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Assault on America, Day 252: 9/11 reminds us we still have far to go to Deliver Us From Fear

World Trade Center
With the arrival of the anniversary of the most devastating terrorist attack ever perpetrated on American soil, it’s time to reflect on the meaning of the occasion and what’s happened to the overwhelming sense of unity our country experienced and then squandered ever since the day, as country star Alan Jackson so eloquently put it, “the world stopped turnin’”.

Needless to say cultural and political conditions have changed markedly since nineteen (20, if you count the one who didn’t fly) Jihad-inspired Islamists hijacked four commercial airplanes intending to crash them into high value targets and inflict massive damage and loss of life. Today, the Pentagon and World Trade Center have been rebuilt or restored and the Pennsylvania field where United Flight 93 crashed (due to the heroic efforts of passengers to prevent it from making it all the way to Washington, DC) features a suitable memorial to those who gave their lives so that others might live.

It was altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

Forgive the continued allusions to the Gettysburg Address, but now we are engaged in a great civil war of a different kind, testing whether our nation -- or any nation so conceived and so dedicated -- might long endure. Though the competing factions aren’t exactly facing off against each other in open battlefields with rifle in hand and artillery at the ready, Americans are nonetheless divided like never before over the future direction of the republic.

The sense of togetherness and fulfilling harmony citizens experienced in the days, weeks and months following the devastating events on 9/11/01 is long gone, surrendered through years of political backbiting and bickering over big issues like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as invisible, less life-threatening concerns such as economic malaise, massive government debt and the slow drip of cultural corrosion.

Looking back to the fall of 2001, who would’ve ever thought our citizenry would be so split over objectively simple matters like supporting law enforcement personnel in big cities or the execution of our immigration laws -- or the question of providing welfare benefits to people who deliberately came to our lands and shores without permission or invitation.

It’s practically unfathomable to contemplate how bad it’s gotten in the past eighteen years. As was amply exposed by the ridiculous CNN environmental forums last week, Democrats are now far more invested in labeling “climate change” as the biggest threat to humanity rather than the repeatedly demonstrated and very real existence of Muslim fundamentalist terrorism.

Today’s is a climate of fear alright. I wrote about it ten years ago in 2009. On the occasion of 9/11/19, the words still ring tragically true now (slightly modified to make it current).

Titled -- Deliver Us From Fear:

“Just listen to liberal politicians today, and one common theme shines through – fear. They speak of an unfettered and corrupted capitalist system, of society’s downtrodden and forgotten, and even of an unjust and baseless war. But lost in all their rhetoric is the fact that fear isn’t theirs and theirs alone.

“Face it, we’re one scared country.

“Most people would say we began losing our way in September of 2001, but I’d argue it started well before that. We’ve basically lived in fear of society’s deterioration since the end of World War II, when the United States emerged as a nuclear superpower, and became the target of various governments, dictatorships, religions and political ideologies pinpointing America as an evil influence on the world.

“Then the forces of the cultural left sprouted in our own country, telling us our post-war society was sexist, racist and imperialistic. They told us our moralistically conservative parents were paternalistic, old-fashioned and sexually repressed. That the older generation just didn’t understand what was truly evil, despite having defeated Hitler, Hirohito and Mussolini. These people said you can’t trust anyone over 30. They promoted fear as an instrument of social change.

“They preached that it was acceptable to take to the streets to violently protest governmental decisions, riot on campuses and burn draft cards. They said it was okay for women to abort their unborn children, because pregnancy was a weapon of male subjugation. All in the name of fear—that someone, somewhere, wants to compel you to fight a war, or force you to have a baby that you don’t want, or keep you socially repressed.

“They said the status quo was bad. Holding and honoring traditions was paying homage to an outdated way of life, where the Founding Fathers were a collection of slaveholding hypocrites, and the ideals of Americanism should be replaced by forced economic equality and a socially judgment-free government. The old ways should be feared, because they’d only be perpetuated if remembered. To the left, anarchy is better than traditional values.

