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Assault on America, Day 273: Impeachment? Dems want to shut the government down too!

With all the recent bluster and media hysterics about impeachment and Ukraine and call transcripts and deep state whistleblowers and Democrat presidential polls and rising and falling candidates and Republican primary challengers it was a relief (not!) to hear about our trusted federal elected officials once again struggling to come up with a way to fund the government through the next fiscal year.

The more mundane subject of taxing and spending provides some respite and reprieve from the obsessive political witch-hunts the Democrats and the media would rather spend their attention spans on, but like with other shinier news objects, there’s not a whole lot new on this horizon either. And if the party leaders fail to agree on some lily-livered, taxpayer-shunning compromise in the next month-and-a-half, there will be, gasp!, another government shutdown!

Jordain Carney reported at The Hill, “Lawmakers are looking for an offramp from a stalemate over how to prevent a shutdown fight in the coming weeks.

“Congress reset the clock Thursday by passing a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government through Nov. 21, buying themselves an extra eight weeks to negotiate a longer-term spending deal.

“But the step forward belies larger troubles about how to fund the government from late November through Sept. 30, 2020. Congress and the White House have failed to settle on a plan that could pass both chambers and forestall a looming fight over President Trump’s border wall.”

Second verse, same as the first. Carney’s article features input from several senators from both sides about the need to come together to agree on numbers and hammer out a deal so as to avoid another hated federal bureaucratic work stoppage. Blah, blah, blah. Democrats are mad that their House-passed goody-stuffed appropriations bills aren’t being considered in the senate (purportedly because they spend too much) and Republicans are equally honked off that defense money could possibly be held up because Democrats would prefer to pass non-controversial funding bills first -- and push to the end the more contentious negotiations until there’s greater urgency (translation: all the GOP’s leverage is spent).

Of course defense funding currently includes wall money since the Trump administration has been using unspecified military outlays to continue erecting a barrier along the southern border that Congress previously agreed to many times over yet is now too closely tied to the president to allow without a ton of grandstanding and opposition. These days big spending Democrats don’t have many issue hills to die on -- they’ll agree to deficit financed borrowing for just about anything, but there are some places they just won’t go, like the “wall” and any proposals to yank Uncle Sam’s greenbacks for abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

Democrats are also disgusted because senate Republicans already passed a bill that would provide money for the desperately needed border wall. Liberals aren’t the least bit concerned with the mounting federal deficit and national debt, but if there’s a spare nickel in there to give Trump his top political priority, it’s NO DEAL!

So it looks as though Congress did what it always does when confronted with a potentially insolvable stalemate -- it punted the issue via continuing resolution -- until just before Thanksgiving when the brilliant tacticians surmise there will be sufficiently intense political pressure to get something agreed to and passed at the eleventh hour, lest the media seek out and run sad-sap human interest stories about furloughed federal employees begging at homeless shelter soup kitchens to eat on Turkey Day.

Can’t you hear it? “Why are they using us as political footballs again? Don’t they know we have families? We’re so poorly paid we live paycheck to paycheck and the heartless congress people (translation: Republicans) don’t give a lick about whether we have heat and food over a holiday.” Oh, the anguish!

It certainly looks as though the feckless Republican senate leadership is once again preparing to be outmaneuvered by “Chucky” Schumer and his henchmen, too. For Democrats it’s a simple, time-tested formula: keep saying no-no-no whenever the wall issue is broached and sit back and snicker as the GOPers fret about the political consequences from another government shutdown. Dang it’s easy to be a Democrat! They don’t even need to show up at work and still they get their way knowing Mitch McConnell doesn’t have the spine to call their bluff on anything.

Joe Biden, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, Bernie Sanders and the rest of the surviving 2020 Democrat candidates will retch and moan about political gridlock and how they’re the answer to the dilemma. Tax the rich! Sign some executive orders! Hang up new curtains in the Oval Office! Blame the corporations!

To be fair, President Trump likely wouldn’t offer much of a fight either, knowing it’s an election year and the last thing he’d want is more party bickering over a budget battle. Trump could potentially hold out until the Democrats blink, but he knows they won’t -- so he’ll probably say “whatever you want, I’ll sign” and the matter will kick back to Capitol Hill where the various microphone and camera seeking showmen and women will drone on about how unfortunate it is that the other side won’t “work together” to get something done.

