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Assault on America, Day 246: No magic mirror needed to see all 2020 Democrats are extreme

Democrat debate podiums
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the extreme-est (2020 Democrat) of them all?”

The normally reliable magic mirror in American voter x’s fictional office was stumped. Whereas the disembodied voice would always instantly respond with a nugget of incontrovertible truth (because it can’t lie, remember?) to most any question with a discernible answer, instead the animated object weighed the various attributes of all the 2020 Democrats and couldn’t narrow it down to a single prospect. For if every one of the Democrats is taken at his or her word -- which as politicians, they should be -- each contender is far outside the mainstream of society.

“They’re all crazy,” the mirror casually replied, feeling a bit sheepish for failing to do as commanded. But what else can a fairy tale prop do?

The Democrats’ extremism will be on full display when the top ten hopefuls take the stage (hosted by ABC News and Univision) at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, one week from tonight. Whereas the first two debate occasions were divided into two evenings to accommodate the party’s historically large field, only ten satisfied the establishment’s criteria to participate in the Lone Star State forum. As would be expected, the candidates who nearly made the cut (namely, billionaire Tom Steyer and Kamala Harris-nemesis Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard) -- but didn’t -- complained that the party poohbahs’ threshold was too exclusive.

But if you’re running a national (or in some cases, statewide or regional) campaign and can’t claim two percent support in four qualifying polls (out of something like 24 total) over a generous period of time, shouldn’t it tell you something about your chances to prevail? If you’re Steyer (who granted, entered the contest significantly later than everyone else) or Gabbard and you can’t produce a minimum base of support, what kind of ground do you have to stand on?

The also-rans without a prayer (like Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and Colorado Sen. Michael Bennett) also whined about unfairness and bias against them, but come on! Are there not enough fibbing magic mirrors in the country to tell candidates how great they are?

At any rate, the ten who did qualify are, Obama VP and polling frontrunner Joe Biden, Sen. Cory Booker, South Bend Indiana “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg, former Obama HUD Secretary Julián Castro, Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, former Rep. “Beto” O’Rourke, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Businessman Andrew Yang.

The fact some of these people made the stage (Castro, Klobuchar, Booker…) makes you shake your head and wonder why…or how… they managed to draw sufficient contributors and people brainwashed enough to lend them polling patronage. These losers are either so obscure or unknown or undistinguishable you wonder how they keep going at all. Take “Businessman” Andrew Yang, for example. Yang did participate in the first two go-rounds but other than being the lone Asian (though Tulsi Gabbard is part Samoan) in the field, he didn’t say anything that would drive party diehards to exclaim, “Hey! That’s the guy!”

No matter, Yang presses on, and he’ll be in Houston to try and gain further traction against the race leaders, particularly “The Bern”. Yang’s small band of rabid followers have even earned their own nickname. Seth McLaughlin reported at The Washington Times, “The scrapping between the Yang Gang and Bernie Bros is one of the more fascinating fights in the 2020 field, with Mr. Yang, the newcomer, making a serious play for liberal and disenchanted voters who backed the maverick senator the last time.

“That includes Mr. Yang himself. ‘I was a Bernie supporter in 2016,’ Mr. Yang joked at a recent campaign stop. ‘But now I’m here, and I am younger, fresher, more modern, more Asian, more tech-savvy than Bernie. I am like the Bernie of 2020,’ he said.

“The elder, whiter Mr. Sanders pushed back last week by saying Mr. Yang’s chief policy plan, a government-guaranteed universal basic income, isn’t the panacea Mr. Yang and his followers believe. Mr. Sanders counters the guaranteed government payout with his own expansive promises, including a federal jobs guarantee and, of course, his signature ‘Medicare for All’ universal health care plan.”

Who would’ve ever thunk it -- two (or more) candidates vying to be this year’s Bernie Sanders. Up until four years ago, Sanders himself probably didn’t even want to be him -- and now there are several Democrats working to be as extreme as he is, including Yang. McLaughlin reported that Yang’s “Freedom Dividend” calls for the feds to send a thousand bucks a month to every citizen (presumably to illegal aliens as well, though can’t say for sure) in America as guaranteed income, allegedly to ensure all humans have enough to eat and shelter themselves.

Yang’s justification for the ploy? Because the big tech companies and automation have eliminated millions of jobs while not paying a red cent in taxes. You can almost see liberals and the uninformed nodding along at home when Yang speaks, like “yeah, he’s right.”