“These same people tell us that God’s a threat, too. He doesn’t belong in the classroom, at graduation ceremonies, football games or public functions. Putting the Ten Commandments on a schoolroom wall is somehow threatening to the students—but it’s perfectly okay to let them view pornography or violent television and movies over the airwaves (because free speech is good, when it’s a liberal cause—it’s expression).

“The fear’s only gotten worse in recent years, it seems, as more and more stability is taken away from America. We’ve lived through eighteen years of war in the Middle East, thousands of American deaths and images of Muslim savagery (mostly towards other Muslims). We were warned of weapons of mass destruction that never materialized. We’ve been brow-beaten by politicians in both parties who’ve said the whole cause is a waste of blood and material.

“Our culture and society is being held hostage by a small minority of liberal politicians, judges and public figures. Where we once feared tyranny of the majority, it’s now tyranny of the minority, and we’re told that’s alright, in the name of diversity of ideas.

“We live in fear because terrorists have infiltrated our society, and exploit it. We live in fear because morally deprived criminals cross our unprotected borders intent on doing us harm without reason or justification. We live in fear because we’re told our economy’s in the tank.

“And our economy is unstable because we live in fear. Many feel powerless to do anything about it.

“Fear is our constant companion because there isn’t a sufficient moral foundation to combat it.  The solution seems so simple: fight back against the evildoers, punish them, and serve justice.  Live in freedom and self-reliance. Work hard, and expect others to do the same. Respect others’ opinions, debate honestly, and work to do what’s right, not just what feels good, or is politically expedient. Fight the fear, before the fear paralyzes us.

“Fear’s a psychological phenomenon, but it’s gripping the American culture. We fear the unknown, because we’re not entirely sure justice will be brought to those who do wrong. Why?  Because we’re told that our punishments are cruel and inhumane. That the world community might not approve. We’re afraid that, as victims, we’ll never quite feel whole again, because the harbingers of fear won’t allow it.

“Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said we’ve got “nothing to fear, but fear itself.” But in today’s society, that means we’ve got plenty to fear.  And why?

“Because we’re constantly reminded that we should be afraid. That if we don’t do this, then that will happen. If we don’t wait for world approval, then we’ll be alone. If we don’t feed the hungry, they’ll starve. If we don’t grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, then we’re racists and bigots, and that we’re not ‘doing the right thing.’

“And if we don’t make radical changes to the way we live our lives, the climate will deteriorate and we’ll perish within a certain number of years.

“We’ve got a media culture that feeds off fear. And a political culture (at least half of it anyway), that says if the government doesn’t help someone, then he’ll perish. We’re being lectured like children to conform or die.

“Fortunately, all is not lost. Conservatives are gathering to combat the problems in government and our culture. As the furious conservative condemnation of the liberal cultural onslaught demonstrates, our voices are uniting and being heeded in the highest levels of government behind the leadership of President Donald Trump. A mobilized and motivated conservative base has sensed its own power – and that even with powerful forces organized against it, that the Constitution will one day prevail.

“Just as Ronald Reagan stood as a stable force in the face of the Soviet Union, and ended the Cold War, conservatives will continue to fight for ourselves and for America. For if we’re vigilant in fighting what threatens us, both internally and externally, then we’ll no longer feel afraid.

“And finally, after decades of dwelling in fear’s darkness, we’ll finally see the light.”

It’s almost spooky revisiting this piece because it proves the more things change the more things stay the same. Democrats were off-the-wall during the Obama years but they’ve become positively unhinged in the era of Donald Trump. The current political battle over who will be president after 2020 hints what lies ahead -- an accelerated decline we’re all facing should one of the Democrat candidates take over the reins of government.

The regulatory shackles alone would cripple the economy. Better hope we never find out what a truly motivated and empowered federal leviathan looks like. Frightening.

Our world would look very different from that point on. Who will Deliver Us From Fear if Bernie Sanders wins the election? Or Kamala Harris? Or Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren? Or Joe Biden? Or [insert Democrat’s name here]?

Similar to December 7, 1941, September 11, 2001 will live as a day in infamy for folks who vividly remember the attack and its aftermath. The nineteen terrorists will have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams if Americans allow fear to tear our country apart. We can’t let them.

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