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Yes, We Have A Two-Tiered Justice System

Felicity Huffman Sentenced
The news that actress Felicity Huffman would spend two weeks in prison for her crimes related to the college admissions scandal prompted some actual journalists to do actual journalism and investigate whether Huffman’s punishment fit the crime.

Huffman’s crimes included paying $15,000 to admissions consultant William “Rick” Singer and his nonprofit organization, Key Worldwide Foundation (“KWF”), who then facilitated cheating on Huffman’s daughter’s SAT test by having a proctor correct the teen’s answers after the fact.

Huffman’s sentence is considered harsh for the crime; most first-time wire fraud offenders who plead guilty get probation and no jail time reported PEOPLE magazine’s Jodi Guglielmi.

The object of this conspiracy was to defraud the University of Southern California into admitting Huffman’s daughter, Sophia Grace Macy, even though she apparently did not meet the admissions standards.

In its simplest form this was a form of stealing.

The same crime for which Tanya McDowell, a homeless woman from Bridgeport, Connecticut, was sentenced to five years in prison for enrolling her son in a school district where he did not reside.

Claudia Harmata reported for PEOPLE magazine that Ms. McDowell wanted a better education for her then 5-year-old son Andrew and enrolled him in an elementary school in the neighboring town of Norwalk — using her son’s babysitter’s address for registration papers. At the time, she and her son were living out of her van and homeless shelters, and spending nights at an apartment in Bridgeport, the Connecticut Post had reported.

The mother was arrested and charged with first-degree larceny and sentenced to five years behind bars for the “stolen” education, confirmed with PEOPLE by the Newark Courthouse Chief Clerk’s Office.

“Who would have thought that wanting a good education for my son would put me in this predicament?” McDowell, who also had prior drug charges that she later served time for, said in court at the time of her sentencing. “I have no regrets seeking a better education for him, I do regret my participation in this drug case.”

Ms. McDowell sounded exactly like Ms. Huffman, who said that she didn’t want her daughter to be prevented from getting a shot at auditioning and doing what she loves “because she can’t do math.” With Ms. Huffman’s resources she had other options; tutoring or another college come immediately to mind, but cheating seems to be the preferred alternative of today’s coastal elite.

During Monday’s season premiere of the Wendy Williams Show, the African American talk-show host suggested that Huffman was given a lighter sentence due to her race and status.

“If she was black, it’d be 14 years,” Williams said. “Do I think she’ll ever work again? Yeah. Because first of all, she copped to it. Second of all, she’s one half of a power couple in Hollywood. And she’s a nice woman. She just did something that I think a lot of mothers would do if you had the means.”

“I think she should have been fined millions,” added Williams, 55. “Also, the money that she is fined should hopefully be given to support those who can’t afford a better education.”

Comparing the sentences and statements of Ms. McDowell and Ms. Huffman it is hard to disagree with Wendy Williams, and we have to ask, was Ms. McDowell’s crime “stealing” or was it wanting to escape the economic and social prison corrupt governments and corrupt teachers’ unions have constructed for her and her son?

As we look around at America today it is obvious that one of our country’s greatest achievements and promises – equal justice before the law – has eroded to near Third World levels.

Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, the rest of the Russiagate conspirators, Jeffery Epstein and Felicity Huffman are only a few of the most obvious beneficiaries of that erosion, while Tanya McDowell, her son Andrew, and others like them, remain mostly obscure victims of a two-tiered system of justice and education in which elite cheaters often prosper and those of the underclass who want to improve their child’s circumstances are made into criminals.

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Stealing education is punishable by prison time?

Then WHY are illegal immigrants permitted to register in our public schools? Why isn't it a criminal offense for them? And yes, I am aware the Supreme Court mandated that children of illegal immigrants are "entitled" to an education. Are YOU aware the US Constitution prohibits the courts from making law?