all come out in opposition of this deal. We urge others to follow their lead, and call on President Trump to veto it.

Signers as of CHQ post time include:

The Honorable Edwin Meese III
Attorney General
President Ronald Reagan (1985-1988)

Alfred S. Regnery
Chairman, Conservative Action Project
Chairman, Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund

Thomas Fitton
Coalitions for America

Adam Brandon

Myron Ebell
Director, Center for Energy and Environment
Competitive Enterprise Institute

The Honorable David McIntosh
Club for Growth

Noah Wall
Vice President of Advocacy

The Honorable Jim DeMint
Chairman, Conservative Partnership Institute
Member, US Senate (SC 2005-2013)

Ed Corrigan
Vice Chairman, Conservative Action Project
Executive Director, Conservative Partnership Institute

Mary Vought
Executive Director
Senate Conservatives Fund

Rachel Bovard
Policy Director
Senate Steering Committee (2014-2015)

Matt Schlapp
American Conservative Union (ACU)

Daniel Schneider
Executive Director
American Conservative Union (ACU)

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund

The Honorable George K Rasley Jr
Managing Editor

David Bozell

The Honorable Tony Perkins
Family Research Council

The Honorable T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr.
Chief Domestic Advisor
President Ronald Reagan (1987-1988)

William L. Walton
Council for National Policy

Kelly J. Shackelford, Esq.
Chairman, CNP Action, Inc.
President and CEO, First Liberty Institute

Jessica Anderson
Vice President
Heritage Action for America

Tim Chapman
Executive Director
Heritage Action for America

Tim Chapman
Executive Director
Heritage Action for America

Scott Parkinson
Executive Director
Republican Study Committee (2016-2018)

(Organizations listed for identification purposes only.)

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