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Constitutional Conservatives Recruiting Candidate To Run Against RINO Rep. Denver Riggelman

An open letter to voters in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District has signaled Rep. Denver Riggelman’s abysmal voting record may have earned him a challenge for re-nomination.

The letter says in addition to his anti-conservative votes, his recent public display of contemptuous behavior towards his constituents has earned him a challenge. 

According to sources that were there, last week a group of disenchanted conservative citizens from across the District met in Charlottesville to take action.  In just that meeting three people showed up ready to run against Rep. Riggelman. And we advised there are at least four more who have let it be known they will run if called. 

The informally constituted grassroots coalition is apparently serious about vetting and promoting one candidate from among Mr. Riggelman’s potential challengers in the expectation that they can identify a candidate who can not only defeat Riggleman for the nomination, but go on to win in November 2020.

The ideal candidate will be a strong Constitutional Conservative and the plan is for the candidate to be selected in time to announce the challenge prior to the District’s decision on a convention vs. a primary to select the GOP’s fifth congressional district nominee. Coalition members tell CHQ they will be ready and committed to go the distance either way.

It’s regrettable that Denver Riggelman flamed out in so short a time, but this scenario has played out before – Eric Cantor comes to mind – when an otherwise capable person makes a deal with the GOP establishment leadership and K Street to serve them - and not the people of Virginia.

As one participant in the Charlottesville meeting told us, “Like most of you, I trusted Mr. Riggleman. But am now committed to his removal and replacement from office. I invite you to join us and to be part of reclaiming our House seat for our fellow Virginians - not for the special interests of the DC swamp. This is Mr. Jefferson’s and Mr. Madison’s district. We can do better than this.”

We doubt anyone who worked in Riggelman’s hard-fought 2018 campaign expected they would have to turn around and work to defeat him in 2020, but from the reports we have heard Mr. Riggleman brought this on himself.

Stay tuned to CHQ for future developments in what is shaping up to be a congressional race of national significance.

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It would be nice to know what articles that he voted improperly for. I live in the 5th district

RINO replacement

I am not in this representative's district but I am interested in the Republicans taking back the house. What made him such a RINO? It is important to base one's opinion on verifable facts rather than nebulous unnamed sources. We accuse the Democrats of such things now this article uses the same tactics.