Sane political observers used to label such hallucinogenic fantasies as the stuff of kooks’ wild imaginations, but in today’s Democrat party, ill-conceived whimseys are not only taken seriously, they’re voted upon. It’s almost like “reparations” for bombed-out American workers suffering from excessive capitalism and the shortsightedness of the political class.

Large families would seemingly do quite well under Yang’s guidance. We know a clan with eight children -- who needs to work when Uncle Sam’s cutting you a check for $10K every month? Buy a larger house and a bigger car! The sky’s the limit!

Think about it. There’d be reverberations everywhere if Yang’s dream came to fruition. Millennials would start having kids again -- as long as it pays! The birthrate would skyrocket. “Hey honey, ya think we can crank out a kid every year? We can retire by the time we’re forty!” Ambitious enterprising freeloaders would visit all the “concentration camps” along the U.S.-Mexico border and vie to “adopt” all those poor youngin’s separated from their older kin. Talk about a black market for children! Maybe the human traffickers would get in on the action. Sign us up! Under President Yang, the possibilities are endless!

Not sure if Yang’s plan would be means tested, but Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones could apply his future monthly check to running back Ezekiel Elliott’s salary offer -- and the impasse between the two would be fixed!

Aside from the awesome impracticality of Yang’s proposal -- and how to pay for it -- how could it possibly be implemented? What about the necessary bureaucracy to administer the law, and how would it affect the current tax rates? Don’t all taxpayers already receive personal exemptions and tax credits for children/dependents? Isn’t there the horribly mis-labeled “Earned Income Tax Credit” which subsidizes the lower income brackets?

No wonder even “The Bern” thinks Yang’s plan wouldn’t work. Sanders himself advocates for a federal job guarantee as well as universal healthcare under “Medicare for All”, two extreme ideas that couldn’t/shouldn’t ever see the light of day. None of the Democrat candidates provide explanations for how their crackpot delusions would ever be passed by Congress -- so therefore, they’re simply not to be believed.

Yet apparently some leftist loons still follow Yang as the lead element of America’s future. Scary.

Another frightening aspect of the Democrat Party -- which may or may not show up in the debate -- is the ongoing pursuit of impeachment proceedings for President Donald Trump. Several House committee heads are continuing the ruse as Congress returns from its annual summer recess. Common sense is nowhere to be found. It’s extreme, isn’t it?

Gabriella Muñoz reported at The Washington Times, “House lawmakers will return to the Capitol from a lengthy summer vacation to find that they are already in the midst of an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

“They have taken no vote on the matter, but Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, New York Democrat, has repeatedly told federal judges in recent weeks that it’s exactly what he is doing as he investigates Mr. Trump’s behavior toward Russia and suspected efforts to thwart FBI and special counsel investigations.

“Mr. Nadler has also fired off a round of subpoenas to set up a showdown hearing on Sept. 17. He has demanded the presence of several former top Trump aides that, according to the special counsel’s report, were involved in efforts to thwart the investigations.”

Yes, “thwart the investigations” into crimes that didn’t happen. The talkers claim one can still obstruct justice even when there’s no underlying wrongdoing involved, but it takes a giant leap of faith to see it.

Not even the comatose testimony of Special Counsel Robert Mueller in July served to throw the Democrat dogs off their non-existent impeachment scent. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has consistently downplayed the possibility of moving forward yet “representatives” like Nadler won’t yield. No one but the media is paying attention to the farce any longer -- what a waste of time and taxpayer provided resources.

If the magic mirror were asked, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the dumbest Democrat of them all?” that too would be a hard one to narrow down. Nadler and fellow House Democrat Adam Schiff would vie for the title, with several 2020 Democrat contenders like “Beto” O’Rourke and Kamala Harris also boasting a solid chance of earning the mirror’s selection.

They’ve all got a major case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and it doesn’t seem to be clearing up with the passing of time and events. Democrats don’t even hide it anymore -- they’re out to get Trump, reverse the positive trends in the economy and impose a form of socialistic martial law via executive order.

Informed political watchers don’t expect much different from next week’s third Democrat debate. Each candidate is extreme to say the least, a fact that will reveal itself the more they talk. Impeachment, a “Freedom Dividend” and Medicare for All will help demonstrate the point. Americans take note.

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