Anyone else getting sick of this scenario? Here’s how it’ll go:

Trump will host another White House summit or two with party congressional leaders where he’ll invite them to talk publicly with cameras clicking and boom mics hovering overhead. “Chucky” and Nancy won’t say much in front of Trump and Vice President Pence but will be itching to bash him outside after the meeting, surrounded by a host of friendly partisan faces nodding along as the leaders claim Trump is mentally unstable and unfit to be president -- and how he's willing to starve children in order to get his way. Both will talk more about impeachment than the money matters. CNN will feature the statements in a revolving loop so as to provide maximum coverage to the Democrats’ side of the impasse.

The president will unleash an impressive Twitter barrage where he’ll swear, again, that if he’s returned to the Oval Office in 2021 he won’t ever sign another budget that doesn’t address the deficit problem and offer more than adequate funding for the military and, most of all, appropriate gold and silver for a big, beautiful border fence. Meanwhile, safely back in their offices, McConnell and the virtually invisible Kevin McCarthy will promise bigger and better things, spending cuts and more openness and accountability if Republicans are once again put in the majority in both congressional houses and Trump wins another four years.

Forgive the cynicism, but what’s really needed in Washington is a big, long, nasty (from a rancor standpoint) government shutdown. Trump’s hesitation to do it now is understandable. With his approval ratings already perilously close to the minimum threshold for reelection he can’t risk holding out for everything he wants at current. That opportunity was squandered earlier this year (and last year and the year before) when his party leaders didn’t support him the last time he tried to get Democrats to blink.

Should Trump be reelected he’d have the leverage to tell both party establishments to go pound sand and that he’ll do whatever it takes to get the nation back on sound fiscal footing -- even if it means a months-long shutdown. Is it possible anymore? As has been argued before, it wouldn’t take much to get things in balance -- like Senator Rand Paul’s “Penny Plan” -- to at least start the conversation. Democrats won’t go along -- but it’s now or never.

Or, all of the “regular” business of Washington can wait until the political class dukes it out over the contents of a phone call and a deep state “whistleblower’s” complaint. One old swampy soul was happy as heck Speaker Nancy Pelosi opted (maybe) for the impeachment route. Nicholas Ballasy reported at PJ Media, “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, applauded House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for opening an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, calling it a historic ‘moment of reckoning.’

“’He's endangered us all by putting his personal and political interests against the interests of the American people, so this is a moment of reckoning -- a historic moment. And I'm very grateful to Speaker Pelosi for her leadership,’ Clinton said during her speech at NARAL's 50th Anniversary Dinner on Thursday evening, where she was honored with a lifetime achievement award.

“Clinton said Trump has ‘betrayed his oath of office to uphold the Constitution and protect and defend our country.’”

All this because Trump mentioned crooked Joe Biden and his son in a conversation with a foreign leader. No wonder the DC elites can’t concentrate on passing a budget for next year -- they’re too busy puffing and pontificating about fantasies and illusions to worry about the country’s sorry fiscal situation.

It’s fitting how Clinton received a lifetime achievement award from abortion-promoter NARAL because the former first lady and 2016 loser is truly dedicated to ending the lives of as many unborn Americans as possible. It also shows she’ll use any platform to get back at Trump, clearly not believing the “unity” crapola she espoused during her presidential campaigns. And the only “interests” Trump’s endangered are those of Democrats seeking to rule the world.

Democrats can’t exactly articulate how it is that Trump’s put the country in danger with the whole Ukraine affair. The phone transcript demonstrated there was no quid pro quo demand, no insistence on doing anything sordid or unsavory on his behalf. Nothing.

If anything, Trump stands in the way of getting their legislative priorities pushed through. As long as he’s in the White House with presidential veto authority Democrats know they’ll never realize their dreams of universal government healthcare, amnesty for every illegal alien and a disarmed domestic citizenry. Stalled appropriations bills are their present and future if Trump is reelected.

So the impeachment furor will continue to suck all the oxygen out of the DC atmosphere. Why concern themselves with funding the government? Who cares?

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