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Assault on America, Day 250: AOC, sleepless nights & the Democrat climate change alarmists

AOC Climate Change
It goes without saying a lot of us lie awake at night worrying about life’s problems. Everyday challenges and issues just have a way of invading our consciousness, depriving us of inner harmony as well as the much needed rest to recharge for the coming day.

You wouldn’t necessarily assume it, but such is true with the political class as well, though the things they’re concerned with probably don’t align well with what most of us regular people consider the trials and tribulations of “real” life. While most of us might fret over a kid’s school behavioral snafus or where our next paycheck will come from, the elites stress on big picture fantasies created within the confines of their own skulls. Take “Squad” leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example. She’s tossing and turning over… climate change.

Nick Givas reported at Fox News, “Ocasio-Cortez was livestreaming on Instagram … and answering questions from viewers, when she acknowledged having extreme angst over the state of the climate.

“’Even while I was on vacation, I woke up in the middle of the night, at 3:30 in the morning, just concerned about climate change,’ she said. The New York Democrat also said she struggles with balancing her work life, and claimed climate change might affect her ability to have a family. ‘I’m 29 years old. I really struggle sometimes with the idea of how to be a policymaker and potentially have a family in the time of climate change,’ she said. ‘And it really, like, freaks me out and it can be really, really scary.’ …

“’I’m scared sometimes, too, about the world that I’m going to be living in, that we’re all going to be living in. And I sometimes fear what we’re going to be living with when I’m 40, 50, 60 years old.’”

Phew! If/when Ocasio-Cortez reaches those age goals many of us will have either advanced to the next level or be so old that we’ll worry a lot more about practical and family considerations than the micro-fraction of a degree the earth heated up the previous year. Aside from the fact that many scientists dispute the so-called academic consensus that the globe’s temperature is increasing at all, very little evidence exists to suggest it’s doing so at a catastrophic pace.

Anyone ever ask AOC how she’ll even reach age 50 or 60 when the world’s gonna end in what, ten or twelve years? I’m no mathematician, but simple subtraction indicates her figures are a little off.

Any sustained climate change would likely take place over decades and centuries (don’t worry, it’s not happening) -- and by that time we’ll either be dead or the Brainiac powers-that-be will have invented a miracle fix for the third rock from the sun’s (no, not stealing from the TV show) gassy predicament. Whatever the case, poor AOC needn’t awaken from her peaceful slumber (on vacation, no less) to fret over a problem she can’t do anything about. She may consider herself one of the most powerful folks on the planet, but that’s true only if she were able to sway a heck of a lot of people in Washington -- convince them her ideas are genuine and they need to be acted upon. Now.

Such is the eternal contradiction from being a liberal. Self-styled “progressives” are so confident and self-righteously assured about junk scientific “warming” theories that they’re prepared to overturn every accepted norm to impose their “solutions” on the rest of us no matter how much we disagree or would suffer from the poorly anticipated effects of their “wisdom”. The truth is, Ocasio-Cortez has quite a number of process barriers before her if she’s ever to see her Green New Deal enacted into law and henceforth save us all from ourselves -- and allow her to sleep easy amidst her future mid-life crises.

First, of course, AOC must win approval from her party’s leadership to have her Green New Deal brought to the floor (if it hasn’t already, I don’t recall -- Republicans were trying to force a vote to make Democrats put themselves on record as seeking to eventually ban all fossil-fuel burning engines). If Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want her members making donkeys of themselves she’ll simply stuff the bill between the seat cushions in her office, never to be seen again until she decides it’s time.

But should Democrats somehow command 218 House votes to putatively eradicate climate change -- and millions of Americans’ livelihoods along with it -- then the Senate Democrat leadership would need to dredge up 60 senators who agree with AOC to overcome a certain filibuster from those with common sense (oops, I mean the ones opposing the bill). With Sen. Mitch McConnell setting the calendar, it’s not at all likely this is possible. “The turtle” may not be the greatest principled conservative leader in the swamp today, but he’s at least got enough smarts to know when liberal hooey must be suppressed.

The GOP would perish if its leaders ever allowed the Green New Deal to become law. The elites love their jobs, perks and power a lot more than that. A good thing? Not always, but certainly true in this scenario.

