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Pence Biographer Claims Ivanka And Jared Trying To Dump Pence

Mike Pence
We know few if any CHQ readers watch MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” so as Rush sometimes says, we monitor it, so you don’t have to.

Journalist Tom LoBianco, who has covered Mike Pence’s political career since its very beginning, has a biography of the Vice President coming out next week. “Piety & Power: Mike Pence and the Taking of the White House,” is due out Monday, September 30, and LoBianco has been out promoting his book, most recently on “Morning Joe.”

According to LoBianco, President Donald Trump is purposefully humiliating his vice president with a series of loyalty tests as his daughter and son-in-law scheme to find a replacement as his 2020 running mate.

“Over the summer he had two terrible events in July,” LoBianco said. “The weird thing where he flies out to New Hampshire, gets called back to the last minute. Then they send him to a detention camp and there is a terrible video of him with a grim face, which should have been Trump. That should have been the president, not the vice president, that’s what VP’s aides and allies are telling me. They see that as Trump yanking on the leash.”

“These are fealty tests, these are loyalty tests,” he added. “For some of them they feel it is incredibly demeaning of him, and it goes to this point of him playing the long game. He has to survive, you know, the talk … about Jared and Ivanka, [plotting] ways to get rid of him. Politically, you need to bring back suburban voters and women.”

According to by Travis Gettys of The Raw Story, the White House intrigue has been rumored for weeks, and former UN ambassador Nikki Haley even issued a denial that she was being considered as a replacement.

Now, here’s where “journalism” as in reporting facts, parts ways with bookselling and political parlor games – LoBianco insisted those claims were accurate based on his interpretation of the actions of Mike Pence’s staff.

“That’s all very real, and the way we know it is real — and of course they deny that, let me put that out there, their people say that is not accurate — but the way we know it is real is by the actions of Pence and his team,” LoBianco said.

Exactly what these Indian signs laid down by the Vice President’s staff, and readable only by Mr. LoBianco are, remain a mystery to be solved by, you guessed it, buying the book.

Tom LoBianco clearly isn’t a Pence or Trump fan-boy, but in a piece flacking the book for website he did say some (sort of) nice things about Mike Pence and his wife Karen:

The other question I get a lot: Is his marriage real? Yes, that’s real, too. I’ve covered a lot of politicians and Mike Pence is the only one I’ve ever been 100% sure has never cheated on his wife and never would. (With my great apologies to all the other pols I’ve covered. I’m 99% certain of your marital fidelity, though some of you still surprise me.)

The real subtext to that question, however, is what type of marriage is it: a ceremonial pairing for show or a deep, loving, familial relationship? I can confidently say it’s the latter. Throughout their lives, Mike and Karen have consistently operated as a united front, making decisions together and moving as a unit.

But then Mr. LoBianco journeys off into this hyperbolic knifing of Mrs. Pence:

As some of my sources have noted, Karen reminds them of a traditional political wife, a throwback to the 1950s — not in the sense of a housewife tethered to the kitchen, but in the sense of a powerful hidden hand driving her husband’s career and decision-making. And Karen is very much that: the most important political adviser in Pence’s orbit, the sole gatekeeper to him. She’s so powerful, in fact, that other Pence aides vie to be the sole gatekeeper to her.

So, yes, the love they share is real and unshakeable. But so, too, is their thirst for power.

Yes, power hungry Hoosier Art Teacher meets obscure young Indiana lawyer and Jericho’s walls came a-tumbling down.

Speculation about Presidents replacing running mates between terms has been a Washington, DC drinking game since Franklin Delano Roosevelt replaced John Nance Garner with Henry Wallace for the 1940 election and Wallace was replaced in turn with Harry S. Truman for the 1944 election.

Since then no elected Vice President has been removed, despite the speculation that seems break out about three years into every Republican administration.

Eisenhower was supposed to dump Nixon, Nixon was supposed to dump Spiro Agnew – even before Agnew’s tax problems surfaced. Conservatives forced Nelson Rockefeller off the ticket, but he hadn’t been elected and neither had Ford. Reagan was encouraged to dump George H.W. Bush by the same people who got Ford to dump Rockefeller. George H.W. Bush, at the behest of senior staffers such as Mary Matlin, was regularly rumored to be ready to dump Vice President Dan Quayle. And if the DC rumor mill was to be believed, Dick Cheney, either due to health reasons or his alleged lust for war, was more than once rumored to be on his way out of the West Wing on a gurney.

None of these Vice-Presidential replacements happened because (if they were ever seriously considered) the political cost was deemed to be too high and despite rumors to the contrary, in most cases the men got along and even liked each other on a personal level.

We’ve checked with our White House sources, all of whom said the rumors were nonsense.

Trump and Pence may be an even more unlikely political marriage than Reagan and Bush, but the combination worked and brought to power one of America’s most unlikely, and so-far successful Presidents, which is why Mike Pence is going to remain on the ticket with Donald Trump, well-positioned for his own run for President in 2024.

George Rasley is editor of Richard Viguerie's and is a veteran of over 300 political campaigns. A member of American MENSA, he served on the staff of former Vice President Dan Quayle, as Director of Policy and Communication for former Congressman Adam Putnam (FL-12) then Vice Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee's Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs, and as spokesman for Rep. Mac Thornberry former Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. Like Vice President Mike Pence, Rasley is a graduate of Hanover College.

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