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Assault on America, Day 233: Time, events and the Democrat Party have passed Obama by

Obama told Biden
What does Barack Obama think?

It’s something both Republicans and Democrats wonder these days. The 44th president is mostly absent from view -- except for his frequent mentions during the Democrat primary debates (in a negative way). One can only speculate what he, the most popular Democrat in the land, feels about the way the Democrat race is shaping up. It must be hard watching his heretofore (in party circles at least) untouchable liberal legacy being ripped to shreds by a collection of pols who couldn’t carry his water while in office.

Then there’s Obama’s old reliable pal, former vice president Joe Biden, who’s tried his best to defend those eight glorious White House years, but having done a hopelessly poor job of it. Going in, everyone knew Biden was gaffe-prone, but the past couple weeks have been ridiculous even by his low standards. Joe’s closest handlers deliberate what to do about it, including considering limiting his exposure to unscripted public appearances.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign managers employed a similar strategy in 2016, but not until after she’d already won the party nomination. If Joe’s tucked away now, it would be virtually unprecedented in American political history. Can Biden sustain his polling lead without actively campaigning (on a “normal” sechedule, that is)? Perhaps we’ll find out.

Adding to it all, now there are reports that “the One” attempted to persuade Biden to stay out entirely.

Matt Margolis reported at PJ Media, “According to the New York Times, while Joe Biden was seeking counsel on whether to run for president, Barack Obama tried to talk his former vice president out of running.

“[Quoting from the Times’ article] The two men spoke at least a half dozen times before Mr. Biden decided to run, and Mr. Obama took pains to cast his doubts about the campaign in personal terms. ‘You don’t have to do this, Joe, you really don’t,’ Mr. Obama told Mr. Biden earlier this year, according to a person familiar with the exchange.

“Mr. Biden — who thinks he could have defeated Donald Trump four years ago — responded by telling Mr. Obama he could never forgive himself if he turned down a second shot at Mr. Trump.”

One can only imagine what Obama’s motivations were for working to get his right-hand man to stay home instead of oust the hated Trump. For one thing it shows Obama has little or no confidence in Biden, an opinion likely honed over eight-plus years of close association with the hair-sniffing, nude swimming, oft-pontificating lifetime politician. Biden’s always been as gregarious and mistake-prone as Obama was cold and careful, a bad combination when talking about forging a lasting national political partnership.

Plus, Obama understands Joe. The latter needs a lot of attention and praise to keep him happy, like a lap dog that can’t be left alone while his owner goes to the store. Obama wanted to transform the United States into a politically correct socialist utopia, but Biden just hoped to be loved. The second in command would do or say anything to win votes -- including throwing anyone and everyone who got in his way under the proverbial bus.

Having Biden run for president at his age constitutes a big risk for Obama, a situation with very little potential upside and a whole lot of likely downside. Even if Biden ended up the Democrat nominee and beat Trump next year there’s no guarantee he’d be a successful president. In fact, there’s a better than average chance a Biden presidency would tarnish or ruin everything Obama stood for -- and Obama would be remembered for all his disasters instead of his victories (were there any?).

Or, in the alternative, Biden’s time in office could be a rousing triumph and reflect just as badly on Obama since his two terms were chock full of strife, division and back-biting. This is the much less likely scenario (the triumph part), but you never know.

Biden hasn’t started turning on Obama -- yet -- but a possible treasonous statement (regarding the former president) can’t be far away, especially if the far-left 2020 contenders start gaining traction in Iowa and New Hampshire. It’s very hard for any pol to keep momentum for long and here’s thinking it would be especially tough for Biden because he’s got no underlying principles -- other than an intense desire for government control and fixing outcomes for his favorite constituencies. Contrary to the media’s popular conception of the man, he’s no “moderate” in his thinking.

“Pocahontas” Warren and Bernie Sanders might be more out front with their overt socialism, but make no mistake: Biden would happily raise everyone’s taxes, grant amnesty to every single illegal alien in the country, nationalize healthcare, move the country towards “free” college and cement abortion on demand into regulatory law so securely it could never be undone. “Climate change” would become the administration’s guiding principal with the disastrous Green New Deal not far behind. All of the gains in energy production realized under Trump (and to a much lesser extent, Obama) would be squandered and reversed.