Lastly, should AOC’s sleep-saving climate change proposal clear Congress, it would still need the president’s signature. Donald Trump hasn’t shown any inclination towards caving to the Democrats’ climate junta. A veto would follow, and there’s no way two-thirds of Congress could be mustered to override it.

So poor Ocasio-Cortez will have to go on losing sleep while on vacation because her older and meaner and shortsighted colleagues won’t swallow her gobs of gobbledygook whole. And perhaps she’ll make good on her vow not to have children, too, which on balance equals a benefit to the world since she’d be free to devote 100 percent of her time and attention to social media and making an a-- of herself. Plus, with no AOC-spawn, there would be less carbon burned to fuel her non-existent children’s air conditioners, private jets and energy guzzling electronic devices -- and they won’t be exhaling any carbon dioxide either.

Humans are bad! They make the atmosphere burn! They favor machines that selfishly make their lives better! They require powerful equipment to help grow food to eat! Bad, very bad!

Liberals like AOC tug at people’s heartstrings to make it seem like problems are much worse than they are, and if we don’t act now that tomorrow will be worse than today. The climate may or may not be warming, but the “solutions” to the issue are not overwhelmingly apparent and a political consensus is needed before anything could be done about it. There are other intangibles as well, such as how the world’s biggest polluters -- like China and India -- can be compelled to jump aboard the climate change bandwagon and agree to restrain their economies so Democrats might get a better night’s sleep.

Facts tell us that the U.S. is doing more to offset carbon production than other industrialized nations with hypocritical political leaders who signed on to international agreements yet aren’t meeting their voluntary reductions. The United States is doing it, even if Trump cancelled the country’s official participation in the Paris accord.

U.S. energy producers are moving away from the biggest polluting sources (like coal). It will take time, but we’re heading in the right direction.

Besides, not everyone agrees that there is a massive problem. Consensus? Where? Heck, the powers-that-be can’t even agree on whether Pluto is “still” a planet. Passant Rabie wrote at, “Even though Pluto was officially downgraded from planetary status over a decade ago, fans of the solar system's underdog are still rooting for the small cosmic body. Case in point: NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, who stepped into the long-standing debate over Pluto's planethood during press remarks on Friday (Aug. 23).

"Just so you know, in my view, Pluto is a planet, and you can write that the NASA administrator declared Pluto a planet once again, Bridenstine said during a FIRST robotics event in Colorado this week...

“That verdict goes against the official decision made by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) back in 2006, which resulted from a vote among astronomers.”

Keep in mind that this “argument,” this conjecture, is about a frozen celestial body that’s billions of miles from earth. Like Bridenstine, most of us grew up thinking Pluto was a planet. If it looks like a planet and acts like one (big, round and rotates around the sun?), what’s wrong with keeping the dang designation as a planet?!

What compelled Bridenstine to disagree with the “International Astronomical Union” anyway? Isn’t all science settled fact? When a consensus of experts comes to a conclusion, isn’t the debate over? If 97 percent of all astronomers signed a letter declaring Pluto was no longer a planet, doesn’t it settle the issue? If Bridenstine doesn’t go along with it, is he a “Pluto denier?”

Or should he simply be fired and publicly castigated and humiliated for his scientific community-bucking opinions? Can learned scientists see the same set of data in different ways?

Maybe we should ask Barack Obama. He and Michelle recently paid millions for a seaside piece of property on Martha’s Vineyard, which if climate scientists (and AOC) are correct, should be completely submerged in x number of years. If the exalted one truly practiced what he preached he wouldn’t be nearly as anxious to lay out so much dough for something so close to the “rising oceans,”… would he?

At any rate, obviously some liberals and Democrats aren’t spending their overnights dwelling on scientific hodgepodge…and they certainly aren’t worried about refraining from reproducing to save the world. Looks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won’t be at peace anytime soon. Maybe she should start pondering whether Pluto really is a planet, too.

The 2020 election is about so much more than just the choice between Donald Trump and a yet-to-be-determined liberal opponent. If Democrats prevail, we’re a lot closer to making something like the Green New Deal a reality…an awfully high price to pay so AOC can get a night’s sleep.

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