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Steve Stockman Case: Deep State Using The Federal Prison System For Political Payback

Steve Stockman
The mysterious death of Jeffrey Epstein while in federal custody, the disciplinary action against those involved in his death, and the subsequent revelations about Epstein’s celebrity treatment while in custody have cast a bright, and unwelcome, light on the culture of the federal prison system’s management.

While Epstein, a previously convicted and truly dangerous serial pedophile predator, was for reasons yet to be disclosed, accorded privileges unknown to other inmates, our friend former Congressman Steve Stockman, whom we believe was wrongfully convicted and is appealing, has been subjected to an unbelievably harsh regimen of shackles, solitary confinement and deprivation of the basic human rights owed even to those in prison.

Stockman's record was one of an anti-establishment conservative warrior. He investigated the misdeeds of the Whitewater Development Corp., opposed Hillarycare in the '90s, stood against the Mexican bailout, pursued the impeachment of Eric Holder, blocked immigration and gun bills the left demanded, called for the arrest of Lois Lerner, worked to eliminate automatic citizenship for "anchor babies," attacked the systematic sexual abuse of children in schools, pushed to sanction China for its abortion agenda, coordinated demands for a special investigation into Benghazi and much more.

What’s even more noteworthy is that Steve Stockman’s journey through the underbelly of the federal judicial system began when he filed a House Resolution demanding the arrest of Lois Lerner for contempt of Congress. Within two weeks of that constitutionally protected action the FBI was at then-Congressman Stockman’s door and he became the subject of a three-year witch hunt.

And who was at the helm of this witch hunt?

Raymond N. Hulser, a career Justice Department official copied by Lois Lerner on emails arranging the undue scrutiny of the Tea Party and other conservative organizations.

And Stockman’s FBI persecutors weren’t even subtle about the motivation for his oppression, saying (according to witnesses), “You know Lois Lerner is our former colleague,” and taunting him with comments such as, “I hate the Wall,” and “I’m from Jefferson County, my Dad was friends with Jack Brooks [the liberal Democrat Stockman defeated].”

Now, Steve Stockman has been moved to the Beaumont (Texas) Minimum Security Camp. This federal prison camp is part of what’s known as the “Bloody Beaumont” prison complex for a series of high-profile murders that took place there. In one murder a prisoner targeted by two other inmates was stabbed 50 times.

During his transfer to Beaumont Stockman was kept shackled, placed in solitary confinement to the point that he lost track of the days, deprived of his glasses and medical treatment for his diabetes and subjected other demeaning treatment.

When he asked what he had done to be in solitary, he was told he has a “media issue.” Those following Steve’s saga here know that American Target Advertising and 27 prominent conservatives filed an amicus curiae brief in support of reversing his conviction, and his case is getting increasing media attention, like by our friend Rebecca Hagelin at the Washington Times (“Retribution by Obama officials keeps courageous congressman in prison”).

It seems exposure of the government’s misdeeds in Steve’s trial has filtered down to the prison system. This is banana republic justice.

The Beaumont federal prison complex is located in Steve Stockman’s former congressional district and while it is more convenient for his family to visit, based on Mr. Stockman’s treatment during his transfer his friends are concerned that this has put a target on him.

And based on a 2018 United States Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons, Office of Internal Affairs investigation their concerns are not unfounded.

What the investigation found was a culture where certain corrections officers denied inmate requests to be placed in administrative detention and separated from the general prison population by inmates concerned for their personal safety. Or even worse, considered those requests only on a quid pro quo basis if the inmate would snitch on other inmates, thereby further jeopardizing the inmate’s safety.

The investigation also found a culture of unprofessional conduct toward subordinates among certain corrections officers, leading to at least one incident where a group of inmates rushed a corrections counselor’s office in order to assault another inmate.

Today, as Steve Stockman’s appeal is underway he tells us he has been reading the Bible and taking note of all the saints who'd been imprisoned, we can’t help but note how little things have changed since biblical times when prisoners were incarcerated not because they were a danger to other people, but because they were a danger to the political establishment.

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