Once in office Biden would serve at the whim of the radicals in the party. Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to be Speaker forever -- who will come after her? AOC?

Uncle Joe would be a foreign policy disaster of epic proportions, too. Never forget, he was “for” the Iraq War before he was against it, right? Biden’s at the ready to take credit for what goes right and just as quick to dispense blame for failures. How likely would he be to keep things on an even keel in a time when there are so many international challenges? Joe would throw open the doors to unfettered and poorly vetted Muslim immigration, altering the culture of the country forever.

Not too long ago Biden (in answer to a student’s question) said there are “three” genders but when challenged, wouldn’t identify them (and grabbed the girl’s arm, too). Consider what it would be like to have a president who won’t even acknowledge biological truth. Yes, his tenure as president would be that ugly. Just envision Biden on the world stage lecturing Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping about the need to protect transgender “rights” in their countries.

Such is the world under impossible politically correct mandates. Not that it would be any better under “Pocahontas” Warren, The Bern, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, “Beto” O’Rourke or any other Democrat. President Trump looks “moderate” and “normal” compared to any of the Democrats, including Biden.

No wonder Obama told Biden not to run. Not only will his buddy have an uphill climb to the nomination, Joe won’t be able to handle the job as president even if he were elected. As was true during the recent debates, Biden would face serious intra-party pressure to ditch Obamacare in toto and push towards Medicare for All. Obama will eventually disappear, as will the Clintons. The “old” Democrat party is on its last leg.

Trump may soon have some competition of his own going in to next year’s GOP primaries. Former South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford indicated he’s close to making a decision on whether to challenge the president from within. Bailey Vogt reported at The Washington Times, “Former Republican lawmaker Mark Sanford said Friday he is ‘growing ever closer’ to announcing a challenge to President Trump in a 2020 primary challenge.

“The South Carolina Republican said ‘a lot of folks who were open and receptive’ to him as a potential candidate after he visited New Hampshire, an early primary state. ‘At this point, I am growing ever closer in that direction,’ Mr. Sanford said on CNN’s ‘New Day.’ ‘A couple more T’s to cross and I’s to dot.’

“The former governor and U.S. congressman said he wants to join the race to discuss action surrounding the federal debt and deficit and address a ‘grave concern’ around Mr. Trump’s tone.”

Obama would no doubt say the same thing as Sanford -- about Trump’s tone, at least. Democrats don’t give a hoot about the national debt… they’re always demanding increases in the debt ceiling, aren’t they?

And Obama would definitely counsel Sanford to jump in the GOP race (if a one-horse contest is actually a race), figuring any internal party dissension would weaken Trump’s case for a second term. The final vestiges of #NeverTrump advance a similar argument, suggesting the Republican Party would “gain strength” from the impression that not all GOPers are united behind Trump (even if surveys consistently show nine-out-of-ten are).

Sanford would therefore be all show and very little substance. He’d get some conservatives to listen on the fiscal pleas and would be universally ignored on the “tone” bit. For over four years Trump’s been pecked at for his rough-around-the-edges personal decorum. Behaving oneself didn’t pay dividends for George W. Bush -- or his father -- both exited office with critically low approval ratings.

While Trump’s still got work to do in improving his overall standing with the voting public, time and circumstances are on his side. With Biden being four years older (or 3 ½) than he -- and Bernie Sanders a couple trips around the sun older still -- no one’s talking about Trump’s age being a factor for him.

Sanford would prove to be little more than a nuisance to Trump. He could potentially push the president to talk more about his plans to reduce federal spending in a second term -- which would be a good thing -- but otherwise hardly anyone outside of establishment media sources would pay attention to him.

No one ever said being on the political outside is easy, something former President Barack Obama is discovering. Obama lost his influence the minute he exited the Oval Office, so much so he couldn’t even convince his VP not to run and ruin his legacy. And there’s nothing he can do about it now.

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